Business Blogging: the Painless Method

Does your business need a blog? There is no question about that anymore. See these stats on the benefits of blogging:

Business Blogging Stats

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Business Blogging

You know you need to be blogging, but you’re busy running your business. Maybe you don’t have the time or desire to write. Or you don’t know how to install a blog. The good news is you don’t need to know how to make it happen.

Most business owners do not write content for their own blogs. And writing is not the only aspect of blogging that is important. On blogs like this one, I spend as much time doing all these tasks as I do writing:

  • Formatting the content for visual appeal and easy skimming
  • Creating or finding the perfect images and resizing them for fast loading
  • Making sure each image has alt-text, titles, and possibly captions and links
  • Watching many videos to choose the most relevant and acquiring embed codes
  • Filling in the SEO fields, categories, and tags

Is there anyone in your company that knows how to do all that? Some companies buy content, but they aren’t experienced at taking that content and creating a compelling blog post. There is an easier way.

Blog Management Services

Many of us have been blogging for over eight years. We have a Blogger Mastermind group I use to identify talent I can recommend. Sarah Harris specializes in content marketing and recently launched

WriteCollective is a completely “turn-key” blog writing service.
Easy way for any business to order optimized blog posts.

You choose whether you want to publish them yourself, or you can give Write Collective contributor access to your blog, and they handle the rest.

Write Collective Provides:

  • Topic ideation
  • Keyword optimization (based on the client’s specifications)
  • Creation of 5 keyword tags
  • URL adjustment to make them short, clean, and easy to share
  • Stock photo purchase to accompany each post
  • Create custom meta-description

Find out more in this short, entertaining video:

Video highlights

  • Native English speaking U.S. based writers
  • Turn-key blog management
  • Save time and money

While I know many, many qualified writers, Sarah’s service Write Collective is the only business I currently recommend for complete turn-key blog writing and management.

I’ve worked with many businesses and if I wanted them to publish regularly I ended up doing it for them. You know you need blog posts, so don’t keep putting it off until a later that never comes. Click the image below to visit and find out more.

Write Collective Logo

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Blogging is one of the best way to communicate, promote and market at the same time. Your post is really informative. It helps especially for people who has interest lies on blogging at the same time business. It will keep in handy.
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  2. I love that graphic at the beginning. I hope more and more businesses will pay attention to the importance of blogging in the future because it will open up more jobs for us bloggers.
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  3. great post!
    blogging is my passion and and bread and butter too….you have given some really kool advices…
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  4. Using a blog for the company I\’ve worked with was a easy way to communicate and learn what fans wanted from us and the products we had. Since we were in the tourism industry, it was quite nice to get the feedback from our clients through our blog, we could develop further and keep those people more attached with us and our offers.But some companies don\’t have employees that do the social media and could use the service. I do know a dozen of firms in RO that would badly need some good articles.

  5. A very informative piece !! i always love to influence my clients as i m a business consultant. i always keep searching for new ways to interact people and what sort of problem they are facing in their business.Thanks

  6. Very useful informations. I always try to persuade my customers (I’m a webmaster) that a blog is what they really should think about. Next time I will show them this post. Thanks.
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  7. “Write Collective” sounds like a great service. Thank you for sharing your insight. I pick up a lot reading your work. Thanks!
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  8. Informative infographic! Keep sharing :) I really loved these facts that you have shared.. Seems like I have to bookmark this informative site :)
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  9. Hey Gail, it is actually surprising how many businesses I have worked with have needed prompting to produce regular content for their blogs and like you I have done it myself a lot of the time. These stats highlight the importance if business blogging and I will be pointing clients at them who are still not convinced about the power of blogging!
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  10. You shared good graphic representation about business blogging that is helped me to change my blogging strategy. In my point of view, this is amazing post for all newbie bloggers. Thanks Gail Gardner for sharing this great post with us.

  11. Well! You have shared very helpful and informative article regarding Business. I also agree with the above person that the if you want to start business then you must thing about the loss not profit and you must able to take risk to grow up your business. In this way you success in business.
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  12. A lot of businessmen that I talk to are intimidated by blog writing, fearing that one day, they will dry up and not be able to find anything to write about. After three years, we are still going strong, but for those of you worried out there, these tips are great. And you do need a blog on your business site

  13. Blog writing is very beneficial for large and small businesses alike. The problem is, a small business owner might not have enough time in the day to sit down and write a blog at least 3-4 times a week, or they might not be tech-savvy to be able to do it themselves. Sometimes there might be a language barrier. If that\’s the case, you may be better off outsourcing blog writing to a professional like WriteCollective.Blogging may be more beneficial in some industries than others but generally it can always help to some degree t least. Thanks for sharing Gail!

  14. Hi! For aour company Deyteris we need blog, because we are app developer and we should communicate with our users. We are developing blog on our site

  15. One of the real shot gun method or post I have ever read, till now I used to think that Business=Risk and today my perception is totally changed.
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