Small Business Internet Marketing Starter Package

Marketing Small BusinessIf you know of a small business that is not sure what the most effective way to use the Internet to market their products and services please share this post with them.

Although I have previously shared what the most important Small Business Internet Marketing Priorities are, most business owners could use assistance in effective Internet Marketing.

After years of testing it is obvious to me what businesses need and to make it super simple I am making this special offer of a complete Internet Marketing package at a price any business can afford:

Only $570 total one time expense.
Provides an online profile of your business.
PLUS online advertising across major sites.
No recurring fees – no ad costs.

I have detailed below precisely what is included but you do NOT need to understand any of this for it to benefit you and your business. 

First and most important, you need to choose and register a domain name YOU control so that every link pointing at you online is YOURS and all the time and effort put into promoting your business is preserved indefinitely. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how – we can do it for you.)

Your domain name can be pointed to any page or site on the Internet and changed to any other page or site whenever you choose. By having a copy of everything created for you, you can restore it at any time.

If your Facebook page goes away or a blog owner stops updating
YOU have full control of your creative content
AND the very important incoming links!

The reason this is called a STARTER PACKAGE is because YOU do not have to KNOW or DO anything by yourself. All of this is included:

  1. Send you an interview to complete so that we can create a Featured Business page complete with photos on GrowMap (or another established site that best fits your business). This featured page will be almost instantly indexed in the search engines to serve as your landing page on the Internet. If you already have a Web site, we will write a featured blog post linking to your site for the phrase you most want to be found for in the search engines – this is your best anchor text phrase.
  2. Do keyword research to determine what search keywords your business can most benefit from writing about on your business page and including in your local search listings. Determine your best categories for directory listings.
  3. List your business in Local Search Directories.
  4. Claim and upgrade your business listings on Google Places and the other Ten Most Important Local Search Directories.
  5. Set up your Twitter account, write your bio, add an Avatar and start following Twitter users who will be most interested in what you have to offer.
  6. Identify high quality blogs in your niche and feed related blogs into your Twitter account so you have interesting reasons those who might buy from you will follow you and so others in your niche will retweet and recommend you.
  7. Teach you or your employee or consultant Twitterquette and Twitter Best Practices on how to interact successfully on Twitter.

This is a complete basic action plan
that is doable for any small business.

What YOU Would Need to Do Yourself:

The only things you really have to do yourself are:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for the best domain name. If you wish we can provide a list of choices to make that easier – all you have to do is pick one (or more if you like).
  2. Complete a survey with basic information about your business such as name, address, phone number, business hours, products and services.
  3. Be willing to answer questions and provide additional information about your business so your listings can be as complete as possible.
  4. Provide digital photos to use in your profile and listings. Someone you already know will have a digital camera or cell phone with a camera built in and know how to email photos to me.
  5. Have someone available to answer the phone to claim your Google Places and other business listings.
  6. Be willing to learn how to send simple tweets on Twitter.

EVERYTHING else will be done for you!
There is no reason your business can not succeed
at having a basic online presence,
building a following at Twitter,
being far easier to locate online and in cell phone,
other handheld devices that can access the Internet
and GPS systems commonly found in new cars.

All for $570
A one-time investment that keeps working indefinitely.

Yes, there are many more things you can do to promote your business on the Internet, but this covers the minimum and most powerful methods for getting more new business and retaining existing customers. Once you get comfortable with this you can expand to Facebook or LinkedIn or using any other method – but start here first and do this well.

This WILL work for you – even if you don’t even have an email address. (We can help you with that, too.)

Know a business that doesn’t even USE the Internet?
Do them a HUGE favor: Print out this page and HAND IT TO THEM!

What if you can’t even afford the $570? Maybe the economy is killing your business and you’re already hurting. I have four options for you:

  1. While it would be best to get all these things done immediately, you could pay for each of the 7 steps above as you can afford them at $81.43 each.
  2. We might be able to trade what you do for these services, especially if you are in the Dallas area and do anything related to home improvement or repairs.
  3. If you can afford to donate $77 to a food bank or similar good cause of your choosing, I will give you an hour of my time to determine what you can do yourself and how I can assist you.
  4. If even that is out of reach and you really need assistance, contact me. While I can not help everyone, I will assist as many as I can.
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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Online businesses need to do this but so do businesses that are NOT online. Every business needs to be easier to find.

  2. Great post thanks for this even as a seasoned professional I found this inspiring!

  3. Thaks for the business steps. Would you use a map for an online website also?
    WineDine would love you to read ..Valentines Dessert GiveawayMy Profile

  4. There are several ways that you should consider before you start small business and of the most important is creating a website where you can easily promote your sales and products online and also to easily get more potential customers.
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  5. Marketing Sur Internet says:

    Small businesses should start focusing on their geolocalization (eg. Google Maps, Yahoo Directory, Dmoz…), work their media and social presence. They should start being as relevant as possible

  6. I am considering my business strategy to gain more success and your article helped me a lot to finalize and create a road map to change my business
    strategy,you seem to have a great grasp over this topic and i think your package has surely interested me,thank you

  7. I just built my website a few months ago and I’m having a hard time getting google to allow me in the SERPS. It keeps saying “being reviewed”. Do you know how some people have ads that say “merchant verifed” on yahoo and a few other sites?
    Umm.. what’s this commentluv exactly? lol.. Am i doing it right?
    Joe Gee would love you to read ..5am photo editing = Great night lolMy Profile

  8. I love what you are doing here Gail especially the flexibility you offer.

    I’m not sure about making it too simple. Without much involvement in the process, some people might not feel too attached to their websites even if it is the result of their ideas. I fear that without that much involvement, they might give up too soon on their sites once the going gets tough. Hopefully I’m wrong.
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  9. This is a great offer from a highly experienced professional.
    Can’t go wrong with this.
    You will earn your $570 back in sales in no time.

