Pace Lattin: Tax Nexus Affects Small Business

Join the Performance Marketing AssociationSmall Businesses: you know I’m a major proponent because they are the solution to the current fiscal crisis and the best way to spread the wealth around to increase the standard of living for the most people.

Unfortunately, there is bad news on many fronts for small businesses and I include in that category bloggers, affiliate marketers, and small affiliate networks.

I was discussing this very subject with Pace Lattin yesterday. In March, when Illinois passed a tax nexus law, he wrote that Wal-Mart is Behind Affiliate Taxes: Hurting Small Businesses that I encourage EVERYONE to read.

It is up to us as bloggers, affiliates and business owners to educate people who do not understand that these are not ‘Amazon laws’ and they have not increased tax income for the states that have implemented them.

California is the latest state to head down the tax nexus road. Revenews and the Performance Marketing Association sites are two of the best places to educate yourself. See Britt Raybould’s post there on the California Nexus Tax for strong arguments against it and check on Tax Nexus Status on the PMA site.

As often happens when someone is passionate about ethics and highly opinionated, controversy dogs Pace Lattin – primarily because he focuses on fighting performance marketing fraud.

I don’t know him well, but I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who points out the obvious and catches heat for it, such as this quote:

Female Industry Executives who post photos of themselves half-naked. I’m confused on how women in this industry are supposed to be taken seriously when dozens of them have professional Facebook pages that either show them in bikinis or worse half drunk, with horrible spray-on tans at ad:tech kissing their female colleague.

Makes me wonder if they think that online advertising is somehow connected to Jersey Shore? I recently got a friend invite from a sales person at an advertising network that had photos of her “implied” topless in lingerie.

Pace has been involved in the interactive advertising industry for about as long as there has been an industry, founding or contributing to these well known sites:

  1. Editor in Chief and Co-Founder of Offer Vault ~ content he writes is linked from the Pace Lattin author page there.
  2. Founder of Adotas ~ see his Pace Lattin author page for his articles there.
  3. Contributing author ~ Pace Lattin author page on ClickZ
  4. Pace Lattin author page on The Media Briefing
  5. Executive Director of Executive Council of Performance Marketing (
  6. Pace Lattin letters of reference on ScribD
  7. Pace Lattin Crunchbase Profile at TechCrunch
  8. This PR Web press release contains the best explanation of Pace Lattin’s anti-fraud services

Pace seems to be one of those kind of people that is either loved or hated. As I mentioned, I don’t know him well; however, he has written some excellent content and is willing to take a stand for what he truly believes is right. Like any of us we may not always be correct, but as long as we are doing what we truly believe is right that is the best we can do.  If you want to know more he has a Pace Lattin Facebook page.

Since this post may bring out the wickedfire folk, here is fair warning. Watch your language (this is a G-rated blog and profanity is NOT permitted.) Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Be civil and write intelligently and I will approve your comments. Behave badly and I will delete them.

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