6 Tips to Better Manage Sales Leads

Sales leads are amazing, right?  Sure, but what happens when you mismanage them?  The leads become somewhat wasted because they were not used efficiently, losing your business sales and damaging potential relationships.

Fortunately, managing sales leads doesn’t have to be difficult. With these six tips, you can better manage your leads and experience more success during the selling process.

6 Tips to Better Manage Sales Leads


1 – Get Your Email Ready for the Sales Process

To maximize the results you experience from sales tracking software, [Read more…]

How Being An In-House SEO is Different from Agency SEO

As an SEO consultant, your job is not limited to acquiring better visibility for a website in SERPs; your job is also to bring in more leads and sales for the business.

The role as an agency-based SEO consultant is very different than an in-house consultant, so if you’re just making the transition to a career as an in-house SEO consultant, here are a few things you should know.

  • There Are No Clients

This sounds like an obvious statement, but in my experience this can have a major impact on your daily routine.

Photo of office cubicles

When you’re working at an SEO agency, your daily routine includes [Read more…]

20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic] #ecommerce #etail

How many shopping search engines are there? Even my influencer collaborators were surprised – and you will be, too. If you sell products online, expanding to additional marketplaces can really increase your income. The questions is, which marketplaces have the largest audiences? Which are the best fit for what you sell? Read on to find out.

GoDataFeed published the results of their research this week in the form of this 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers infographic:

20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers

Click images to see large version of the full infographic

I first came across GoDataFeed years ago when I managed AdWords accounts for clients. Their capabilities were so impressive that I encouraged my clients to upgrade the way they fed products to shopping sites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Nextag and PriceGrabber. [Read more…]

Custom Web Design or an Online Website Builder? Choose Both!

Having an online presence is so important and can really benefit your business. If you are just getting started, you should look for a company, such as Web.com, which allows you to not only create a website for your business, but also gives you access to tools that allow you to register your domain name and much more.

When you have a website for your company, customers can find everything for your business is in one place. You can add any information you want, and even links to all of your social media pages, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This allows you to engage easily with customers on a daily basis, which leads to sales.

Colorful Lego-like building blocks

Website builders are like online blocks you build your site from

Features to Look For in a Website Builder

When looking for a website builder that allows you to create a web page for your business, there are a few things you should look for. [Read more…]

8 Killer Strategies To Make More Money From Your Blog

You’ve built up your blog readership and are now a force to be reckoned with. But you’re still making next to nothing from ads. It just doesn’t make sense. There has to be a better way of converting all those eyeballs into hard cash. It’s not that you write your blog just to get paid – but it would be nice to get a decent reward for all that hard work.

The good news is there are many different ways to make more money from your blog. There isn’t a single get-rich-quick strategy, but there are lots of great ways to boost your blog’s earnings. Here are eight to get you started:

Direct Ad Placements

8 Killer Strategies To Make More Money From Your Blog: 1) Direct Ad Placements

Like many bloggers, you probably use advertising to monetize your blog. But if you’re just relying on Google AdSense, then you’re likely missing a big opportunity. Unless you’re in a high-value niche like insurance, AdSense and other ad networks pay very little for clicks – and they take a big cut for themselves.

It’s often a better strategy to [Read more…]