How to Optimize Your PPC Advertising to Benefit YOU

The good news is that there is no faster way to increase traffic and drive major increases in sales than highly targeted Pay Per Click Advertising.  The bad news is if you don’t really know what you’re doing you can spend a small fortune and generate few or even no sales. Even if you feel you are already doing well with your ppc ads you can always increase your profits by continuing to improve your campaigns.

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money. This is one of those times. Pay per click and especially AdWords is so complex and changes so frequently that it is essential that you get expert advice. I made a very good living for several years and had exceptional results managing ppc accounts for a living. During that time a client paid for me to attend a seminar sponsored by Yahoo! Search Marketing. That is where I met the person I believe knows more about ppc advertising than anyone anywhere.

She now offers independent seminars – independent because she has always focused on how the ADVERTISER can get the most out of their ad spend – NOT the ppc search engine. Many who are AdWords certified are doing and recommending what Google advises, i.e., what is best for Google. Wouldn’t you really rather know what is best for YOU?

I am going to lay out why I believe you should attend ppcSummit. I hope you’re still reading because this is important.


  • Understandable even if you have never logged into a ppc account – yet the more you know they more you’ll learn.
  • Absolutely accurate, current and VERY comprehensive information
  • Everything you hear is also provided in print so you won’t miss a word – you won’t have to take notes – and every single thing you learn will go home with you in writing for future reference.

During my decades at IBM I attended over 200 formal schools covering hardware, software, marketing, negotiating – you name it. And I never attended any school that was as good or packed as much information into as little time as the seminar I attended created and delivered by the people behind ppcSummit.

I already knew more than most anyone else about ppc. I taught how to use it as a moderator of a major forum. I regularly let Yahoo and Google reps know when their systems had problems and how they worked. I was in a unique position to evaluate what was taught for accuracy and thoroughness.

Everything was 100% accurate and there was something else that impressed me. Mary answered every question – every single one – even those about other ppc engines (remember this was a Yahoo! Search Marketing seminar) – off the top of her head. She really knew ppc and she should. She was with Go-To when they originated the ppc advertising concept. When Go-To became Overture in 2001 she stayed on as Senior Director of Sales, responsible for the training & organizational development team where she hired and developed hundreds of sales, marketing and customer services associates.

In 2005, Overture became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo! called Yahoo! Search Marketing, about a year after Mary had left to start her own firm. Since she had developed the training materials still being used by Yahoo, Mary’s firm was hired to create and conduct the seminar I attended. Mary and I have stayed in touch over the years. We gave each other the heads up when we saw something new happening that could cost us or our clients.

What you need to know is this. Only those who have multiple accounts that are both very small and very large can really know what is going on. Any agency that only has huge accounts won’t see issues that you need to know about to protect your investment. Attending ppcSummit is an investment that will pay off in saved spending and increased revenue.

If you consider yourself a ppc expert I strongly and sincerely encourage you to attend! You will greatly increase your skills and the value you bring to your clients, your employer and your own projects.

Remember when I said I had “exceptional results”? Here are some examples:

  • Took one business from $150,000 in revenue annually to $1.1 million in 8 mos.
  • Increased daily sales from $4,000 to first $15,000 (after 4 hours of optimizing) and then $40,000 PER DAY
  • Regularly doubled or even tripled traffic for the same ad spend whether that was $100/mo or $50,000+/mo

Now I am NOT saying this can be done for any business. The account that made $40,000 in sales per day was in the unique position of being in a niche with enormous demand and offered a unique benefit. What I am saying is that almost every business can greatly benefit from really knowing how to use ppc and this seminar is the best way there is to learn what you need to know.

I am so sure that you will benefit from this seminar that if you attend and you don’t see immediate benefits from applying what they teach you and you don’t know why just ask and I will personally log into your ppc account and advise you on how to improve it.


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Gail Gardner

Small Businsss Strategist at GrowMap
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