Taking a Screen Capture Using GIMP to Insert Into a WordPress Post

This is a step-by-step process for taking a Screen Capture using a free application named GIMP, saving that screenshot and inserting it into a WordPress post or page. Before I switched to Ubuntu I would have done this using SnagIt but it did not install properly for me under Wine so I went searching for another solution.

Searching online for +”screen capture” +ubuntu turned up How to take a screenshot or region capture like Snagit in Ubuntu. Thanks to Richard Baxter at SEOGadget for taking the time to share this process. This post elaborates on his by adding how to insert the captured image into a WordPress post.

I already had GIMP installed and using the directions provided at the SEOGadget link I was able to grab a piece of a screen using this step-by-step process:

  1. Go to Applications, Graphics, GIMP Image Editor
  2. Click file, acquire, screenshot
  3. I selected “Select a region to grab”, left delay at 0, and clicked snap. (You can also select a specific image or an entire Web page.)
  4. The cursor changes to a cross that allows you to place a box around the area of the screen you wish to capture.
  5. That area is imported into a work area in a new window.
  6. Click “file”, then “save as” and name your new screen capture. The save will default to .xcf but you can change that to .png by adding the .png extension to the file name you use, i.e., save the image as imagename.png
  7. You can edit or change the image using the GIMP program, but for our purposes today we’ll simply take that captured area and add it to this blog post.
  8. In this blog I have an upgrade called Kitchen Sink so I click on the Add an Image icon just to the right of Add media. This opens a window that allows me to “Choose file” and under “From Computer” click “Browse”, find the file and click upload. Selecting the .png image I saved, typing a caption,  and leaving all the defaults the image now appears as you see immediately below in step 9.
  9. Screen Captured Image

    Screen Captured Image

  10. If I hit enter twice, this post resumes at step 10 or I could hit enter three times and go to a new paragraph. As you can see above, this function places the image within a border and adds a caption.

How to Use GIMP:

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