How to Optimize Your PPC Advertising to Benefit YOU

The good news is that there is no faster way to increase traffic and drive major increases in sales than highly targeted Pay Per Click Advertising.  The bad news is if you don’t really know what you’re doing you can spend a small fortune and generate few or even no sales. Even if you feel you are already doing well with your ppc ads you can always increase your profits by continuing to improve your campaigns.

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money. This is one of those times. Pay per click and especially AdWords is so complex and changes so frequently that it is essential that you get expert advice. I made a very good living for several years and had exceptional results managing ppc accounts for a living. During that time a client paid for me to attend a seminar sponsored by Yahoo! Search Marketing. That is where I met the person I believe knows more about ppc advertising than anyone anywhere.

She now offers independent seminars – independent because she has always focused on how the ADVERTISER can get the most out of their ad spend – NOT the ppc search engine. Many who are AdWords certified are doing and recommending what Google advises, i.e., what is best for Google. Wouldn’t you really rather know what is best for YOU?

I am going to lay out why I believe you should attend ppcSummit. I hope you’re still reading because this is important.


  • Understandable even if you have never logged into a ppc account – yet the more you know they more you’ll learn.
  • Absolutely accurate, current and VERY comprehensive information
  • Everything you hear is also provided in print so you won’t miss a word – you won’t have to take notes – and every single thing you learn will go home with you in writing for future reference.

During my decades at IBM I attended over 200 formal schools covering hardware, software, marketing, negotiating – you name it. And I never attended any school that was as good or packed as much information into as little time as the seminar I attended created and delivered by the people behind ppcSummit.

I already knew more than most anyone else about ppc. I taught how to use it as a moderator of a major forum. I regularly let Yahoo and Google reps know when their systems had problems and how they worked. I was in a unique position to evaluate what was taught for accuracy and thoroughness.

Everything was 100% accurate and there was something else that impressed me. Mary answered every question – every single one – even those about other ppc engines (remember this was a Yahoo! Search Marketing seminar) – off the top of her head. She really knew ppc and she should. She was with Go-To when they originated the ppc advertising concept. When Go-To became Overture in 2001 she stayed on as Senior Director of Sales, responsible for the training & organizational development team where she hired and developed hundreds of sales, marketing and customer services associates.

In 2005, Overture became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo! called Yahoo! Search Marketing, about a year after Mary had left to start her own firm. Since she had developed the training materials still being used by Yahoo, Mary’s firm was hired to create and conduct the seminar I attended. Mary and I have stayed in touch over the years. We gave each other the heads up when we saw something new happening that could cost us or our clients.

What you need to know is this. Only those who have multiple accounts that are both very small and very large can really know what is going on. Any agency that only has huge accounts won’t see issues that you need to know about to protect your investment. Attending ppcSummit is an investment that will pay off in saved spending and increased revenue.

If you consider yourself a ppc expert I strongly and sincerely encourage you to attend! You will greatly increase your skills and the value you bring to your clients, your employer and your own projects.

Remember when I said I had “exceptional results”? Here are some examples:

  • Took one business from $150,000 in revenue annually to $1.1 million in 8 mos.
  • Increased daily sales from $4,000 to first $15,000 (after 4 hours of optimizing) and then $40,000 PER DAY
  • Regularly doubled or even tripled traffic for the same ad spend whether that was $100/mo or $50,000+/mo

Now I am NOT saying this can be done for any business. The account that made $40,000 in sales per day was in the unique position of being in a niche with enormous demand and offered a unique benefit. What I am saying is that almost every business can greatly benefit from really knowing how to use ppc and this seminar is the best way there is to learn what you need to know.

I am so sure that you will benefit from this seminar that if you attend and you don’t see immediate benefits from applying what they teach you and you don’t know why just ask and I will personally log into your ppc account and advise you on how to improve it.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. PPC bases Advertising is one of the popular and traditional method. But all need to make good campaign for ppc ads which target audience on the bases of interest and behavior in optimize rate and for publisher Google Adsense is best ppc ad network choice
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  2. If you want to come up for popular keywords, you have to outbid all the other people vying for the position. IMO it’s not worth the money you have to invest to get there. Organic SEO is far more worth the investment.

