Twitter Cards on Your Site: Two Tips

Let’s face it, Twitter Cards are cool.  Fortunately, they have been around long enough that many of the “kinks” have been worked out. But, that said, it doesn’t mean that everyone is using them yet. On one hand, everyone *should* be using them. But, as we know, when that happens, the “coolness” may begin to wane.

Ok, What ARE Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards come in all shapes and sizes (literally)! The idea is that when you tweet a link, there is a Twitter Card that will automatically accompany your tweet.

Creating the Tweet

Creating the Tweet

When you type the tweet and insert a link that has a Twitter Card, it will pull and display the Twitter Card. An example is the “Player Card” (type of Twitter Card), shown in the screen shot, below. As you will notice, this type of Twitter Card (Player Card) includes a YouTube that can be played right from Twitter (or any page where the tweet is embedded). [Read more…]

Increase Website Traffic Automatically Using Your Own Best Content

Your existing content could be keeping your visitors on your site longer to read more pages. More importantly, you can boost traffic to the pages that generate sales and subscriptions.

While you could do this manually by analyzing your analytics and custom coding banners, call-to-actions, and manually suggesting additional posts related to the one your reader is on, that is totally unnecessary. And most of us never get it done!

Website Amplification Tool

Tools exist that will do this for you automatically. This post will explain how one such tool works. Trendemon refers to what they do as “website amplification”.  TrenDemon starts by automatically identifying the top performing pages on your site. These are the pages that generate more leads, sales or subscribers.

Increase Website Traffic Automatically

By then displaying an image on each of those pages in what they call ‘lift units’, your existing visitors are enticed to click through to the pages that convert best.  Basically, you end up using your most compelling content to keep your existing visitors on your site longer – but more importantly – to increase conversions.

Additional benefits include [Read more…]

4 Creative Ideas on Viral Social Media Content Marketing from Caterpillar

When you think of cutting-edge marketing companies—you know, brands like Coca-Cola that consistently dominate the advertising world—there’s a good chance your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Caterpillar.

Yes, Caterpillar, the 90-year-old company that makes heavy-duty construction and mining equipment—all those bulldozers, backhoes and excavators.

But believe it or not, Caterpillar’s marketing department is experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to one of its most recent campaigns, which includes a group of YouTube videos demonstrating the quality of their products in a series called “Built For It.” #Builtforit

Caterpillar backhoe next to a sand castle

Image shared on Twitter from a Caterpillar #BuiltForIt video

Caterpillar’s recent content marketing has been so good that it’s worth taking a minute to figure out what you can “steal” from its campaigns. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four lessons you can learn from this construction equipment manufacturer: [Read more…]

Free Membership Sites – Why Am I Converting?

Are you looking for a great offer to tempt people onto your email list?

Do you want repeat visitors?

Can you bear the thought of people trusting you?

Membership sites might be the way to go. [Read more…]

LinkedIn Buttons That Send Generic Invitations – Avoid them!

We’ve heard it before – Always send a customized invite when asking someone on LinkedIn to network with us. All social media experts tell us to never use the default generic LinkedIn invite, which reads “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network.” It annoys most users and many will dismiss it – and dismiss you – immediately.

A baked potato has more personality than LinkedIn’s default message, so whenever it’s shown to you as an option, get rid of it. Type over it with your own message. A user you already know will probably forgive you for a generic invite, but it’s the new people you’re trying to reach who you need to worry about. This is where I need to warn you.

Beware LinkedIn’s Generic Buttons!

First, a few facts:

  • Main fact #1: Unfortunately, the way invite buttons look and behave (and where they live) on LinkedIn isn’t uniform.
  • Main fact #2: Some of those buttons are “dangerous buttons” because they’ll send a user the dreaded generic LinkedIn invite as soon as you touch them, even if you touch the button by accident on mobile.
  • Side note: LinkedIn’s official Android app interface is notorious for showing these dangerous buttons in different places, willy nilly with no rhyme or reason.


Look at this screenshot. Make a mental note of what you see, where things are positioned, etc. The button circled in red will not allow you to create a custom invite. Hit it and you’ll be sorry – It will say “Invitation sent”. Oh boy. It’s a done deal.

You’re not able to “unsend” it. Now you look like someone who doesn’t use social media best practices, or worse, a lazy spammer.

Supposedly the x button will “hide” the suggested person from your view, but notice that it’s so close to the generic invite button, it’s a real risk to press it, especially if your mobile device has a small screen.

(Side note: Where users have reached out to invite you to their network, you’ll typically see their info in a separate section where you can hit accept (the checkmark icon) or dismiss (the x icon).)

How to avoid LinkedIn’s “digital poison ivy”

[Read more…]