How is Social Media Covering South by Southwest Film? Find out in Future of Engagement! #SXSW

South by Southwest is a major film festival held each year in Austin. In this episode of Future of Engagement, host Murray Newlands looks at how social media is covering the 19th annual SXSW, and what he finds may surprise you:


  • People are spamming SXSW hashtags on Twitter, which means a lot of people are following SXSW…
  • There’s even a #NotAtSXSW hashtag…
  • Looking at the whole conversations, around 6% of coverage was negative and 14% positive (3:7 negative-to-positive ratio), which is relatively high for an event like this.

How coverage of South by Southwest is distributed across social media platforms:

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring service.

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