Increase Conversions By Sharing Pillar Content When Your Audience is Most Receptive

The 10 Unbreakable Laws of Social Media

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Have you ever heard this advice:

You should never be so busy working IN your business that you don’t have time to work ON your business?

Most people have fallen for disinformation that they must constantly churn out quantity and build zillions of backlinks.

That disinformation is intended to keep you so busy running in circles that you will never succeed.

You need to start listening to wiser people who have your best interests at heart – like the content marketing experts at Hubspot who recently wrote:

Do NOT dilute your high-quality content
with mediocre or low-quality content!

Many bloggers and business sites are busy cranking out meaningless drivel that no one has time to read. THIS is what they should do instead:


It won’t matter how wonderful your content is if it does not attract the audience you most need to reach.

If you’re selling products or services that audience is the
people who are most interested in BUYING what you sell!

To reach them, you need to know what words they would type into a search engine when they were ready to buy what you have to offer. That is true even if they find out about you on social media or in a blog post – the right keyword phrases will catch their attention wherever they see them!

If you haven’t done this STOP whatever you are doing right now and do your keyword research! I’m dead serious. I will provide a link to a post on precisely how to do this at the bottom of this post.

Prioritizing your keyword phrases is the FIRST step to your success!

If you don’t bother with it you are throwing darts into the entire universe hoping to hit a buyer by chance.

The first step is to concentrate your efforts where your buyers are
by focusing on what they are interested in
where and when they want it!

NOT by trying to reach the entire world by being everywhere
and hoping buyers notice you in the overwhelming din.

2. Create Pillar Content for each Keyword Phrase

Pillar Content

Click image for Paul Wolfe's Pillar Content Pt 2

Now that you know exactly what you need to write about you need the very best quality content possible for each phrase. This is what is referred to as pillar, cornerstone, or flagship content.

Read Paul Wolfe’s posts 0n How to Create Pillar Content (part 1) for blogs to get a better understanding of the types of content that work best.

If you have a business blog, your pillar content should answer
how your offerings are the solution to the most
frequently asked questions your buyers have.

BEFORE you write your most important content review my post on how to use keywords in that content. I will link to that at the end, too, so you will have all you need in one place.

3. WHEN to Share Content

Those who are busy cranking out quantity or wasting the time of other people trying to use automated methods to build backlinks (that will get them blacklisted and ruin their brand’s reputation) are missing the boat.

Best TIMING = Higher Traffic and Conversions

If you share your very best content at the moment
your audience most wants to see it –
when they are most receptive –
it will be most effective.

Stop spending all your time cranking out fluff and use that time to share your best answers and content WHEN PEOPLE ASK!

Answer them when THEY want to know –
not when YOU want to tell them!

4. TOOLS that enable SHARING at the RIGHT TIME

itweetlive logoThere are tools you can use to let you know when others are looking for you.

For Twitter, the best solution I have seen is to set up searches and responses in the Twitter search tool iTweetLive.

While it may take some time to get it set up the best searches that get targeted results and not too many unrelated results. See this video on how it works:

I recommend you use iTweetLive to automatically find tweets you may want to reply to but ALWAYS manually edit and approve your replies!

Tip Top LogoTwitter search tools like FeelTipTop can be used for market research and it looks like Tip Top is working on a way to search for tweets in a specific geographic area.

Much has changed there since I last wrote about how to use their site so I’ll have to do a follow up post on how to use it or you can read their Twitter search blog.

NowRelevant logoNow Relevant is another alternative search engine that is most useful for finding trending topics or the latest news about any topic because they allow you to decide how many days you want to search.

Use their search engine if you want to find the latest information about an election or legislation under consideration or whether a Nexus tax law was passed or vetoed – or what is trending NOW.

Stephanie @lambdakennels1 wrote a guest post about using Now Relevant to search for recent results.

GoSkoop Logo Go Get Your DealsBusinesses that have products or services to sell can use the small business friendly ecommerce social network GoSkoop to find out what their potential customers are searching for and reply to them.

Read my post on how to use GoSkoop find, track and share deals to get the general idea of how to use the site. They have made improvements since I wrote that post so I will need to do a follow up post on them, too.

The best known way to respond quickly when someone is interested is to use Google Alerts (renamed Giga Alerts), but we have too much Google in our lives already.

Google really IS Evil and Google is anti- small business and consistently removing our freedom of choice – so I am searching for alternatives to Google Alerts for us to check out and share tips on how they can be best used.

