Cloud Video Conferencing: The Next Step in Business Evolution

Cloud based video conferencing is definitely the way forward now, and it is most likely to help bring an evolution into the business world that we witness today.

The users of video conferencing can connect to each other no matter how far away they are by making use of any kind of device, including a mobile one. This fast growing technology will transform the way businesses communicate with each other.

According to a study that was conducted by Wainhouse Research as reported by Tech Radar, the number of solutions available in the world of video conferencing are immense and still growing. Many of these solutions are technology platform based.

Why Video Conferencing Infographic

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Use Dashboards to Create, Improve and Promote Videos Online [VIDEOS]

Creating videos is not as challenging as you may think.  It is actually fairly simple using free or very inexpensive tools.  I use the pro version of costing only $15/year.

If you’re serious about your videos, you don’t want to stop with just creating them. By creating an analytics dashboard specifically for your videos, you can find out what your viewers watch and when they stop watching so you can improve them.

Kick Your YouTube Views Into High Gear

Improving Your Videos

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50 Places to Repurpose Your Web Conferences as Video Content

Re-purposing content is all the rage because it saves time and increases our reach. The ultimate way to repurpose content is through video. And one of the best ways to create compelling videos is through web conferences.

Why? Because most businesses hold conferences to address the questions their customers ask. These are the same questions and answers your potential customers need.

Why let all the time and effort spent in creating a web conference go to waste? More advanced web conferencing platforms like ClickWebinar make it really easy to save, share and even edit your Webinar videos.

50 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinars Into

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Understanding How Innovation Creates Successful Businesses

Change is the one thing that drives every industry. It affects the way that customers experience the things they love. When that change is beneficial to a large degree, then it becomes known as innovation.

What counts as innovation? Consider those once-outlandish ideas such as computers you can take with you while on the go, phones that can surf the Internet or an online game with millions of players worldwide. These things wouldn’t be possible without leaders who considered the risks of trying something different for the sake of progress.

Understanding How Innovation Creates Successful Businesses

Carefully Crafting Smart and Innovative Decisions

While there’s always some degree of risk involved with business, innovations tend to be riskier. This means that companies who want to innovate generally only tend to do so when they fully understand how their changes will be received by their audience.

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6 Financial Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re well aware of how tough today’s economy can be. Forbes reported that 8 out of 10 small businesses in the U.S. fail within their first 18 months for a variety of reasons.

No matter the cause, however, the failure of a business will almost always have roots in some kind of financial hardship. This is especially true when it comes to smaller businesses, where entrepreneurs are scraping up every last penny they can in order to see their vision for a successful business come to fruition.

Coins stacked on top of paper money

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