  3. it does and is continuing to benefit a start up PPC is a great avenue to earn not really big amounts but can really help in these hard times.

  4. PPC can work really well. If you know what you are doing.
    After you learn the basics you need to stay up to date. Find some good blogs and keep testing yourself.
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  5. great tip for PPC expert..i will advise my ppc friends to have a go at seminars like this one.

  6. You have transmitted an important information to optimize PPC advertising. The information helped me a lot.

  7. My best tips are to focus on the long tail keyword that is a buying keyword – will cost less and convert more – second tip is to make the first line of the ad a complete sentence – if it is autodetected to be a complete sentence Google will now show it in the title rather than as the second line.

  8. I am planning to use PPC to promote affiliate products but I am afraid to lose money. I don’t know how to start as I don’t have any mentor to ask to.

    • Hi Raymund,

      Are you sure you want to do that? I once did ppc management especially AdWords full time and had all the work I wanted at $100/hour cash in advance. I completely quit doing it because it is now so difficult to protect yourself from what I consider outright stealing.

      Yes, you CAN still make money with ppc ads for some things IF you really know what you’re doing – but know that you are always at risk. I just didn’t want the stress of having to watch every account every day knowing that still might not be enough.

      There was a time when I could set up an AdWords account and leave it on auto-pilot for months or even years and it would run fine. I would not want to be doing that now.

      Read all my posts about ppc on the Best of GrowMap page. Pay special attention to the settings and start with exact match on search only. (That is safest.) If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them. Personally, I would focus on other methods that are not so risky.
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  9. Thanks for the reference, a friend and I are working on a project and this information is really helpful. Thanks for the post, not to many blogs involving PPC information.
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    • Actually there are quite a few blogs about ppc but I did notice they aren’t so easy to find. I recommend are Richard Ball for AdWords Help.

      Be sure to read all of my posts about pay per click and Adwords. They’re on the Best of GrowMap page – and be careful. It is very easy to lose your shirt and throw a lot of money away on ppc these days. You missed the golden days of ppc.
      growmap would love you to read ..Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One PlaceMy Profile

      • wny yoga says:

        i have been reading your blog and they really explained things to me with out sounding very technical…thanks for sharing your thoughs on Adwords and PPC

  10. I’ve been using PPC for years… and generally do very well. I do best with the “low hanging fruit” … the lower priced terms with less volume. I think there is less chance for click fraud on the lower priced terms.
    Great article!

  11. I am new in this field and I have very less or can say zero knowledge about PPC. You have added really useful stuff and today after read your post I come to know some important things about PPC.
    Thanks for sharing stuff.
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  12. I have friends who have used PPC and it worked ok for them. They had quite a bit of traffic on their site though.

  13. I think a combination of SEO and PPC is the way to go. Focus your SEO on the most expensive key terms and rank naturally for them and then focus your PPC on bidding on long-tail, niche key terms that won’t cost much and will bring you some very specific, targeted customers.

  14. thank you for this interesting information I will post a link on my blog so my readers can benefit from it also.

  15. In what way are they facing slaps? [Like what are they doing to get them? ]

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  17. There are a lot of problems in ppc particularly in adwords. A lot of people are facing slaps.
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  18. fb siphon says:

    These are very recommendations. Quality score is really be the issue today and a lot of people are facing google slaps.

  19. I’ve heard that PPC doesn’t really work and costs you tons of money, is this true?

  20. Its a matter of testing different ads with different changes on the landing pages. But make sure you have got the right keyword in place.
    .-= Muhammad Talal´s featured blog ..Cheap Click Code Launched =-.

  21. Nice suggestions. But adwords system is continuously changing. And they are becoming more and more strict in quality matters.
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  22. That is not bright. You don’t want cheap traffic – you want the traffic with the best ROI

  23. This article is really helpful for online businessman like me. I really learned a lot from your information about ppc and Advertising. You said it right “Sometimes you need to spend money to make money”. Just like what I do. Good job!

