Benefits of Hiring a Printing Professional

Photo of a Ricoh Wide Format PrinterMany people assume that sending printing out is more expensive. It isn’t. The high cost of ink for desktop printers makes them the most expensive way to print. They’re perfect for very small quantities, but any time you want to print many copies of anything using a professional printer will typically be less expensive.

Business cards, stationary, forms (especially multi-part forms), fliers – these are all print jobs better sent out than done in the business. I love this video created by Snap Printing because it lays out how to create customer loyalty – something I regularly recommend to clients.

I’ve asked Snap Printing to share other benefits of outsourcing to a printer versus in-house printing.

Professional Printing

The decision between doing printing internally or hiring a printing professional to handle printing and photocopying can be a difficult one for companies to make. There are numerous considerations to be taken into account, such as quality of the printing, amount of printing, and other requirements that are often specific to companies.

While the costs of hiring a printing and photocopying professional may be higher, there are benefits that a printing professional or company offers that can outweigh the costs.

Quality of Paper

To begin, one of the most important advantages of hiring a printing professional is the specialized resources that they have at their disposal. This can be seen in many ways, but the most basic one is also the easiest to miss: the quality of the paper. There are different types of printing papers that printing professionals have available that very few company offices tend to have. This can be important because the type of printing paper plays an important factor in the outcome of the print or photocopy job.

For example, there are options of gloss, metallic and matte paper which have varying degrees of color saturation and reflection. Some are more suited for bright and vibrant displays, while others are more suitable for darker colors. Printing professionals can also offer advice about selecting the correct paper for the specific printing order.

Printing Quality and Options

It may seem obvious to state that printing professionals will offer printing that is higher in quality compared to printing done at the office. Printing professionals tend to have the latest machines capable of achieving higher levels of detail, as well as the software and expertise to optimize each print job.

Additional factors that printing professionals offer in terms of quality of the print are options that can be used to enhance the end products. There are advanced options such as lamination, custom frames and cuts, and surface texturing that may not be available if the print job was processed in the office. These finishing touches on the print can allow it to stand out as well as last longer.

Convenience and Output

Another advantage that using printing professionals offers over using the office’s internal printing is convenience. Employees of the office typically only have a rudimentary knowledge of printing, and office supplies such as ink and printers are limited. Therefore, large photocopying and printing jobs may take employees many days to fill if they are not used to the machines or the process of printing. Even more importantly, they may get the printing wrong, and the large printing jobs may interfere with the daily operation of the office.

Printing professionals offer a more convenient solution by having employees and machines specialized for printing. It also means that larger orders can be placed without fear of interfering with the daily operation of the office. Finally, outsourcing the printing to professional printing companies will free up employees so that less time has to be tied up in printing and processing printing orders for the company.

Lower Cost

Hiring a professional printing service may seem like an increase in costs. However, in the right situation, hiring a printing professional can actually substantially lower the cost of printing for a company. This is because for an office to process large printing orders, there are a number of fixed costs, such as the costs of machinery, as well as variable costs, such as the cost of ink and wages.

In many cases, it just isn’t cost efficient for companies to establish their own printing operations in their office when it can be outsourced. In addition, there are high costs in terms of fixed costs and variable costs, since printer ink costs less for professional printing companies compared to offices that have smaller orders.  Ink for desktop printers is far more expensive for bulk printing than outsourcing to a printer.

In addition, for employees to work on the print order means that wages also need to be taken account when accessing the cost of printing. In most situations, it is simply cheaper to hire a professional printing service.


The convenience, quality, and cost effectiveness of hiring a professional printing service are some of the most important benefits of outsourcing printing. The increased quality of the printing in particular is especially important, since many businesses depend on their printing to attract business. Overall, hiring a professional printing service can reduce costs of printing while offering a crucial competitive advantage for businesses.

With more than a century of experience, Snap is Australia’s leader in all things print. From digital and quick printing for business cards and business stationery to offset printing for Flyers and Direct Mail, you can trust Snap business printing to know what it takes to deliver on a promise. You can circle Snap on Google Plus, follow @SnapAustralia on Twitter, and visit them at

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  1. Hiring professional is cheaper than DIY, because there is no wasted materials. I’m glad that you brought that topic.

  2. For me, it is based more on what my core competencies may be. My time is worth a lot to me, so outsourcing is a smart decision in order to keep focus on the scope of the project.

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  4. Donald Quixote says:

    I love this article because people just don’t understand not only the benefit, but the convenience that hiring a professional gives them. Hiring a professional is almost always the better plan.

  5. Donald Quixote says:

    Hiring a professional is almost always a better idea than doing something yourself. That being said it is usually much more expensive as well. Needless to say I was blown away to learn that you could get your printing done for cheaper by hiring a professional! I’ll definitely be doing that next time.

