Small Businesses Adding Solar Power Development As an Income Stream

Utility costs are not going to go down. Solar power is a way to lower and control future costs, lower current taxes, and lock in a future income source likely to be inflation resistant.

Solar power is one of the few improvements a small business can make to both reduce costs and increase income. Both State and Federal programs exist to incentivize solar installations. Small businesses sitting on cash reserves could invest in solar power to control costs and add a new income stream.

Solar Panels

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a 30% multi-year tax credit for residential or commercial solar installations [Read more...]

The Future of Search Optimized Content

In the past few years, we have seen a seismic shift in search optimized content creation. As the blogging industry has grown up, so has the need for improved content that will be accessible by not only Google’s spiders, but also human beings who come to read the articles.

As content creators, we must start to anticipate what Google wants ahead of time.

5 Changes in the Future of Search Optimized Content

SEO chart

Responsive Design

Globally, 30% of all searches are now completed on mobile devices and tablets. This means if you want the best results for search engines, you need to have responsive websites. [Read more...]

Voting Open in the 2014 Small Business Trends Influencer Awards

Voting has begun for the 2014 Small Business Trends Marketing Awards. Nominees need your support. You can see all the nominees on this alphabetical listing.

The easiest way to find someone’s page to vote for them is to go to their site and look for the SmallBiz Trends nomination badge. There are several designs, but the two in this image are among the most popular:

Vote for your favorites in the 2014 SmallBizTrends Influencer Awards

As it can be a challenge to find the link to vote for each business or person, here are some suggestions from among the nominees with the direct link to vote for each:

Some businesses you may want to vote for include:

The link to see all the nominees is

Get Legal Advice to Keep Your Business Free of Hot Legal Disputes

When starting a business, there are several important protocols that absolutely must be followed. Business owners need to formulate a business plan, draft up a budget and choose a marketing strategy. While these are the steps experts focus on the most, they are not the only ones that company owners have to follow.

In addition to taking these measures, it is critical to procure a business lawyer. Failing to make a lawyer part of the startup plan can cause owners to experience terrible monetary losses or even the complete loss of their companies. On the other hand, hiring a business lawyer to be there every step of the way leads to outstanding benefits.

Avoiding Legal Disputes

Three benefits of having a business lawyer on board are [Read more...]

Mobile Video Conferencing: Avoiding Embarrassment: What NOT to Do

Does going on camera make you nervous? Have you ever forgotten you were on video or thought it hadn’t started yet and done something really embarrassing? What messages popped up or windows did you forget to close while you were screen sharing?

This humorous video shows some of these embarrassing moments:

Video Highlights:
  • Turn off ALL desktop communication services
  • Primp BEFORE the camera is on!
  • Check out your lighting
  • Oops… (Watch the video to see this one)

[Read more...]