Gushcloud and UBL Small Business Marketing Blog Outreach Blogging Contest Announced #SMBContest

Blog your best small business marketing
advice for a chance to win big!”

Details on how to enter will be linked in this space soon.

We are proud to announce the Gushcloud and UBL Small Business Marketing Blog Outreach Blogging Contest – the first annual blogging contest in support of Small Businesses.

Largest cash prizes ever offered in a blogging contest of this kind.
Starting cash prize total is $5200 – $1650 higher than the final cash
prize offered in the CommentLuv FamousBloggers contest.

Current Cash Prizes $6250

Important Contest Dates:

  • Contest announced: April 1, 2012 (and NO the huge cash prize we will have is NOT an April Fool’s prank!)
  • Contest Start: April 15, 2012
  • Promotion Period: April 15-May 31, 2012
  • Judging: June 1 – June 14, 2012
  • Winners Announced: June 15, 2012

Interest in both co-founding and sponsoring this contest is so high that we have too many sponsors already to list in this post. So tonight, I am announcing the contest and introducing you to our two title sponsors:Gushcloud Logo

Gushcloud is the power to move anyone to action. Built as a crowdsourcing platform, businesses can post tasks that consumers can complete on for a reward. These tasks include word-of-mouth marketing, blogging, surveys, downloading applications, completing trackable actions on apps and websites and more.

Participating bloggers will receive $50 in Gushcloud credits for the purpose of creating a task on Gushcloud to promote their own blog or a good cause. [Subject to availability.]

Gushcloud has not yet launched in the U.S. and anticipates a mid-May launch which is perfectly timed for the announcement of the winners.

UBL Logo

My regular readers know that I have been using and recommending the services of Universal Business Listing (UBL) for over three years now.

UBL is simply the most efficient, effective way to get listed in all the major local search directories, niche directories, and major databases including InfoUSA, Acsiom and D&B that feed GPS systems, smart phones, and other handheld devices.

Our starting sponsor lineup is simply amazing and sponsors are still pouring in as is support from across the blogging community. This is the first public announcement of the contest.

Those interested in sponsoring or promoting the contest are encouraged to contact Gail using the method of their choice to be sent a Word doc with full details on the contest. Skype is fastest – and the earlier you get in, the higher on the page of sponsors your information will be displayed.

Gushcloud and UBL Small Business Blog Outreach Blogging Contest Media Sponsors Logo Collage


The contest is being co-founded and promoted by (in no particular order):

Basic Blog Tips
Blog Engage
Your Virtual Assistant
Search Engine Marketing Group 
Traffic Generation Cafe

New Biz Blogger
Murray Newlands
Influence People

Watch for additional posts introducing you to our media sponsors, our other sponsors, and all the juicy details about how many winners there will be, the non-cash bonus prizes, and especially how much higher the cash prize will have grown by then.

Details on all our sponsors, co-founders, entries, prize distribution, bonus prizes, and judging will all be published over the next few days.

Follow @SMBcontest on Twitter for updates or use and search for hashtag #SMBcontest to follow the buzz. 

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Smith jhone says:

    Participating bloggers will receive $50 in Gushcloud credits for the purpose of creating a task on Gushcloud to promote their own blog or a good cause. [Subject to availability.

  2. This might be a good plan to organize all online marketers, businessman and bloggers to work hand in hand and to reach a specific goal.

  3. Oh wow. I’m impressed by this contest. I really like the idea because it helps to bring the blogging community together and introduce us to new blogs. So, thanks a lot for promoting this project by writing about it on your blog.

    • Hi Paul,

      My primary goal is to encourage small businesses and bloggers to work together to create stronger economies and more jobs. The infographic in my post about how the CommentLuv WordPress plugin shows the effect of supporting local businesses – how much more money stays in each economy to create jobs, support needed services, maintain infrastructures and improve the standard of living for many more.

      I encourage supporting both local and online small businesses and diverting money that is being hoarded by the wealthy back into growing our economy. By building strong communities people will already have relationships with each other so that if the buying power of the dollar sinks too low they can barter, or timebank, or simply help each other through what will be the worst depression America has ever seen (or worse).

      What happens to the dollar and America will be felt in countries around the world so all people everywhere need to be doing the same thing – stop relying on multi-national corporations and banks and become self-sufficient again.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why Your Geographic Location is Your BEST NicheMy Profile

  4. I would love to take part in this and the companies involved are great. I think everyone should enter this contest.

  5. This contest is a great idea. looking forward to it.

  6. I love this… I’m in.

    Where do I sign up?
    Ryan Hanley would love you to read ..Cold Calling the Internet – An Experiment with TumblrMy Profile

  7. This contest is very interesting, it proves that blog is one of the main communication tools we have.

  8. private server says:

    This sounds really cool, but what do you need to do to enter?