  6. Absolutely agree, especially when it\’s about 3d printing… consumer-level printers aren\’t capable for high quality prints, they are better just toys. btw some stuff could be get done with em, if quality doesnt matter.
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  7. I never realized that hiring a professional could actually save you money, but I suppose it does make sense. Our small printers just aren’t able to handle mass printing! I’ll definitely have to look into this more.

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  9. Wow what a great post for Benefits of Hiring a Printing Professional. It is so essential to make sure that the general public face of your compact business is properly produced. thanks for shared.

  10. Howard Davidson Arlington says:

    Excellent post. but what if we become printing professional ourself?

  11. thanks for wonderful post…printing professional is new concept for me.but it really help in future.

  12. Great article the power of print is very important and gets noticed open & read when done correctly.

  13. Good information on printing, the above video shows how is the value of the printing machine. And why we need it..Really this post explains a lengthy information on that..

  14. kashif Shehzad says:

    It is so essential to make sure that the general public face of your compact business is properly produced. The 2nd that a possibility looks at your promotion, and it looks affordable, they will neglect you and go to an additional supplier.

  15. Hi,I think this is a given in most cases. Why attempt something ineptly when you can just pay a professional to do it for you? I’d go to some printing expert rather than give it a whirl myself.

  16. Hi Gail,

    This is so true. I buy lots of ebooks and guides online and I can’t tell you how much paper and ink I’ve wasted printing them. Yes, I’m one of those consumers that likes my books in hardcopy print. So printing at home is just not cost effective.

    This is one of those outsourcing things that’s a lot more convenient and can save you money.

    Good awareness post Gail.

    Liz :-)

  17. I personally feel that professional printers come very handy to those who want to print stuff on large scale. I mean they are convenient from every possible angles. Why limit your options when you can have so much for the same price or even less.

  18. hello admin
    Never thought of having some external agency for the printing. It definitely becomes time saving though one incurs cost, but with the volume it does become effective. Thank you for the article. Worth noting for all businesses. thnx for this nice info will share it with my friends too.

  19. It is so important to ensure that the public face of your small business is professionally produced. The second that a prospect looks at your advertising, and it looks cheap, they will ignore you and go to another supplier. Just the same as professional accountancy, legal, and sales, you should have professional advertising collateral, both online and by paper. Good Reminders, here

  20. If you want to meet great result it’s important to go for the great result and I think it’s better to hire professionals.

  21. hey Gail, thnxs for all your advices. We are a french general building company, and we waste lot of paper every day. We’ll try our best to be less harmful to mother earth and our wallet.
    best regards,

  22. Yes, Work done fast with help of Printing Professional and also quality is improve to its best level.

  23. Yeah it is important to get the right paper for the correct purpose. Some times the quality that we expect from the machine will not come if the correct paper is not used. This I have experienced.

  24. Hi, nice article and very true indeed. Get you professional prints from professional companies to achieve best quality and low cost.

  25. Piyush Dhiman says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thanx a ton for giving such a valuable post which let me understand few things which i never knew and haven’t even tried yet or used them for long.

    Thankyou Again Gail :)

  26. Never thought of having some external agency for the printing. It definitely becomes time saving though one incurs cost, but with the volume it does become effective. Thank you for the article. Worth noting for all businesses.

  27. I think this is a given in most cases. Why attempt something ineptly when you can just pay a professional to do it for you? I know I’d go to some printing expert rather than give it a whirl myself – the results would be fearful if I tried it.

  28. Yeah it is important to get the right paper for the correct purpose. Some times the quality that we expect from the machine will not come if the correct paper is not used. This I have experienced.

  29. It is a valuable post to all of us. It is really a helpful thing to us. Thanks for sharing this post. In this modern age every person should have enough knowledge about this type of thing.

  30. Alexander says:

    Never have thought of that, i guess my company is too short in money to afford such a hiring, still it would be nice to have one. Thanks for the tips, i should use them some time for sure

    • Hi Alexander,

      The key point is that it can actually be cheaper to use a printer than to use your desktop and the results are much better. It is a lot less work, too – especially for things like business cards that need to be cut apart.

      Because printers buy in bulk and have equipment better suited to large volumes you can often get your job printed professionally for less than the cost of the paper and ink.

  31. I will take this as an example actually. Apart from taking professional help in printing there are many other professional services that you can hire or outsource because I faced a lot of trouble doing it all myself without proper resources. My forte is blogging and content writing and I have good experience in SEO but you need a team for SEO or let’s theme development for blog and I would recommend outsourcing those stuff to professionals who can very well take care of it..

  32. Hear for the first time to hire a printing professional. This is totally new to me. Thanks for sharing all the benefits and other listings in this article.

  33. hi thanks for this article this is new to me but by reading this article hiring is a option

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