Social Gaming and Eating: A Winning Combination [Infographic]

The use of games to convince diners to hang out longer in restaurants is a tactic that has been used for some time. It isn’t surprising that the mix of games and eating that is so popular in home kitchens is also a big hit in restaurants.

People just naturally like to eat while playing. Not only is this combination good for the diners, but it is also a good mix for restaurant owners. After all, the longer that people stay in the dining room, the more they are likely to order more food and drinks.

Man playing with a lemon cut into PacMan shape

The Progression of Restaurant Gaming Over the Years

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5 Must-Know 2015 SEO Trends

…and you thought SEO is Dead? Think Again!

If you thought “Search Engine Optimization” is dead, then think again! It is far from the truth. On the contrary, SEO has evolved a lot. Yes, it is true that it has become more complex, but it is still a valuable tool that your company needs. Following are the 5 SEO trends that you need to plan for the year 2015.

Street Sign: SEO is DEAD is NOT Real World

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How to Successfully Link Build in Highly Technical Niches

Have you ever had a client that you weren’t even sure what they did after combing through their website?

It can be frustrating to try to find media placements and link opportunities for a brand when you can’t even articulate who their customers are.

Sure, you could always slide them into high quality directories, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial to give them a robust link profile? There are ways to do it even for the trickiest technical companies, such as manufacturing or medical equipment.

To drive home my point, I’ll be using my client SIMTEC Silicone, a custom manufacturer of liquid silicone rubber, as an example.

link building techniques

  1. Focus on Customer-Specific Services

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How to Build a Blogging Community

When I think of blogs with thriving communities, I immediately think of Any of us would be blessed to have the strong readership and commenters Adrienne has.

Drop in and visit her any time and you’ll be amazed at the quantity and quality of comments her posts attract. Here are the numbers for her most recent six posts: 136, 148, 132, 102, 208, and 142.

What these comments indicate is that Adrienne has hundreds of regular readers (or maybe thousands since most people don’t comment)! These are real people who read and comment.

How to Build a Blogging Community

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Adrienne isn’t the only blogger with a strong audience. The blog founded by Nile Flores. Her March 5, 2015 post eBook: 10 Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Converting and How To Fix It has 122 comments on it.

What Do Blogs with Active Communities Have in Common?

The blogger actively answers almost every comment left in their blog. They offer CommentLuv. (CommentLuv is available in a free version.) And most likely they also go and comment on blogs managed by their commenters.

When Kristi Hines @Kikolani and I weren’t so busy working and spent more time commenting, out blogs had as many comments as Adrienne’s does.

How Commenting Can Increase Your Traffic

I know from experience that commenting and then sharing content on CommentLuv blogs can double your traffic. I’ve personally made that happen.

I’ve been planning to get my active community back. Here’s my plan:

  • Create a list of active CommentLuv blogs
  • Read one of the latest posts on each blog at least once a week.
  • When my comment is live, share that content for them.

I will also add any blogs that are relevant to my readers to my Twitterfeed. This ensures that their content gets tweeted through @GrowMap immediately after they publish it.

How to Get CommentLuv

There are two CommentLuv plugins.  The basic CommentLuv version is free. I use CommentLuv Premium. If you can afford it, I feel it is worth it. Here’s why:

  • With the free version you can only choose from 1 or 10 of your last posts (depending upon how the blog where you’re commenting has their plugin configured. With CommentLuv Premium you can share ANY page or post on your site when commenting. This is especially useful if you have something important you want seen.
  • CommentLuv Premium has multiple plugins built into one including:
    • the most powerful version of the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin (GASP)
    • TwitterLink so your commenters can include their Twitter username – I often tweet to them when I answer their questions or comments
    • Reply-me email notifications so your authors know when they have a new comment so they can come answer it
  • More reasons to choose CommentLuv Premium
  • Beta Version of CommentLuv Premium with ABLink feature

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Where to Comment

I am creating a new list of active CommentLuv blogs and will be sharing that list with anyone interested.

Choose a handful of blogs most relevant to yours. It is better to comment regularly on a few than erratically on many. You can always add a few more at a time as you get used to commenting.

For now, here are some top CommentLuv blogs to start with:

I’m still adding more blogs to this list so come back and check later. If your blog offers CommentLuv, please leave me a comment in this post so I can add you to my lists. Thanks.

CommentLuv Premium: 7 plugins in one

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Note: 2 days after I published this post, another CommentLuv Premium discount was offered elsewhere for 33% off. Even though I know everyone involved personally, they did not let me know this deeper discount was going to be offered.  If anyone ended up paying more for CommentLuv Premium because they bought it from me, please contact me. I’ll make it right.

The Art of Letter Writing: How to Create the Right Impression

Whether you are writing to a business client or a close friend, there are several aspects of letter writing that need to be included in all your correspondence. Unfortunately, the art of letter writing has been largely lost in recent years, as more and more people make the permanent switch to digital forms of communication. However, you can set the right tone for your written discourse by revisiting the various principles of writing a letter.

Gold Envelope with the words he Art of Letter Writing: How to Create the Right Impression

Select high quality writing materials

The quality and texture of the paper you choose for your letter is crucial to the tone you want to deliver. For instance, if you are writing a professional letter to a client, it’s best to use a word processor and some high quality A4 printing paper – which should always be [Read more…]