Why Use FriendFeed? You Could Exchange Messages Directly with Robert Scoble.

So many Social Networking sites and so little time. We learned tonight that FriendFeed is a great way to interact directly with bloggers we may only wish would follow us at Twitter. We have Robert Scoble to thank for giving some Twitter users a lesson tonight in using Twitter and FriendFeed together. We simply followed a link to the discussion he started there.

If there are bloggers you would love to have a conversation with, FriendFeed (FF) is a much more likely answer than any other Social Networking site. Simply search for their membership (or follow the little FF emblem from their blog or other Web site) and check out their feed. See if there is a pattern to when they start discussions and pop in on the next one.

There were some really helpful FF users in on the discussion who pointed us to a treasure-trove of FriendFeed posts over at LouisGray.com: 689 of them to be exact. [Correction: Not really – see the first comment below from Louis Gray himself.  See all of his posts at Louis Gray FriendFeed expert. Here are some of the best How to Use FriendFeed posts we’ve selected:

FriendFeed is easier than most sites to figure out, so just jump in. It is easy to add your blog’s feed and even easier to filter the feed of any FF user to just see their blog posts similar to the way you would see them in an RSS feed.


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