Small Business Advice Fast, Easy to Find at BizSugar

BizSugar LogoSmall business owners and those of us who advise them need a fast way to find the best content related to marketing and running a small business.

My readers may already be familiar with voting sites like Sphinn for SEO. BizSugar is a similar voting site that focuses specifically on information of interest to small business owners including Small Business Advice.

Since many blogs ARE small businesses and I and many of my favorite bloggers offer small business advice I am encouraging us to all become active on BizSugar.

BizSugar is free to join – find, share and support
high quality Small Business Advice

My WordPress consultant Derek Semmler has already added the BizSugar this! button to the top of the posts just to the right of the Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon sharing buttons and I encourage all bloggers in our niche to do the same.

The more of us who are active on BizSugar
the more supportive and influential we are.

Jim Kukral and Small Business Trends were nice enough to put together this short (9:05 minute) video on how to use BizSugar:

BizSugar Resources:

Frequently used links:

Collaborators active on BizSugar

Links to Twitter followed by BizSugar profile in alphabetical order by primary Twitter username:

  1. @708media on Twitter and BizSugar
  2. @ffiliateXFiles on Twitter and BizSugar (Ron Cripps)
  3. @AndyNathan on Twitter and on BizSugar
  4. @AskKim on Twitter and BizSugar (Kimberly Castleberry)
  5. @Authopublisher on Twitter and BizSugar (Ivin Viljoen)
  6. @Brad Harmon on Twitter and AggieBrad on BizSugar
  7. @BusinessSavante on Twitter and BizSugar (Duncan Campbell) – Duncan is a BizSugar moderator
  8. @ConnieFoggles on BizSugar
  9. @DanielSharkov on Twitter but DSharkov on BizSugar
  10. @DonnaFontenotBizSugar
  11. @DonPower on Twitter – DonPower on BizSugar
  12. @DragonBlogger on BizSugar (Justin Germino)
  13. @Eren McKay on Twitter – erenmckay on BizSugar
  14. @ExtremeJohn on Twitter and on BizSugar
  15. @Ileane on BizSugar
  16. @GrowMap on Twitter and on BizSugar (Gail Gardner)
  17. @Karl Foxly on Twitter – Karl Fox on BizSugar
  18. @Kikolani on Twitter – Kristi on BizSugar
  19. @marketingm8 on Twitter and on BizSugar (Peter Masters)
  20. @mmangen on Twitter and on BizSugar (Michelle Mangen)
  21. @NewBizBlogger on BizSugar (Michele Welch)
  22. NittyGriddy most places including on BizSugar but NittyGriddyBlog on Twitter (Ingrid Abboud)
  23. @SEOSmarty on Twitter and Ann_Smarty on BizSugar
  24. @Sprout_Insights on Twitter and on BizSugar
  25. Stephanie Suesan Smith is @lambdakennels154, @icgardening27, @icphotos1, @icwoodworking on Twitter and StephanieSuesanSmith on BizSugar
  26. @TristanHigbee on Twitter – TristanH on BizSugar
  27. @VirtuosoBlogger on Twitter – Friend Gautam Hans on BizSugar
  28. @Zachsbuzz on Twitter and on BizSugar
  29. Who did I miss? Don’t be shy! Let me know in fhe comments or directly if we’re already in touch on Skype or IM.

How do you become a collaborator?

Simply support whatever these bloggers do that you believe in:

  • Vote for their content on BizSugar IF you like it.
  • Retweet their Tweets on Twitter.
  • Review them on StumbleUpon.
  • Friend them on Facebook.
  • Like their Facebook Fan pages.
  • Consider adding their RSS feeds to your Twitter using TwitterFeed or your favorite Twitter Management Tools IF you feel their posts are consistently of interest to you and your followers.
  • Connect with them and friend/like/review their blogs on Blog Communities like BloggerLuv, Technorati, Blog Engage and other Blog Directories.

What we need is a tool that collates all this information that can pull up collaborators by niche, location, or closeness. I’ve been seeking someone who can create this tool (which would be highly marketable and we would gladly test and promote it) since my post SMM Tools Wanted for Power Bloggers, Social Networkers published in December 2009.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. It strikes me as an excellent place to go, if you are looking or wanting to post – it went right in my save folder, and I have already signed up for an account. Content rules, they just need to keep the writing standards up – great post!