  9. rohit kothari says:

    woww this contenst is seems nice specially that big blog like blogengage, basic blog tip i am regular reader of this blogs and offcourse your

  10. Hi enjoyed reading your post.
    I will be honest I am a bit new to this. I will also admit I had never heard of blog contests. That’s why came on to your blog to have a look. Got me intrigued now. Will have to look further into it. And see what sort of blog wins .

    Thanks again learn something everyday.
    Lee would love you to read ..Multi Van Insurance – Getting A Cheap DealMy Profile

  11. Adhriene says:

    Contests are actually one of some of the ways that can help evry site a blogger has and only few people know about it…I am sure this can help a lot…

  12. I am glad to know that there some who gives contents, I just wished I had been able to participate.

  13. It is well known that businesses are not taking advantage of their online potential. Gushcloud will certainly help to bridge that gap. Sounds like a great contest.
    David Sneen would love you to read ..Lights, Camera, Inaction; No Way to Earn Money OnlineMy Profile

  14. this article will show how to generate your small business more efficiently and we can build strong relationship in terms of social marketing.I like this post is very useful for me.
    Avoid Foreclosure would love you to read ..Negotiating to Avoid ForeclosureMy Profile

  15. Live Cricket Streaming says:

    They Is A Good News and Awesome Contest ….thanks for sharing this contest

  16. Andrea Hypno

    Interesting services, especially Gushcloud which I’m going to check now. Thanks for the always useful hints Gail. :)

  17. Shirley Fai says:

    This can really be very helpful in social media marketing…Thanks for sharing this kind of contest here…

  18. Now thats very creative and innovative idea to market our blog.Simply blogging, guest posts, etc have become a little outdated and boring and why not? if we keep bringing ideas like this, more people would be visiting our blog.Thank You very much…

  19. Robert Koenig says:

    This is a solid idea to get small businesses in gear. Competition only breeds focus, efficiency, and improvement. I can only see people benefiting from such a contest. There is still so much to be learned and figured out on the business side of social media, this can only work to advance our working knowledge of the subject.

  20. That’s wonderful… Gushcloud is doing great job by organizing blogging contest of Small Businesses. This is the great opportunity for bloggers to promote their own blogs.

  21. Adhriene says:

    Contests are really one of the ways where we can build strong relationship in terms of social marketing…I am sure this will be a good news then…
    Adhriene would love you to read ..Ernest BeckerMy Profile

  22. Nice way of social marketing! Participant can market his blogs at the same time may have the chance to win the prize. Great idea!
    Stephanie Redelweis would love you to read ..Housing Crisis and Student Loan Crisis Are Joined At the HipMy Profile

  23. these contests are really a simple way to build audience and increase traffic.

  24. Contest for a small business marketing blog is really helps to learn many new things about blog.I don’t know much about UBL,but after reading this post i have know aboutUBL.

  25. I’m glad I came across this news. This year’s theme excites me. I wish I can join but I don’t have a small business blogs. But you still have my 100% support. I bet this is going to be a blast.

  26. Sounds like a good contest, thanks for making me aware of it.
    David would love you to read ..Promoting a site using FacebookMy Profile

  27. $5200 sounds great, Gail – too bad I can’t double-dip! lol

  28. I am so exited about this brand new contest. The internet is full of small businesses and blogs and it’s a great opportunity for all of them to show their creativity and progress. Everybody will win from this competition.

  29. Cell Phone Insurance says:

    Wow! I think that will be a Great Chance to reach out the target Business requirements. I am really impressed and Excited about this contest. :)

  30. It’s good to arrange a contest in support of Small Businesses. Awesome opportunity for bloggers as they can promote their own blog.
    Reading first time about UBL. UBL looks like useful way to get benefit.
    saha would love you to read ..How to have portable Recycle Bin on your flash drivesMy Profile

  31. What excites me about social media/network for businesses is that the contacts, conversations, sharing, stories and relationship building can mean conversions to active partnerships, sales, and business growth; as well as a way to establish community and credibility.

    I recently posted:

  32. wow thats very good to social marketing
    dipesh would love you to read ..How to Increase Speed of slow internet connection ?My Profile

  33. The blogging contest and win a prize is great way of online marketing and share important information with all business person. I regularly read all blog posts posted by you. Your concept is really great for all blog community.

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