The Secret to Successful Promotional Gifts

Promotional Pens in multiple colors

Promotional Pens are the most popular promotional gift for good reason. Everyone uses them for both writing AND for keeping close at hand to get YOUR contact details!

If you are running a business you need to make sure that as many people as possible know exactly who you are and what you do.

More importantly, they need to know why you are better than your closest competition, and ultimately they need to remember your name and where to find you.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can do this, from spending a fortune on a television advertising campaign to sending out marketing pens in your area.

The best way to make sure that your company name is the first one that they think of when they need the services you offer is for potential customers to have something tangible with your name on it.

What Do You Need?

Think about what it is that you want your promotional merchandise to do. It needs to be large enough to display your company name and any contact details, such as your telephone number, web address or email address. So thinking about it, what can you use that will deliver all of these things in a neat and tidy package to your customers?

One of the standard methods of giving out your company information is through the use of business cards. But in reality who holds onto all of the business cards that they are given? They are either stashed away in the back of a diary only to be lost within a couple of weeks, or they are put straight in the bin at the customer’s first opportunity. Business cards are not likely to be used enough to really serve your promotional purpose.

The perfect promotional item needs to be useful and functional.

Consider Your Options

Take another look at that business card and think about how it could become more than it is. Have you got it yet? Well, it could be turned into a fridge magnet. Some people will stick anything onto their fridge if it serves the purpose of holding something else in place. And there your name and company details will be, right in front of their face every time they open the door to the refrigerator. For a few dollars more than the cost of printing your card, you could be giving away company magnets that will last for years.

Baseball caps can often do the job, but they are a substantial cost increase and in reality there is only a small portion of the population that will consider wearing a cap promoting someone’s business.

Start looking for items that everyone needs, such as pens and pencils. How often have you picked up a pen and inadvertently read the name printed on the side? So, why shouldn’t that name be your company name? Promotional pens are both good at doing the job that you need them to do and are very cost effective to supply by the hundreds or even the thousands.

About the author: Gary Austin knows that when it comes to promoting your business you need to get creative with your thinking. Promotional or marketing pens are a great way to get your name out into the general population without eating up all your marketing budget in one fell swoop.

Note from Gail @GrowMap: I strongly encourage you to use promotional items to increase your business. Yes, this is an old and simple idea. It is the simple ideas that really work that you should most want to apply!

When I go to events I collect pens from all the businesses I’m interested in and put them in a jar on my desk. They serve as reminders to recommend them, order again, or do further research.

If you want bloggers to recommend you, send them promotional items they use daily. Show your customers you appreciate them by tucking inexpensive items into orders with a personal note saying you (or the person who packed the order) appreciates their business.

Pens are one of the best choices for promotional items because we all use them. Buy quality because if they stop writing they get thrown away. I reach for the quality promotional pens like these because they’re easier on my hands. The company whose name is on my favorite pen is always top of mind.

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