  2. i just joined BizSugar and im still waiting if it’s for me..

  3. BizSugar is definitely growing in popularity.
    They are also advertising on many sites I frequent, so business must be going well.
    After reading this, I am thinking about signing up. But I’m already getting so much info and support from blogs like Growmap.
    Danny would love you to read ..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

  4. Have you tried mBlast for identifying influencers? I was leaning over Marshall Sponder’s shoulder while he took the demo for a test drive. He was like a kid in a candy store…….very excited about the data coming back. Here’s a link to webmetricsguru’s post, so you can take a look t mBlast. Jason Falls also liked this platform.
    JoAnn Lefebvre would love you to read ..How To Destroy A Brand and Piss Off Followers on TwitterMy Profile

  5. Gail, aloha. Thx so much for inviting me to leave my BizSugar link. Here it is:

    The video was very helpful. On my “to do” list for the weekend is to spend the time to learn how to work with BizSugar effectively.

    Though I started to add people to my friends list from the list above. Since I am not sure whether it was a cyberspace glitch or defective link, I will click on them tomorrow and, if they don’t work, will let you know which ones. Some did work; some did not.

    Hope all is going well with your move. Aloha. Janet
    Janet would love you to read ..3 Things You have in Common with a Pilot or a Surgeon by Janet Callaway The Natural NetworkerMy Profile

  6. This is a great video on this blog about biz Sugar. I will make sure to start using it to promote my new book and blog. Thank you again. I have just been adding other social sites besides Twitter and Facebook.

    Susan Spencer would love you to read ..Susan Talks Football With Fox SportsMy Profile

  7. Gail:

    Thank you so much for adding me to your list. I’m trying to be better on all of my social bookmarking accounts with submitting articles I find of interest on a daily basis. I tend to overlook BizSugar from time to time because they aren’t an option on the Shareholic toolbar (yet?)

    I also like TJMcCue but I can’t remember what his user name is on BizSugar.

    If you find someone to develop the collaboration tool you mention be sure to let me know.

  8. Business Portal says:

    Very much informative site, I found some useful content to start small business

    • Dude, stop spamming. Seriously.

      • Hi Kimmo,

        Spam is in the eye of the beholder. IF I had found the same comment on any other blogs I would have deleted it, but it IS a unique comment. Yes, it is a weak comment and I do need to tighten up my commenting policy to prohibit short comments that do not add to the conversation.

        For now, though, he is linking to a business site that could be of interest so I left it. When time allows I will be doing a general comment cleaning and then it may go.
        growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet MarketingMy Profile

  9. Hi Gail.

    I just spent 10 minutes and added everyone you’ve listed here as a friend on my Sprout_Insights account. I’ll do the same for my donpower account the next time I upload a post.

    Cheers and thanks!

    – Don
    aka @donpower
    aka @Sprout_Insights
    Don Power would love you to read ..How to Market Your Brand on Facebook PlacesMy Profile

  10. Bizsugar is great and useful website for us . It,s a good and best pr rank website .I like your presentation about bizsugar website . Thanks for share this type of useful knowledge .

  11. I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i would like to hear more about this in future.

  12. Karl Foxley says:

    Thanks Gail. I plan to be a lot more active on BizSugar (and else where online) in the coming weeks / months as we are launching a few new sites.

    Keep up all the awesome work that you do…

    All the best,

    Karl Foxley would love you to read ..SEO vs SMO – What is Social Media Optimization all aboutMy Profile

  13. Mutual Funds says:

    BizSugar seems like a very nice and useful website. It goes to my bookmarks.
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  14. Hi Gail, I’m finding valuable content and some very professional bloggers and business owners on BizSugar. I started a Twitter list but I have a long way to go before I can get the bulk of the users added. Once I spend another day or two adding to the list, I’ll create a so that we have another easy way to keep up with new content and bring focus to improving online business news.

    I have a question for you – what’s a good hashtag to follow on Twitter for small business news. I was using #businessblogging for a while and also #smb but I think there might be something more effective, got any ideas?