  24. Hi
    Thanks for providing information on ppc. I think Advertising is most effective if you target the right audience. Pay Per Click allows you to focus your advertising to a specific geographic region.

  25. I have seen agencies advertising on all the wrong keyword phrases because they could buy lots of cheap traffic. That is not bright. You don’t want cheap traffic – you want the traffic with the best ROI.

  26. Great posts and topic. Do you think this is something any person can do or do you need professional help for this?

    NJ Ad Agency

    • Welcome to GrowMap Ben,

      If someone were willing to dedicate the time to learn and attended this seminar they could definitely do it themselves if they were not advertising something really tough like insurance or mortgages. There is much to be said for experience and it is almost essential to get any traction on highly competitive keywords.

      Tusinesses that are making money would be better off hiring expert management. The challenge is finding someone truly qualified to advise them for THEIR best benefit and not the pay per click engines’. Since most of the training available is provided by the ppc engines it is slanted to recommend what benefits them over what benefits the advertiser.

      The people behind this seminar once taught the Yahoo! seminars and always put the advertiser’s interests FIRST. I could get recommendations from them and I know of a couple people who truly understand. It takes more than just knowing how to use these systems; it takes intelligence.

      You don’t want ALL the traffic you can buy – you only want the traffic that will buy from you. I have seen agencies advertising on all the wrong keyword phrases because they could buy lots of cheap traffic. That is not bright. You don’t want cheap traffic – you want the traffic with the best ROI.

      Advertisers often think they can buy maximum sales and maximum ROI and that is not possible. What you can do is slide between maximum sales (with a lower ROI per sale) and maximum ROI (with fewer sales at the highest profits per sale). They are opposite sides of a sliding scale.

      The post I’ve linked to this comment has specifics on how to evaluate the performance of your AdWords account and ppc consultants plus specific settings that are best for most advertisers.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Evaluate Your AdWords Accounts =-.

  27. Massage Troy MI says:

    Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.

  28. blog link exchange says:

    I like PPC advertising more comfortable and earning than Google ads.

  29. ppc is the great way to make money online.its a very well post on ppc. its really gonna help me a lot.

  30. PPC is great if the competition does not “kill” you…!
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  31. E Commerce Website Design says:

    PPC plays an important role to boost your website.When upload the website first time.then run PPC campaign is necessary.After completing SEO then remove the PPC campaign.Thanks

  32. fundamental analysis says:

    I’m not sure if I just have terrible luck, but all of my PPC campaigns were near failure. I honestly didn’t use enough money to do a full on test, so that’s likely where my issues began. I’ll keep trying though, the money from affiliate marketing is absolutely absurd!
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  33. PPC is really a good way to hatch money.

  34. I guess I’m one of the very few who’ve never used PPC and have no plans to start. In my niche, the Ad-words (and Overture) is populated by scam artists and ripoffs. Furthermore, many studies have shown that a significant percentage of Google search users DO NOT click on Sponsored Links. There is a famous proverb that really is analogous: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day, TEACH a man HOW to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” PPC = eat for that day only (as long as your ad budget doesn’t run out), SEO = eat for a lifetime, for FREE.

    • Hi Matt,

      As long as you have plenty of business you may not ever need ppc advertising. No reason to pay for traffic if you can get enough for free. It is a bad reflection on Google and Yahoo that scam artists and ripoffs are operating in your niche. Are they obvious enough that they should be eliminated?

      While many do not click on ads there is one area where ppc advertising really works well and – provided the best keyword phrases have not been broad matched into oblivion – ppc is not a temporary means of driving traffic. That area is sales of specific products.

      When you advertise a particular product and can land your visitors precisely on that product ppc ads can outperform organic listings. For online stores that contain thousands of products it takes a very long time to optimize every product for SEO. Obviously it would need to be done in-house as most SEOs only optimize for a couple dozen of the highest traffic phrases at most.

      I can definitely attest to the power of making money with ppc. The two examples I mention are only two of dozens of small businesses I assisted who had very profitable ppc advertising – until their best phrases were broad matched and other issues arose as I explained in The Golden Days of PPC.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..Local Search Directory Taps the Power of Television =-.

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