Social Mention logo

Social Mention ~ Real-time social media search and analysis ~ one of the only sites found when looking for alternatives to alerts.

Click on the graphic in this short post about social mention results for an overview of the data they offer.


I am hoping my readers can suggest additional alternatives as no others are immediately identifiable (which means if they exist they need to FIX THAT – if no one can find you how do you expect to succeed?

  • Topsicle ~ No USP, no description, nothing on their about page that explains what the site does ~ usability #fail – If you don’t tell people what your site is about and how it can be used they will just leave – and usually never come back.
  • Trackle (site gone?)

If you know of others, please leave details including a link to their site and links to any reviews of their solutions in the comments. Comments with multiple links probably will be held for moderation, but I will find and approve them!


It is beyond the scope of this post to write about advanced social media monitoring solutions because there are so many of them, almost all of them are paid and very complex tools – and many of them really only suitable for Fortune 1000 or larger companies.

I will cover some that are more useful for small businesses and bloggers in future posts, but not now.


As promised, these are the two posts you most need to ensure you’re targeting the right phrases and using your keywords effectively. They also explain anchor text and how to use it to benefit every person or company you ever link to in your own content.

  1. How to choose keyword phrases
  2. How to use keyword phrases in your content
  3. Proof that quantity and zillions of backlinks are NOT necessary: Quality NOT Quantity
  4. How to use Twitter – if you want to be serious about success you HAVE to use Twitter because that is the most efficient social network and the one used by serious social-media savvy bloggers who will spread your content for you! It is NOT hard and it does NOT have to take hours a day. See the tips next to the star in my Twitter Best Practices post for doing Twitter right.

Choosing the most important keyword phrases is critical and most people choose keyword phrases that won’t work because:

  1. The are so general they would not convert even if you ever could get search engine traffic from them – which you probably will not.
  2. So specific that there are almost no or even ZERO searches for them.

If you are not absolutely positive that you KNOW
what phrases to target GET ASSISTANCE!

I strongly recommend that you get advice from someone
with great experience to take you step-by-step through how to do

this the first time so you know for sure you are doing it right.

Hire someone to do it for you who can explain exactly how everything I wrote in this post was done in your content and point each key element in it out to you so you can use what they create as a pattern for future content.

Then you can decide whether you want to have someone else do your keyword research or write your most important content or you feel confident you can do it yourself. This is too important to do exceptionally well.

Finally, once you have that key content you can use it over and over to answer questions – the way I share links as answers and additional information here and across social networks.

Use your quality content over and over –
to save your time, share what you do, and
explain why your products and services
are the solution the person asking needs.


  • Content Marketing World: The largest and leading content marketing event on the planet. The 2012 event takes place at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio, September 4-6.



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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Peter Hobday says:

    This is really concentrated information – it would probably take a day’s workshop to go through all the above advice properly. Wonderful stuff, thank you!

  2. a good keyword can really set you up nicely…find few and do right by it.
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  3. mediocrity is the saddest thing a blog can be…pedestrian kinda blogs go nowhere

  4. I think knowing WHEN to push social content is key. I’ve found that pushing in the early morning (eastern US time) yields the most fruitful results. Second best time is right after everyone gets home from work, in the space between getting home and eating dinner when many people check email and Facebook/Twitter.
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  5. I knew about doing keyword research before writing a post and trying to write good content but I’ve never consodered that also the timing of publishing is an important factor to keep in mind. Thanks for the hint.
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  6. It amazes me how many bloggers write their content for the sake of writing and not ever realize that with just a little tweak they can write a great post AND get search engine traffic while at it!
    Ana would love you to read ..Yahoo! Site Explorer Alternatives: Hits and MissesMy Profile

    • Hi Ana,

      Back when we had the SBC forum going I immediately found out that most bloggers had no idea how to use anchor text in links, who their target audience was, or how to select keywords and use them in their content. I’ve been mentoring them in those skills ever since.

      What I wrote in this post goes beyond those basic skills and allows them to use multiple posts on different domains to position their content where their target audience already is AND push important keyword phrases to page one at Google.

