How to Reach More of Your Target Market By Repurposing Your Content

Multiple Uses For The Same Content = Repurposing Your Content

We all want to get the most “bang for our buck”, right? Well that also holds true for getting the most out of our valuable content. We all know that “content is king” and you are the queen of your content with the authority to delegate that content to various mediums of communication.

what are the benefits of repurposing content

What Are Some of The Ways To Use The Same Content in Various Mediums of Communication?

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Autoresponders Generate Leads; How to Convert Subscribers Into Buyers

What are Autoresponders?

An Autoresponder allows you to send new subscribers a pre-written series of email messages. To see an example, enter your email address into the black and orange box with the heading Small Business Success in the right sidebar of this site. (A sidebar is the narrow column next to the wider content area.)

When you do, every few days the marketing system I use will automatically send you another email message.

Autoresponders Generate Leads; How to Convert Subscribers Into Buyers


How to Set Up Your Own Autoresponders

Using an email marketing system such as GetResponse, create a mobile responsive template for your autoresponder messages.  Visit that page to watch a video that shows you how your messages will look on mobile devices. That feature is very useful for ensuring the effectiveness of what you send. [Read more…]

Three Ways to Reduce Your Online Advertising Costs

Advertising is an essential part of marketing your online business, but it can become expensive. Before you forge ahead with an advertising strategy that will see you part with much-needed cash for your business, here are three great tactics you can employ to reduce your advertising costs today:

1) Research where your customers hang out

Ever been advised to advertise on Facebook by someone who has had massive success in doing just that? We’ve all been told that more than once. But the reality is that there is no one solution for every business.

The key to successful, low cost advertising is to do your research first. If you can understand as much as possible about your target customer, and where they hang out online, it means that you’ll be advertising to a much more appropriate audience (thereby reducing your overall advertising

This SlideShare [or infographic if you prefer that version] outlines the demographic profile of the major platforms:

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To Be or Not to Be…A Communications Grad Student

We all know the look. It’s the one we get after telling someone we majored in Communications. It’s the so-what-are-you-supposed-to-do-with-that look. And if the answer isn’t “teach”, then you know there’s an even worse look coming. The job market hasn’t been all that kind in recent years, leaving many asking the same question: what am I supposed to do now?

Is Another Degree Worth It?

At this point, you’ve probably already considered getting your Master’s degree at least once. Wouldn’t it make sense that if your Bachelor’s gave you a solid foundation of understanding; your Master’s would give you the specific tools needed to build the rest of your career?

Bored student in front of a book

The short answer is: it depends. Before deciding whether or not you should go to grad school, you first need to consider why you’re going to grad school. There are some great resources out there that will weigh out some of pros/cons of getting your Master’s degree. [Read more…]

Virtual Assistants For Increased Income: How to Buy Time

Feeling overwhelmed with all you haven’t gotten done yet? Who hasn’t wished they could clone themselves? There is a limit to what any one person can accomplish alone. At some point, if you want to grow your business you must delegate some of your work to someone else. That is where Virtual Assistants come in.

Clock image; Virtual Assistants For Increased Income

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant, VA, or virtual office assistant, is someone to whom you can outsource some of your regular tasks. Some VAs with deeper skill sets may also be known as administrative assistants.

Regardless of what you call them, using a VA is the easiest way to ensure regular tasks get accomplished while freeing you up to focus on running your business and generating sales.

Use a VA so you can run your business instead of working in it.

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