Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn for Bloggers [Recording of Google Hangout] #smm

Live #learntobloghangouts Google Hangout Today 8 PDT 10 DCT 11 EDT Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn for Bloggers #smmLinkedIn is getting continually more important. Profiles can be optimized to feature videos and everything you’ve done of import. Bloggers can now publish directly on LinkedIn.

Today we are discussing everything you need to know about how to apply for blogging privileges on LinkedIn, how to optimize your profile, and the Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn.

Join me (Gail Gardner from @GrowMap) and two bloggers everyone needs to know:

Crystal and Kelli are among the most successful bloggers I know and have the best regular Google Hangouts on Air. Together, they will have produced 67 Learn to Blog Hangouts after today’s. [Read more...]

Finding Funding Answers in Business

$$ Finding Funding Sources for BusinessAn unexpected challenge of running a successful business is the art of finding capital as the company grows. Many business owners focus their funding efforts exclusively on the startup period of the first year when the company needs money from investors, loans, or owner capital, but they may neglect to consider later needs of company finances once the business is running.

Finding funding solutions for a business that is experiencing rapid growth can be a challenge. Depending on the type of business, the record of success in the industry and management team strength and the needs for growth, finding money to keep a business thriving is a very achievable goal for most businesses. [Read more...]

The Battle for the Web — Researching Online to Define a Business Strategy

Research is the backbone of any strategy, no matter what business your company is in. A strategy has to be coherent and of sound mind, clearly marking out to employees and investors the goals and how to achieve them. Though there are many fields of research, the online variety is one that has been gaining pace and reliability.

Online Business Strategy
Define a Business Strategy Knowing What Is Out There

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eBay ProStores Users Migration Tips to Minimize Impact on Sales #ecommerce


eBay ProStores Users Migration Tips to Minimize Impact on SalesProStore users need to decide now whether to migrate their stores before or after the holiday shopping season.  Any move will affect your search traffic, and a move handled poorly could cost you all your incoming links.

Move Now or After Holiday Shopping?

Regardless of when you move your store, there will be an impact on your search traffic. Bill Hartzer, Senior SEO Strategist at Globerunner, advises: [Read more...]

Why Native Advertising Will Fail Without Ad Specific Landing Pages

How to Create Landing pages that convert

Click image to see the full infographic

Do you know what native advertising is? Are you sure? There is not a clear consensus yet, but there are some aspects that most would probably agree about regarding native advertising:

  • appears within the stream of the content
  • conforms to the norms of the particular location
  • seeks to be virally interesting rather than interruptive

How Native Advertising is Different

At one extreme, native advertising seeks to be part of the content and not advertising at all. Entertaining videos, beautiful photography, cute puppies and kittens  – anything to get engagement.

There is no question that posting only feel-good content will get you more comments, interaction, and shares. But how do you turn those actions into income? [Read more...]