Spammer Alert: ~ Any Insights Into What They Use? How to Block Them?

Every single day for months now, spams GrowMap and every day I delete every one of their comments.  That site hasn’t published a new post since February 15, 2010 but they spam this and probably many other blogs almost every day.

Do they have a perpetual spam comment machine?

Click on the image below to see the details full size. 


SPAMMER: - click image to see full size

I am sharing a screen capture of their latest spam comments in hopes someone knows how to tell what they’re using.

We need to know if these are being manually left and they’re using some tool that randomly changes the author and email address or they have found some way around the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin and Simple Trackback Validation plugins we’re using.

Thanks for any insights anyone has on how these
comments are generated or how to block them.

What we really need is a separate way to blacklist and delete OR block these types of spammers.

THAT site is an excellent example of how NOT to blog.

If by some miracle the person or people behind that blog have alerts set up and read this post, this message is for you. You are a thief. You are stealing our most valuable asset: our time.

If you have a conscious you will stop doing this and learn how to blog and comment ethically. If you don’t stop you don’t have one.

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