Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview

Today kicks off the first Social Media Marketing Monday post in my new weekly column specifically about Social Media Marketing.

These will usually be short posts with one easy to implement strategy per post or links to quality information related to Social Networking Marketing.

OK, I already failed the “short posts” part this time; I promise to work on that.
(My regular readers know I am known for pillar posts; not quick content.)

A great place to start is Tamar’s excellent free Social Networking Guide the Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook. Even though she wrote this in 2008, the principles of how to behave in online relationships are timeless. Some specifics about the various sites may have changed but what is important are the concepts she shares on how to approach each network.

A real eye-opener is this really expansive view of what some consider Social Media Spam. Social Networking is so new that there is still much to figure out and even more viewpoints to consider and hopefully share with others why marketing is NOT evil – it is simply how we more easily find the products and services we most want.

Which Social Networks are best for you depends on your goals.
Below are those I recommend you consider first.


Twitter is essential for everyone. You can often use it reach people quickly who are so busy they can be difficult to contact in other ways. Being able to add you to their Twitter lists lets those who want to collaborate with you keep up with and share your blog posts and latest promotions.

For insights into how powerful Twitter can be read UnMarketing’s What If I Didn’t Use Twitter?


Even though FriendFeed has been bought by Facebook (and ended up as Google Buzz?) and it isn’t what it once was, it is still important because you can feed your blog posts there automatically and subscribers there boost your blog subscriber counts at FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, etc. Excellent for discussing complex topics with those you contact at Twitter.

Get up to speed quickly on Twitter and FriendFeed with
my Twitter and FriendFeed Quick Start links.


Use LinkedIn for networking with decision makers, other consultants and agencies. There is a widely recommended book on how best to use LinkedIn called I’m on LinkedIn – Now What. If you went to a prestige school or worked for a major company you can get strong results there quickly. There is a blog specifically for LinkedIn Tips.


It makes sense to be active at StumbleUpon because it drives more traffic than any other Social Media site (unless you hit the Buzz page somewhere) and sends residual traffic.

There have been times reviews there sent 25,000+ visitors or even 127,000+ StumbleUpon visitors to a single post. 70% of StumbleUpon traffic comes after the peak.

Be sure to read How Not to Get Banned at StumbleUpon BEFORE you get active there.


While I was at first put off at Reddit because some users are negative and voting submisssions down is common there, they are privately held and I believe it has huge potential.

I recommend 10e20′s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Reddit and the official Reddiquette page before you get started there.  The key there will probably be to locate sub-reddits that are still active and already have followings (or to create your own).


If you have a business that operates primarily locally, getting active in communities like MerchantCircle can be excellent. Review businesses there you frequent and recommend and those in your niche and it is likely they will review you. Reviews will be ever more important as more people make decisions by reading what others believe.


How to effectively use Facebook is not obvious. Be sure you understand How to Create Facebook Fan Pages and understand the chances they recently made regarding becoming a Facebook fan versus Like a Business on Facebook.

If you are going to use Facebook I recommend you first get The Book I’m on Facebook – Now What; How to Get Busienss and Professional Value from Facebook by Jason Alba and Jesse Stay. Using Facebook for business is not easy and many have had to start over completely. Without the book you probably won’t be very effective. Here is a review of Jesse’s book How to Use Facebook book.

Jason Alba wrote a similar book for LinkedIn titled I’m on LinkedIn – Now What.



I highly recommend picking up a copy of Tamar Weinberg’s book The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web. It is the best way to understand each Social Network, learn what not to do and how to use them.

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