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Twordle Free Twitter Icon

Twordle Free Twitter Icon

Although Twitter did finally add their own Twitter retweet function, many realize that it has several serious drawbacks. San Antonio Real Estate agent Matt Stigliano wrote about them in Why Twitter’s One-Click Retweet Function is Absolute Garbage.

So many have complained about it that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams wrote Why Twitter Retweet Works the Way it Does.

The major reason I never use Twitter’s retweet function is that you can not see what the Tweet will look like and it often truncates (cuts off) links, Twitter usernames and other important information.

A retweet with a broken link is not much good to anyone.

Virtual Assistant Michelle Mangen (Twitter) recently pointed out 4 Reasons she dislikes the new Twitter retweet function including this important drawback: the RT no longer shows up as a @ mention. Apply Valley Ohio Real Estate agent Sam Miller suggests using Google Alerts to Track Twitter Retweets. While that is an option, I prefer not to use the Twitter Retweet function because I use these much more effective methods:




I usually use the RT function in the MrTweet Firefox addon (MrTweet). Although I have temporarily disabled MrTweet  trying to diagnose the issue with using Twitter that causes FireFox to gray out or hang, I really like their other features.

The suggestions @MrTweet sends for Twitter users in your niche are excellent – often really on target (although it does include very popular and prolific Twitter users outside your niche too). I especially like their recommend function.

Do your fellow Twitter users and favorite bloggers a favor  — write a recommendation at MrTweet that includes why you follow them!

CoTweet Web-based Twitter Manager

CoTweet Web-based Twitter Manager

CoTweet (CoTweet) is my favorite online way to effectively manage multiple Twitter accounts. It makes retweeting simple and is the easiest way to update Twitter accounts without signing into them. I use it to schedule Tweets for later, spreading them out so they don’t flood followers timelines. You can also send Tweets to multiple accounts.

It is a much faster way to manage Direct Messages (DMs). Many of us who have large followings at Twitter pretty much ignore DMs unless you send us an @ message first letting us know to expect something there. The DM spam is overwhelming.

There is no way I could do justice to CoTweet for all you can do with it – that would take a separate post just for them. Check out the CoTweet Blog for details on How Businesses Use Twitter or read these posts about Corporate Twitter and How MailChimp Uses CoTweet to get a better idea why CoTweet could be just what you need.

Social Too

Social Too

I also recommend using Social Too (SocialToo) as a fast way to unfollow inactive accounts when you hit the Twitter follower limits and get that message that you can not follow any more people.

Unfortunately, Twitter recently pressured them into eliminating auto-unfollow, claiming their unfollow tool “perpetuates the idea that Twitter is about follower counts”.

Their Social Too unfollow function will be available only for those who already upgraded their account and only until February 1. My plan is to clean up all my accounts just before that date. This is the comment I have submitted in the Social Too blog:

I strongly disagree with Twitter on this. The SocialToo unfollow function is a relationship tool. It allows us to focus on Twitter users who desire to interact with us and eliminate those who do not. The ability to automatically unfollow is a huge time saver and I for one will sorely miss it.

We may have to break down and check out the other Twitter unfollow tools reviewed by ExtremeJohn (ExtremeJohn). I wish Twitter and our other favorite Social Networks like StumbleUpon would listen to input from people like us and read Kristi’s 2010 Social Media Wish List in her Kikolani Social Media blog.

TipTop Twitter Search

TipTop Twitter Search

FeelTipTop (Twitter) is a Twitter Search Engine with a one-click retweet, retip and reply functions. TipTop made the list of the Top 100 search engines within months of launching and is rolling out new features so fast I can’t keep up. Use it to quickly and easily pull and read Amazon product reviews and do real time Gift Guide Searches. They even offer an SMS Twitter search function. I recently shared How to Use TipTop For Real Time Market Research.



TweepML is the greatest time saving Twitter app (TweepML) to date. You can:

  • Instantly follow any existing Twitter list
  • Create a list of Twitter users found on any page
  • Share lists that others can quickly follow
  • Search for and find lists of Twitter users by subject

Simply uncheck any Twitter users you don’t want to follow on the list you are viewing and then click to follow the rest. You can try it now. See all the Twitter accounts mentioned in this post and follow those that interest you by clicking this icon:

Speaking of lists, have you realized the huge benefits of using the new Twitter lists – especially if you have hundreds or thousands of followers. See the Social Media Guide Mashable (Mashable) for a primer on How to Use Twitter Lists.

Check out my Dofollow Twitter List and my KeywordLuv Twitter list (for dofollow blogs only). I also have a list for blogs whose Top Commentator lists are do follow.

Twitter lists make it faster for me to zero in on and keep in touch with the Tweets of just those bloggers on each list. Those blogs get more of my time and attention and get shared across Social Media sites far more often.

Don’t know what dofollow is? See our post about dofollow blogs.

Anyone can follow my lists and do the same. If you have a dofollow blog and/or a dofollow blog with keywordluv enabled, or use a Top Commentator plugin that is dofollow, send me a Tweet to @GrowMap or leave a comment in this post to be added.

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Hot-TipDid you know that an easy way to find anything that includes your Twitter username is to search for it without the @ symbol? I keep a saved search for growmap so I can quickly see who is talking to me.

You can also Find Twitter Lists by Exploring Tags.


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