      I look forward to the day when businesses realize how valuable bloggers who already have access to many blogs and influence on social media sites can be to them because they can do quickly what it would take a business many months or even years to accomplish.
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  9. Very valuable post. I’m bookmarking this as we speak. I love that you hyperlinked and gave the brand image of each useful site, so that they are easy to click through to. Thanks!
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    • Hi Andi,

      I believe that links should be used for their original purpose – to make it easy to get to relevant, related content. All of my posts are link happy which means they take a long time to write, but I believe that time is worth it for the value they offer my readers.
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  10. Varghese David says:

    I cannot agree more. Publishing Quality Content, focusing on Content first & links second, interacting with your visitors, etc. are the best ideas you have shared in this article. There would be only few who are implementing it & probably, they achieve what they want.
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  11. Everyone definitely needs to start with #1 on your list and find out what phrases people are searching for in your industry. I have seen many companies that were completely off base before doing keyword research. They were creating relevant content, and had products that people were searching for, but the lack of targeted keywords was preventing them from gaining traction.
    Anthony would love you to read ..LED Test, Measurement and Industry NewsMy Profile

    • Hi Anthony,

      I see that all the time as well – and that is why I emphasized so strongly that if someone is not absolutely positive they know what keyword phrases to target that they get qualified advice.

      Most people new to keyword research choose keywords that are far too general so they will never rank for them – and even if they did it would not matter because they would never convert – or so ridiculously specific that there is no search volume so even though they rank easily they get no traffic from them.

      That is another reason I have always allowed keywords in this blog – so I can assist people who are targeting all the wrong phrases before they waste any more time building almost useless links.
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  12. “The first step is to concentrate your efforts where your buyers are by focusing on what they are interested in where and when they want it!” You’re right! If you’re successful in this step and then you will be half way to the succeed of your business. Worth trying, isn’t it?

  13. Number 1, choosing the right keyword to target. This is obviously one of the key to your succeed. The other way around, you will give the opportunity to your competitors. An I have to say, this is not a comfortable feeling.
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  14. This is so true. In the beginning of my blog I was busy trying to write as much content as possible and some of it was weak. I have since gone back and added info to those older posts to make them more valuable.

    Now for me it is all about spending time writing quality posts and getting targeted traffic to my site.
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  15. Heather Smith says:

    Wonderful blog, timing is really essential in social media , learned much in your post, thanks a lot!

  16. Quality content is original, well thought out, and shared by others. Keyword research is relevant only to the search results. If you have a strong social following and many rss followers you should not have to worry about keyword research.

    • That is not actually true. Keyword research indicates what people are interested in and it also keeps your posts targeted on one topic – which for a big picture person who does details too like me – is very important.

      What people want to find is a good way to know what is most important for you to write – and it also allows you to see which of several names people use the most. If you assume that people are only interested in luxury travel you could miss other phrases – like first class travel – that could also be your target audience.
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  17. I don’t think that people are doing keyword research for every single blogpost. I surtently don’t ! I would be to much work.
    Instead, I have 8-10 different keywords, both short and long tail, I try to rank well on.

    It fits me much better :) Everyone is different.
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  19. I am very much agree with you that you need to do a proper research to make your content quality. I know the value of quality content and respect people who are doing this for a long time of period. Thanks for your post

  20. You need to know what words they would type into a search engine . Choose keyword is a way to SEO website. I often use Google Adword to choose keyword.

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    About social networking, I am in many and I can say they should be useful but I don’t have time to focus and make them “really” useful.
    At the moment, surfing, reading and writing is the best idea I have to show my blogger and artist talent on the net.

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    Great post!
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    I know you are against Google’s dominance, so what free tools would you reccomend using for keyword research instead of the tools in Google Adwords?

  36. Thanks for sharing so much details of quality content and how it should be posted where and when. I always chose keywords but make pillars of them was a step that I did not follow and perhaps that cost me. I did not know that timing was such an important factor in this entire matter. I generally would share the content as soon as I learnt about it. Also, thanks for sharing the tools that will make the sharing much easier, I will surely use it soon.

  37. Really great advice. Micheal Gerber was the original guy to write about working on your business and not in it. His book ‘the emyth’ is still a good read. I too will be checking the links you have provided thanks.
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  38. Amanda Gordon says:

    Great article. I especially like your emphasis on keywords. I had recently given Sitesell a try and one of the things they specify is a “keyword blue print”. Having a content blueprint in terms of keywords to target, makes the planning phase of a website/blog much easier. It also gives the necessary focus.
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    As for the pillar articles that’s another great advice together with keywords searching and such.

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  50. Bronson Pullip says:

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