    Thanks again for mentioning me in the post, I really appreciate the shout out! I hope you’re enjoying the StumbleUpon shares too. :)
    Ileane would love you to read ..Interview with Brankica Underwood of Live-Your-Love BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane,

      I save your Twitter list and really appreciate your creating it. I just wish Twitter would make it easier for us to see everyone on the lists we make so we can follow them individually if we wish.

      I have been seeking out small business hashtags for Twitter too. The three I have seen most often are #smallbusiness #smallbiz and #smbiz and should have realized #smb was small business related as well.

      Too bad there is no way to get a consensus on the best hashtag to use and publish is somewhere – no way I know of anyway. I suppose we could collectively pick one and use it consistently and hope others follow suite.

      We really need to connect on Skype whenever you have time so we can collaborate more often. Would you like to be regular contributors on each others blogs – say once a month?

      Thanks for the Stumbles. I didn’t know you were doing that for me and it IS truly appreciated. I don’t look at analytics as often as maybe I should and offhand I don’t know of any other way to know someone is stumbling your content. I just checked and my traffic from SU is up significantly but there is no breakdown in Google Analytics regarding who sent the traffic.

      I need to check out that open source analytics program someone mentioned the other day. I’ve already forgotten the name and need to find it again.
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Advice Fast and Easy to Find at BizSugarMy Profile

      • Gail, I’d be honored if you would guest post on my blog and for a chance to guest post here as well.
        As far as StumbleUpon goes, you can use the toolbar to see who stumbled your posts. I know you’re using Firefox and I use Chrome yet most of the toolbar options are the same. I need to make a “Part II” for the SU video tutorial I created so that I can demonstrate how to discover who is stumbling you.

        We can Skye chat any day this week in the evenings. Hey if I end up getting snowed in again this week, we may even be able to chat during the day :)

        Thanks Gail!
        Ileane would love you to read ..The Ultimate StumbleUpon Toolbar TutorialMy Profile

        • Hi Ileane,

          I would love to publish guest posts from you here and on other blogs I manage and to write guest posts for you. I have a plan for how five related blogs can grow their influence through contributing one guest post to each of the others each month.

          There is no extra work involved because for each five guest posts you write you receive five guest posts from your chosen regular contributors. Then on months with a fifth week each blog can feature another guest blogger on the day they designate for guest posts.

          I created a schedule so that your posts are published on each blog on the same day each month so your readers know where to expect posts from each blogger. I’ll publish that plan in a post.

          You have so many videos and so much content I haven’t even seen! We need a better way to share.
          growmap would love you to read ..PostRank Connect Identifies Social Media InfluencersMy Profile

      • Don Power says:

        Hi Gail, Ileane;

        Here’s a Hashtag /Twitter directory and as far as I know you can add your own tags to it > Twitter Chat Directory.

        If any of your readers would like to know more about the business value of Twitter Chats, I wrote a twitter Tip Tuesday post about it – just click that anchor text 😉


        – Don
        Don Power would love you to read ..Partnerpedia- A Great Example of How to Use Social Media for BusinessMy Profile

  15. This is new introduction social book making site.
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  16. Wow! Thanks for including me on the list, Gail. I am new to the BizSugar community, but I knew when you recommended it that it was going to be a place I needed to be. So far, I am loving it.
    Brad Harmon would love you to read ..How to Improve Your Twitter ProfileMy Profile

    • Hi Brad,

      I select influencers by the quality of the content they write and what they know rather than by how long they’ve been using any specific tool or how big a following they have so far.

      I suspect that may surprise a few people who I start recommending them because the most talented are often very modest about their abilities because they are among the few who realize that no matter what we know there is always so much more to learn.
      growmap would love you to read ..Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One PlaceMy Profile

  17. Don Power says:

    Hi Gail!

    I got your invitation on Twitter to list my BizSugar accounts here – thanks!

    1. Don Power –

    2. Sprout_Insights –

    I added Growmap as a Friend on BizSugar now too. Thanks!

    – Don
    Don Power would love you to read ..What’s up DocMy Profile

  18. Thank you for sharing this, BizSugar seems very interesting. We have to use it in our blog too.

  19. Dennis Edell says:

    I need to completely clear my self of social sites and start over; I’m hoping to get 3-5 and stop…biz sugar does look good.
    Dennis Edell would love you to read ..February! The First DEDC Top Commenter-Tweet Contest Begins!My Profile

    • Hi Dennis,

      I recommend we all claim our usual user names on ALL social sites and put our blog URLs and maybe primary Social sites in them. You want to be easy to find for those who do use those sites and if you don’t do that and one of them takes off someday, someone else will probably have your username.

