The Point-of-Sale Revolution

Point of Sale Cash Register

If you have ever worked retail or frequented certain retail establishments, you are familiar with archaic and superannuated Point-of-sale systems that blight our nation.

Many businesses shell out thousands of dollars every year to pay certain companies (that shall remain nameless) to provide buggy P-O-S services. Many such systems are unintuitive and simply not very powerful.

Retail operators have had to maintain different programs and records for accounting, customer communication, inventory, etc. The whole mess is ripe for a change.


POS systems like Square started to change all of this. Here was a POS that was designed with the end user in mind. It was sleek, intuitive, and attractive to customers. It eliminated so many of the barriers for entry between buyer and seller – minimum purchases, limits on certain kinds of acceptable credit cards, etc.

But Square was only complex enough to handle the business of fairly simple operations. It became a mainstay at your local coffee shop, but what of more complex businesses?

Enter Vend (, the world’s easiest POS system. Vend combines the sleek, nuanced aesthetic and usability features of the more popular iPad POS systems we all love so much. But it is much deeper.

Not only does it run well off your iPad, you can also use it from your Mac or PC. It also integrates smoothly with lots of retail hardware, like printers and cash registers. Many compatible pieces may be things you already have on hand. But Vend’s usefulness doesn’t stop here.

Vend makes it possible to get paid in a variety of ways – even checks and PayPal are integrated into the system. This solution also keeps track of your customer contacts, so you can reach out to valued customers whenever you need or simply access their contact information.

Vend gives you intimate control over your inventory, pricing, and ordering systems. You will need to look nowhere else to see exactly what you have on hand, where it’s going, and how much it costs. These daily accounting operations have never been easier.

Vend also tracks your business over time, giving you graphical reference to chart your progress from last week or last year. These awesome features work whether you own one business or a dozen. Link together all of your business information in one source.

There are lots of add-on programs to make Vend the most vital business technology tool in your possession. Vend has competent and friendly customer service ready for any questions or problems you might encounter. It’s a company made of people who know what it takes to grow a business, and they are in the business of helping you do the same.

Through the recent and continuing revolutions in technology, data, and computing, the rules are changing in retail. We have access to better information than ever about our businesses, and the successes of the future will be the ones who learn to harness this information. Vend is here to turn all of this information into tools that you can use.

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  1. looks like 2015 might show us why the pos will be slowing be phased out? bitcoin? apple new apple pay? do you think that the pos systems we know today will be a thing of the past someday??

  2. good points. I think that this is one of the few tools the banking industry has released that has actually made life easier, at the till.

  3. I guess being able to close a deal on the go is the way forward. Today I managed to get a webhosting client just by having my ipad with me.

    Was able to complete the signup and payment, instead of waiting for the client to think about it..

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  5. Hello Gail,

    Something unique on growmap! I guess social media is adding value to our business and also online ventures which is what a sale of revolution is started.
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  6. Facebook is adding a Point-of-Sale button. They are calling it Buy it now. THis should help sells on Facebook. I do income taxes for locals. My Facebook Business page allows me to contact them.

    Owner CEL Financial Services

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  8. I like the idea of this software, but is it more cost effective than the other POS providers? Many of the POS companies will give you the equipment to get the credit card processing business.

  9. A mighty information shared. A friend of mine was also talking about Vend. Thanks to you that you made it clearer. :)
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  10. Very Good Information.. I am Impressing To read this post.. Thanks

  11. Excellent work for business.its good technology for business people and having good features in thise techonology for future modications

    Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Gail,

    Some very good points about POS here indeed.

    Dave at NinjaOutreach

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