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Hello dear friends, I’m Manuel Marino and you should know me from my previous guest post here on Social Networking, LinkedIn, Blogging and Music article.

Thanks to Gail, I’m writing this article which wants to explain my goals for this new Forum and how it can be of help for any singer, musician and artist who wants to achieve an Online Presence on the net.

First, Register your Website/Forum account (registration page is the same).

Then discuss with us about obtaining an Online Presence with your music portfolio, your music page, blog, bulletin board, on Facebook or on your preferred Social Network.

We can help each other with tips and trick, sharing our online experiences,  and also explaining HTML code to make your page better and faster.

About the Music Forum

We have reorganized it in this way: on top you’ll find the forum categories we want to push at the moment, mainly articles from the blog, marketing and game design (since one of our Moderators is a game guru).

The group just next to these is all about music, with many styles, software, singing and songwriting categories and much more.

The name of the Forum is Artists helping Artists because my idea is that we can only reach success helping each other. It’s synergy – the key to success – and this is true for professionals and hobbyists as well.

I await you in our forum; we have a lot to learn, but also a lot to teach. :)

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  1. Anytime there’s a place to get together and discuss music topics with like-minded people is awesome!

  2. this is good my cousin is staring a band and pushing to promote there caled eath ad the miser you can find them on youtube

  3. Me too :)
    Through your blog platform, I hope that we could find a true niche wherein we could share and discuss issues about music.
    Shine would love you to read ..The Day You Went Away – M2MMy Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing, this information is useful to me 😀

  5. It’s really very informative that I wanted ever, thanks for this.
    algerie musique would love you to read ..Comment Colorer En Bloque Vos OnglesMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing this idea behind this forum. Looking forward to register for the same. :)

  7. Hi Manuel,

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share our insights online. Through your blog platform, I hope that we could find a true niche wherein we could share and discuss issues about music. Thanks again!

  8. Sanjeev Singh says:

    Done Manuel Marino, I have successfully registered on your form. Now what to do next

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