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BizSugar LogoSmall business owners and those of us who advise them need a fast way to find the best content related to marketing and running a small business.

My readers may already be familiar with voting sites like Sphinn for SEO. BizSugar is a similar voting site that focuses specifically on information of interest to small business owners including Small Business Advice.

Since many blogs ARE small businesses and I and many of my favorite bloggers offer small business advice I am encouraging us to all become active on BizSugar.

BizSugar is free to join – find, share and support
high quality Small Business Advice

My WordPress consultant Derek Semmler has already added the BizSugar this! button to the top of the posts just to the right of the Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon sharing buttons and I encourage all bloggers in our niche to do the same.

The more of us who are active on BizSugar
the more supportive and influential we are.

Jim Kukral and Small Business Trends were nice enough to put together this short (9:05 minute) video on how to use BizSugar:

BizSugar Resources:

Frequently used links:

Collaborators active on BizSugar

Links to Twitter followed by BizSugar profile in alphabetical order by primary Twitter username:

  1. @708media on Twitter and BizSugar
  2. @ffiliateXFiles on Twitter and BizSugar (Ron Cripps)
  3. @AndyNathan on Twitter and on BizSugar
  4. @AskKim on Twitter and BizSugar (Kimberly Castleberry)
  5. @Authopublisher on Twitter and BizSugar (Ivin Viljoen)
  6. @Brad Harmon on Twitter and AggieBrad on BizSugar
  7. @BusinessSavante on Twitter and BizSugar (Duncan Campbell) – Duncan is a BizSugar moderator
  8. @ConnieFoggles on BizSugar
  9. @DanielSharkov on Twitter but DSharkov on BizSugar
  10. @DonnaFontenotBizSugar
  11. @DonPower on Twitter – DonPower on BizSugar
  12. @DragonBlogger on BizSugar (Justin Germino)
  13. @Eren McKay on Twitter – erenmckay on BizSugar
  14. @ExtremeJohn on Twitter and on BizSugar
  15. @Ileane on BizSugar
  16. @GrowMap on Twitter and on BizSugar (Gail Gardner)
  17. @Karl Foxly on Twitter – Karl Fox on BizSugar
  18. @Kikolani on Twitter – Kristi on BizSugar
  19. @marketingm8 on Twitter and on BizSugar (Peter Masters)
  20. @mmangen on Twitter and on BizSugar (Michelle Mangen)
  21. @NewBizBlogger on BizSugar (Michele Welch)
  22. NittyGriddy most places including on BizSugar but NittyGriddyBlog on Twitter (Ingrid Abboud)
  23. @SEOSmarty on Twitter and Ann_Smarty on BizSugar
  24. @Sprout_Insights on Twitter and on BizSugar
  25. Stephanie Suesan Smith is @lambdakennels154, @icgardening27, @icphotos1, @icwoodworking on Twitter and StephanieSuesanSmith on BizSugar
  26. @TristanHigbee on Twitter – TristanH on BizSugar
  27. @VirtuosoBlogger on Twitter – Friend Gautam Hans on BizSugar
  28. @Zachsbuzz on Twitter and on BizSugar
  29. Who did I miss? Don’t be shy! Let me know in fhe comments or directly if we’re already in touch on Skype or IM.

How do you become a collaborator?

Simply support whatever these bloggers do that you believe in:

  • Vote for their content on BizSugar IF you like it.
  • Retweet their Tweets on Twitter.
  • Review them on StumbleUpon.
  • Friend them on Facebook.
  • Like their Facebook Fan pages.
  • Consider adding their RSS feeds to your Twitter using TwitterFeed or your favorite Twitter Management Tools IF you feel their posts are consistently of interest to you and your followers.
  • Connect with them and friend/like/review their blogs on Blog Communities like BloggerLuv, Technorati, Blog Engage and other Blog Directories.

What we need is a tool that collates all this information that can pull up collaborators by niche, location, or closeness. I’ve been seeking someone who can create this tool (which would be highly marketable and we would gladly test and promote it) since my post SMM Tools Wanted for Power Bloggers, Social Networkers published in December 2009.

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Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.

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