Pitter, Platter, Plan It Better

This is a guest post by lead generation expert Andy Nathan who previously shared his LinkedIn Lead Generation System Grows Your Income with GrowMap readers.

Close-up White knight chess piece on a chess boardSometimes you hear them crawling through the internet. Softly at first like a whisper, their squeaky clean sound encroaches upon the internet-marketing world. Then like dawn’s first embrace, you see them posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, and other platforms.

You look at how they pitter-patter to one site with herculean stories of their victories in marketing. Building their reputation on this platform as they dish out a platter of woes on a separate forum.

Yes, we have seen the internet-marketing world’s greatest creature: The grotesque guru.

For those looking to define the modern era of the guru, let me help you with a modern interpretation that has nothing to do with the original Indian master of yore.

Guru: The word slithers from the tongue like a sharp deviled fork spewing blood and atrocities throughout the land. Who spoiled the online marketing world in their quest for the quick buck? Guru!

Forsaketh thee guru who damn the world with their vile spam of $42,164.38 in 2 hours. Lest you fail, or you have committed an atrocious crime that repels their automated mumbo jumbo into reality!

Alas, let us raise the heroes of yore to guide our newbies into a land where they can accomplish more good than wrong. Let them understand that the road to riches is paved not with pixies and fairies, but backbreaking work that spews forth your blood, sweat, and tears until a community of brothers and sisters begging at your feet for the products you craft.

So, how shall we vanquish the guru and release our plans upon the world? We will slice the guru in twine with a plan of action. One that is so brazen that it will scare away the teensy weensy guru from its paper machete lair.

First, we shall gather the Team of disciples around us. These disciples will have the brains to become leaders in their own right, and the willingness to listen to your ideas without negativity. They will become an extension of your thoughts, a mastermind of your audacious plan to make a difference in the world.

Second, train hard young Padawan. Use the force around you to gather the strength for the countless hours of training necessary to slay the mighty forces of the Guru.

Third, do not become so bogged down in your training that you forget to leave the keep. To crush the guru you must gird your loins and take action! Training is for the strong, and action for the brave! When the day comes, you must be ready.

Fourth, hold the line! “The line must be drawn here! No farther”, as the great Captain Picard would say. You must persist in your quest. Stay ever vigilant and focused as you approach your goals. While the path may be challenging, it is for this reason you must stay the course.

Fifth, you have to smile! Bring your personality to the table. Everyone else will give the same three or four lame ways to build your business online. However, if you pitter-patter to their normal plan, you will find it filled with normal results. That is the prize for following in the footsteps of everyone else.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Hope you are well. Beautifully written and such a good depiction of the horror we are subjected to daily of the so called gurus.

    The irony being, after all the blood sweat and tears we put into business, the more likely we’d like to be recognised as founders, reputable executives, CEOs and business professionals and not as so called gurus!
    Beth Hewitt would love you to read ..Introducing SimpleBlogHourMy Profile

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