Do You Own Your Content? MySpace Pulls a StumbleUpon ~ Big #FAIL

MySpace: What Have You Done with the Blogs?

Major Fail: Myspace Deletes Users Blogs

If you ever needed an example as to why you should be publishing content you care about on a platform you 100% control, look no further than MySpace.

In the latest attempt to pivot, MySpace removed the blog feature from the site. Why they would do this knowing full well that it would annoy their existing users is really besides the point.

StumbleUpon pulled the same thing – which is why long time lovers of StumbleUpon are still sick all these years later over all they lost.

Own Your Content

If you are publishing on any platform your content is a prisoner to the whims of a business outside your control. Whether you use Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace your content could go away at any time.

How to Backup Your Content Posted on Other Platforms

If you are a content publisher you can avoid this doomsday scenario by developing a publishing workflow where content originates on a device you control.

  • For long form content (i.e., blog posts) you can write your posts on your computer or iPad and upload it to your platform of choice. I often do this because I like to write in Markdown on my iPad and Mac. So, even if you were posting to MySpace you still have all of the originals locally.
  • If you wish to post photos from your phone, install Dropbox and have it backup all of your photos for you. Then, if you use Instagram, Hipstamatic, or just the built in camera the Dropbox app will create backups that will sync onto your computer.
  • Install WordPress on your own webhost. It’s not really that hard and if you create a regimen that backups your WordPress database you can easily move from one hosting provider to another without losing your data.
  • Status posts – if you are publishing to Twitter you can periodically get an archive of your Twitter posts.

Social Media sites and photo sharing platforms are great tools for exposing your content and brand to the world. Use them like any tool; assume they will break and have a backup plan if they do.

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  1. I remember how popular MySpace Blogs were in 2006 – while not as comprehensive as WordPress, MySpace had the privilege of having a strong community and rabid followers. Sucks that they had to throw it all away. Just goes to show that “online sharecropping” is never the way to go.

  2. Chetan Gupta

    Actully I am not using Myspace so i can’t say anything about that but I can say that My content is only mine. I am using Google Authorship for its prove. And thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • It’s not just about authorship, it’s about ensuring that the content is under your control. The only you can do that is if you publish it on a platform you own.
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  3. A post is for all those people who do not keep backup of there working. Well now a days the changing on websites are so quick and unbelievable so we must keep our backup for every thing it could be a website or a free blog or any other.
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  4. Why would they both do this how is it to their advantage. When it is only going to really annoy the people that they rely on to exist as a business in the first place. Your right though you have to have everything backed up because on any platform it could disappear at any given moment.
    Sound advice lee
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  5. Hi Joe, helpful tips! Actually I want some techniques to increase my follower. Have you written any post like this???
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  6. stumble and space and similar sites are deleting duplicate content. If you register with your own domain site (not free emails), they provide you to upload content but content should be unique


    • Hi Andrew,

      We’re not talking about duplicate content. StumbleUpon deleted all the annotated research their users had shared over YEARS and YEARS. All that data gone overnight with no warning. MySpace just did the same. Doing that alienates your strongest supporters who usually leave and don’t come back.

      Anyone who researches and writes needs to control their own content on their own domain or save copies because these sites WILL delete it on a whim. They don’t care how many hundreds of hours you put into it or how many people you have sent to see it, driving new users to their platforms.

      • Exactly.

        I usually draft most of my articles locally and then upload them to a site. That way even for my own websites I still have a local backup.
        Joe Cotellese would love you to read ..BlogMy Profile

  7. Ben Edgson says:

    This is exactly why I blog from my own website as opposed to having it hosted elsewhere. Ouch! I wonder which direction myspace are going to take and if it will be worth it!
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    • Well if they are going to do like the rest, then they will come with a premium service which of course is paid.
      But they should of course have given their users a warning before deleting them, they would properly have resulted in a lot of them staying and paying but not anymore now they are pissed. 😉
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  8. Pramod

    Great Article mate ! Thanks for those suggestions ..It would surely help a lot of people like me …Its very important for an user to backup their data from any online service they use …One cannot expect what can happen next !


  9. This is pretty nice information and ofcose agreeing with the above comment !there would have been many in trouble if a few speaks aloud!

  10. This just shows once again that hosting your own content is the only way to go, if yoy want to be sure that it doesn’t gets deleted without you would be able to do jack s… about it.

    I used free blog service on my first blog, after little more than a year it went out of business and all the users lost their work after that I’ve been hosting my own blogs and websites.!
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  11. Larry James says:

    Your content should be on a self hosted website that you have full control of. Unfortunately it is not free, you will have to pay for web space. Shared web hosting makes it affordable for all of us.

  12. I am just feeling that in which world I am living. I have not heard about the removal of blogs from MySpace, even I got the access to beta version of MySpace. This is a serious threat to their business, if one user is sounding like this then I can guess that there will be hundreds of them.
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  13. Excellent information. This article sure helped me a lot.

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