      The more consistent our usernames are across sites the better. Remembering ONE username makes it easy for me to connect with you wherever I go; if I have to look it up that isn’t likely to happen.

      The sites most bloggers focus on are Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and now BizSugar. Those are my four and if you look at which share buttons other bloggers use you’ll see which they favor.

      If we all focus primarily on the same sites we will have more reach and influence. Eventually there will be a new independent Social site I will be recommending but it hasn’t launched yet.
      growmap would love you to read ..Support Small BusinessesMy Profile

      • I always use the same username for anything I sign up to online – this makes it so much easier for me to remember – also it allows me to use tools like to congregate them all in the one spot to keep track.

        • Hi Lisa,

          I wish EVERYONE did that because it is so much easier for ME to remember. That is why you see a banner for Knowem in this blog – because consistency across Social Networks is very valuable.

          If you would you be interested in writing a guest post about how you use the tracking function of Knowem let me know.
          growmap would love you to read ..Building Traffic Using Anchor TextMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing…
    Asif Ahmed would love you to read ..More Subscribers with this Amazing PluginMy Profile

    • Hello Asif,

      Most of the time comments like yours get instantly deleted. Since I know you are new here I kept yours to let you know. (I don’t like to see anyone wasting their valuable time.)

      Spammers often make very short comments to get links so most bloggers immediately delete short comments that are not specific to the content of the post.

      Sadly, many who are new to commenting in blogs also leave very short, general comments and probably have no idea why their comments never appear. I know you are a fellow blogger so I wanted to explain.

      Whenever you comment write something specific to the post and avoid doing what spammers do:

      1) Offering excessive praise
      2) Leaving generic comments that would fit almost any post
      3) Comments that are not related to the post

      There are more tips about commenting in other posts on my blog including my CommentLuv post I’ll put in CommentLuv.
      growmap would love you to read ..How CommentLuv Grows Businesses and BlogsMy Profile

  21. It seems interesting. I hope we will be able to use BizSugar easily.

  22. Bizsugar seems quite interesting. I am looking forward to know it more. Thanks for sharing it.

  23. Used cars online says:

    Biz Sugar is nice site for bookmarking with high pr also. I use it for my blog posts for bookmarking.

  24. I first time come to know BizSugar is a website which is more beneficial for me and others. Yes BizSugar is a good source to find the best content regarding marketing. Thanks to inform this.

  25. It seems like a great site. I like their logo, but I didn’t even notice at first that it looks like a sugar cube!
    Toby would love you to read ..Dating Online SinglesMy Profile

  26. Hi Gail,

    Thanks again for nudging me to check out BizSugar. 😉 I’ve been exploring it more and more, especially the last few days and am really enjoying it … and the awesome list of articles put out!

    I’m ready to add some sugar to my biz. 😉

    P.S. Thanks for the mention… truly appreciate it!
    Michele Welch would love you to read ..Your About Page Is NOT About You!My Profile

    • Hi Michele,

      We have been basically blogging to other bloggers for some years – now it is time for us to reach out to small businesses which is where BizSugar comes in. People like us always have more to do than hours in the day and that is why I love that we all share our finds.

      You may want to check out my posts about PostRank as you should qualify for free Social Media Analytics there. You may also want to add your blog on BlogDash. I have two posts about PostRank and one on BlogDash so far.

      I have got to check out your post about “about pages”!
      growmap would love you to read ..PostRank Connect Identifies Social Media InfluencersMy Profile

  27. Yes, let’s give it a little sugar! I like that. BizSugar is interesting, I will definitely be checking it out.
    Andrew would love you to read ..Blog Expert Series- Do Not Be Too Hard On YourselfMy Profile

  28. Thanks for including me, I am not as active on BizSugar as some others like BlogEngage due to the “Small Business” focus of it.
    Justin Germino would love you to read ..Why you shouldn’t avoid blogging mistakes My Profile

  29. Good introduction of social good marking site.

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