    Some testimonials would be nice though. Would be some extra free exposure for businesses that took you up on your offer.
    Danny would love you to read ..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

    • Thank you, Danny,

      I know from all the blog posts you’re reading, sharing and commenting in that you are one of the few small businesses that are serious about increasing your reach online.

      I do always write about businesses and give them links in related content and place blog posts about them on the optimum blogs for their business. You may be surprised how few small businesses act on this offer.
      growmap would love you to read ..Blog Outreach ServicesMy Profile

      • Thank you Gail!
        I try to give some value as well, but it’s hard to tell you something you didn’t know yet haha.

        I think people don’t act on that offer for the same reason that people almost never ask others for things/help. We don’t realize that people would love to help us, especially if it doesn’t really cost them anything.
        We always think it would be embarrassing or rude to ask. And we get annoyed with people that seem to get everybody to do everything for them all the time, thinking “he/she isn’t that great, why are people willing to help him/her so easily” not realizing that all he/she did was ask.
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  10. Sadly many small businesses aren’t sure what to do even after they’re given the right plan in many cases. They’re afraid of risks for the most part and it limits their growth in major ways.

  11. Creating an internet business do requires a lot of brainstorming. From domain names to the over all lay out of the site. Its also important to set up an effective internet campaign so that your site would be indexed by any search engine the soonest it would be up.

  12. Internet marketing has a great advantage even in small busines today. Since th world wide web is available and easy to be access by millions of potential costumers with just few clicks of a mouse!
    Since the Web is is worldwide. This means that your product or service can be viewed by people just about anywhere in the world. Compared to other forms of advertising, Internet marketing can reach a far larger number of people. Television,radio, and other forms of add not posted online just can’t compare to a pop-up or banner ad online.
    This just how fast and vain World Wide Web is.

  13. Starting a business needs to be brainstormed by the owner together with different business advisors. Strategies above are of big help to all entrepreneurs.
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  14. Internet is undoubtedly used by many whatever ages which only means that marketing products in the internet is a great idea. You just need to have the right package for your products.
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    • I agree with you Andrew, internet leads me to find the company who offers a telephone survey services they assist me how generate actionable market information which helps me to make an intelligent business decisions. They’re using outbound telemarketing and it’s really efficient in market research.
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  15. I love this idea. It’s so true that many small businesses don’t have any idea where to get to get started and this package at least gives them a base. IMO, it’s an entirely affordable option for any business that wants to start an online presence (which is essential now days!)
    Kimberly would love you to read ..Assessing Your Social Media NeedsMy Profile

    • Thank you, Kimberly. It is critical for businesses to know who to listen to because there are so many offering ineffective strategies – like selling them Twitter or Facebook followers without giving them an effective way to use either one.

      I set the price really low so I can benefit more small businesses. Many charge far more for the same type of work. One company that offers a very similar local search directory listing service to mine charges $1500 just for that part of this.

      Every day a small business is not easy to find online they are losing income they could have had – and most likely really need in this economy. My thanks to you and anyone else who shares this information with them and encourages them to act.
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  16. Well it is good post for those small businesses who have just started their business on this world of web. Thanks for the nice post.

  17. Brandon Yanofsky says:

    Such a great idea Gail. Love this!

    • Thank you, Brandon. As with all my ideas, feel free to use it, create a similar offer yourself, or if this type of thing isn’t one your to-do list, send those who need it my way.

      The more bloggers and businesses that learn to use the Internet more effectively the more effectively we can improve the economy. Did you see my latest post on why a place IS a niche? I wrote that because I could tell by questions I’m still getting that the concept was still not clear enough for some to grasp.
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  18. Really required for those who have an online business to get online outcomes.

  19. Dennis Edell says:

    Are you planning an affiliate program?
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  20. DailyAppNews says:

    The package will help to start small business effectively. Until now, I am not ready yet to start my own business, this post may make me more reference and consideration to prepare my own business.

    [Edited your link because you home page is not loading.]
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  21. Balance Bike says:

    This sounds very interesting but i’m just a little confused as to what this is – does this have anything to do with Google Places? Maybe its the name ‘growmap’ that threw me off.

    My sister might be interested if it is Google Places.
    Balance Bike would love you to read ..Prince Lionheart Balance Bike ReviewMy Profile

    • Hello,

      Yes, this includes optimizing and claiming your listing in Google Places. She could use either this package OR just focus on local search directory listings for now. That is explained in the post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply.

      The important thing is neither you nor her has to really understand how all of this works. I am happy to answer any questions you have, but the main point is to get your listings on these major sites like Google Places as soon as possible.
      growmap would love you to read ..Local Search Directory ListingsMy Profile

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