SOPA Blackout Strike Already Started; Why Major Sites and Blogs Went Dark in Support

If you haven’t heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) so far, most are bound to have noticed Tuesday, January 18, 2012 when they were unable to get to many of their favorite sites from Wikipedia to Reddit to WordPress to Mozilla to Craigslist.

NEW: Where do members of Congress stand on SOPA
MUST WATCH VIDEOS: CBS C/Net Complicit in Piracy


Do not fall for the red herring that these bills – both SOPA (in the House) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) (in the Senate) are ONLY about stopping “renegade pirate sites”. 

ANY site could be taken down!

SOPA Content Blocked Image

MUST READ post: Click Image for MPAA Rant against SOPA Blackout

SOPA and PIPA are NOT only a threat to big sites.
See this MUST WATCH video:

Look at all the videos that have been removed from YouTube because of copyright violations. That could be YOUR blog or any site you visit!

“This bill is about using the government to shut
down the competition from
bloggers, podcasters,
Web TV and other independent content creators.

~ Rick Calvert, BlogWorld Co-Founder ~

SOPA and PIPA would make it simple for YOUR blog or favorite site to be “reported” and taken down or cut off from PayPal and other payment gateways without proof of wrongdoing or any chance to defend your innocence.

Wikipedia SOPA Blackout

Wikipedia SOPA Blackout - What Wikipedia Looks Like Wed Jan 18 12:46 a.m. CST

Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to sing Happy Birthday in a restaurant
unless that restaurant pays royalties to the people who wrote that song?
Or that you could be found guilty and sentenced to up to FIVE YEARS
in prison for posting a video on your site or YouTube or anywhere else
online that contains any part of that song?
And some actually believe you should report others and
PAY UP if you unknowingly sang Happy Birthday to anyone!


Google SOPA Logo

Google SOPA Logo

Google is NOT going dark – but they did post a message
“Tell Congress: Please don’t censor the web!”


As has been their usual response, major media ignores what they don’t want the public to know about for as long as they can:

“Living in what can only be described as pure denial, the MPAA announced today that the SOPA/PIPA protests “failed to enlist big sites.” Honestly, there’s really not much more to say about that. Google. Wikipedia. Facebook. Amazon. Craigslist. All participating. Let’s just stare in wonder at the MPAA’s hubris and ability to deny reality.” ~ TechDirt ~






  • Proposed FTC COPPA Changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act includes yet ANOTHER call for a National ID – does NOT protect children but does threaten privacy, free speech and freedom.


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  1. Wow. Sopa is a complete abjection of our rights to free speech.

  2. wow, I previously did not know about SOPA and PIPA, but I know of this article

  3. I was always confused about this !! Thanks for explaining so well !!

  4. Silly thing to do. The internet is everybodies. this is just another way to try and control our lives and make us conform to the way that makes them money in the long run!

  5. music store says:

    This bill is has huge velocity. It will stop piracy which is good but as usual you can guarentee they will go overboard and wreck everything for everyone
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  6. If implemented rigorously, it will bring an end to what is perhap’s man’s greatest invention since computers.
    You cant record a video that contains a logo, emblem or livery and upload it on youtube. That would be illegal.
    What next? You cant discuss X until you pay royalty to the guy who came up with X?

  7. SOPA all the way!!!lets all stand up,unite and fight piracy online.our survival depends on it

  8. I’m so proud I was a part of the blackout movement, even though my site isn’t nearly as important as others, it just makes me feel like I did my part for Internet freedom. Let’s just hope ACTA loses support too…

  9. It was certainly great to see the voicing of protest against SOPA and PIPA last month. Hopefully the netizens can keep up the agitation against such bills in the future also because no doubt there will be more such bills.

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  10. More site need to stand up for their rights. The government need to get their hands off of our life.

  11. SOPA and PIPA is not a good innovation for internet will definitely criple internet activities if the bill is past.mega upload went down,very soon they take in other sites including blogs.

  12. private server says:

    SOPA was a big deal, I am glad so many companies and individuals stood up to fight against such a bad bill.
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  13. I’m from India, but I guess all around the world there is a wave of happiness because of SOPA is not going on.
    Hammad Baig would love you to read ..How to backup and restore Posts and Comments in Blogger Blog or Blogspot.My Profile

  14. I am late to this post, but I followed the SOPA protests closely. I am so happy to see the turnout, and to see all the politicians bailing from SOPA and PIPA.

    Of course, the real danger is now that there has been a positive step, don’t let these guys sneak in legislation now that everyone feels it has been defeated. Laws like this always come back, like a liberty crushing zombie

  15. SOPA and PIPA are already too much for us. Not only the US citizens, but it also affects us all around the world. It’s a good thing that now both of them are shelved, their big brother ACTA is approaching and more worse than that because its global.

    We must put an end to this mess, no matter what stupid bill or treaty they created.

    Dan Lew
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  16. We’ve won the battle; but, I fear this is only the first of many attacks yet to come on our internet freedoms. I am encouraged at the effectiveness of our efforts to stop SOPA and PIPA. We each must remember what we did and be ready to do it again if/when the need arises.

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    SOPA was only the beginning.
    There is a similar bill going through European courts at the moment.
    ACTA will police every internet user in the world and will destroy the internet as we know it, no sites with user generated content will be viable; that includes YouTube, Twitter etc. all blogs or forums, all sites with any kind of commentary, basically everything except corporate sites where every word is about 1 safe subject.
    Sign the petition here
    Help spread the word, we need to get to 1.5million signatures in the next couple of days.
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  18. Made me feel proud as a citizen of the web to see so many sites banding together to protest SOPA. I was really impressed with the job Google did with their blacked out logo that led to the petition to stop the bill. I must have saw that link shared twenty times on Facebook during the day. Hopefully that big wave will knock these ridiculous bills out.

  19. Andrea Hypno

    Actually I think that the real goal of SOPA and PIPA was to divert attention from ACTA which affects more or less the whole world instead of just the USA. And it has been already passed by the Europen Union and signed by some world leaders. Obama has been one of the first to do it. That’s why I think that the real goal was to pass ACTA and they succeded. Now Acta should pass votes in every country but there are some like Italy where it will surely be approved. Well, we’ll still stand and defend freedom.
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  20. I don’t think I have heard of a single person who likes SOPA. I really hope it doesn’t pass. With this much opposition to it, it seems like it would be very stupid of the government to pass it.
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  21. Take some time and writ an email to your state Representatives. I spent a little time and received some good responses on the issue. I was clear in my emails that I was watching and would not vote for someone who would support this bill.

  22. We should take a bold position against this sopa.Some take great initiatives i am really support this.
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  23. These bills are more than a bit worrisome. It seems George Orwell’s 1984 was misdated, but…could have been labeled 2012.
    David Sneen would love you to read ..How to Earn $57,600 a Year!My Profile

  24. One has to wonder if this is only the beginning of the battle. Even with this legislation defeated how long will it be until they try to ram the same thing by adding it to some necessary legislation like a defence spending bill. We’ve all seen this sad charade play out in the past. If we know anything these guys won’t go away just because they are defeated once.
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  25. I shut down my site for the day too! What a well put together protest… It’s a shame that the NDAA didn’t get the same amount of attention.

  26. SOPA gone now .. yuppieee ..!!!
    thanks to all fellow bloggers for protesting against this .
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  27. Last week when I was trying to open, it redirects into a strange website(which I didn’t know what SOPA is all about). But now I understand about it, thanks for this.
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  28. I guess the internet is now try to get rid all of the spammers in the internet! As well as the internet users who steal copyrights!
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  29. With the increasing support against SOPA and PIPA, the government has delayed the introduction of this bill but the fight should not stop here. We need to gather more and more support as possible as the government will go out of its way to try and introduce this bill in the next session. Internet belongs to everyone and it is answerable to none.

  30. Let’s hope these bills will be forgotten once and for all! The internet is key to the lively hood of all. Thanks for the post!
    Jordan would love you to read ..The Health Benefits of Apple Cider VinegarMy Profile

  31. Good to see many people have joined hands to wipe out this bill. What we should do is continue our effort and gather as much support as possible against SOPA and the congress who is keen to pass this bill. Internet should not be controlled by anyone.

  32. Rick Castro says:

    Yeah I heard too about the blackout of wikipedia. Is the blackout already done? I guess many wanted to remove pirates over the net!

  33. It was so awesome to see all the solidarity from the internet on this issue.
    John would love you to read ..ABCs of TravelMy Profile

  34. Question is…which other fileserver is next?…Thanks for the article

    • wasn’t it though, really cool! it feels like there is a real change happening, these people who are supposed to represent ‘the people’ and who have been purely serving their own interests for so long, now with the protests in Times Square, the protests online people are finding their voices representing themselves, way to go!
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  35. need to say a big thanks to everyone that wrote to their representatives or lobbied in some way and all the sites that took part in the black out. It’s impossible to know how much this affected the SOPA and PIPA bills being thrown out but thank goodness they were thrown out, and thank goodness they can be made to listen sometimes, nice work.
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  36. private server says:

    there have been many arguments on both sides. What I found most interesting is who supported who and what they gave in support. That shows you who and what is truly trying to be derived from such a law. I think the “copy write” laws can be made more specific without damning the general population for sharing knowledge and information.
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  37. also joined and hackers hacked government sites I guess their way to protest SOPA. I hope this would really work and I will be glad if you keep us updated. No to censorship!

    • exactly, there are plenty of perfectly decent existing anti copyright laws alread, simply use those properly, there are no need for additional, easy to abuse laws designed to make it simple to wipe out independent sites
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  38. Daniel Milstein says:

    I thought the support to SOPA was phenomenal! I never thought that they lost the battle, Infact I’d like to believe that these small steps will help us in getting together and making a step that will help us in having a free & independent internet. With out no one blocking or stopping us!

    I might be a bestselling author, but I personally have a varied taste and I would love to have my freedom in what I want to see and what I dont!

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