10 Easy Steps for Moving Your Things to a Storage Unit: Business or Personal

10 Easy Steps for Moving Your Things to Storage: Business Use or Personal Moving your business or home can be hard enough without the added stress of trying to figure out how to move some of your things to a storage unit for long term storage.

Businesses also use storage for inventory, furniture, or materials they don’t have sufficient room for during periods of growth, seasonal challenges, or when remodeling.

If you work from a home office or are a road warrior, you can use a storage address for deliveries or even work out of some locations like an office. IBM rented units in Houston that field technicians used to make phone calls, store parts, and do paperwork in.

If you plan to store small items, consider adding metal shelves or bookcases to make access easier. Make sure you check the days and hours of access. Some are always accessible, but many are not.

Check out this video for additional ideas on how small businesses use storage units:

There is a vast selection of facilities and different pricing models available. While this article can’t solve the cost of storage, it will help you to plan for a more successful move. By following these 10 easy steps, you can alleviate the stress of moving and enjoy a more relaxed move, free from the common headaches.

1. Choose the right location and unit size for your needs. Make sure the location of the storage facility is within a comfortable drive from your home or business. Also, make sure that you know what you’ll be storing ahead of time so that you know the minimum size of the storage unit you will require.

2. Plan how you’ll move your things to the storage facility. Will you rent a truck or a van or just take it over using your own vehicle or a friend’s?

3. Check that you have enough packing materials to store the items you’re transporting to the storage facility. You can utilize a combination of boxes that you already have and buy additional boxes at a shipping or storage company.

4. Take larger pieces apart so that they transport more easily and fit into the storage unit once you arrive. Box all other smaller items so that they don’t get lost in the move. Wrap breakables with newspaper or cloth and keep them towards the top of the boxes and on top of heavier items. Don’t pack lots of heavy items into the same box.

5. Label all of your boxes clearly with a permanent marker so that when you come back to get them, you can find what you need quickly and easily.

6. Clean out any appliances that you may be storing and tape the doors shut so they don’t open up on you during the transportation or lifting of them during the move.

7. Load your largest items into your truck, van or vehicle first. Then make sure to secure any heavy or large items so that they don’t shift, slide or crash during transport.

8. Once at the storage unit, don’t stack heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes to avoid crushing. Store all appliances with the doors wedged open.

9. Leave an aisle to walk through so that you can get to the back of your unit if you need to get something out from the back at a later date.

10. Place a dust sheet over all your items once you’re finished to keep them in good shape while they’re in storage.

This list will help you to alleviate stress while moving your items to a storage unit. Check out Loknstore.co.uk for other great tips about storage lockers or if you’re in the U.K. to get a great deal on your next storage locker.

By following these 10 easy steps for moving your things to a storage unit, you’ll be in better shape than others who don’t prepare. By following this checklist, you’ll also make sure that you don’t forget a few key steps!

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  1. Gail, these steps sure give me some ideas on what to do when I get a storage unit. In fact, my wife and I are going to be driving into town at a store to check out their storage units prices. Together we figured that there are so much antiques that would be need to be stored somewhere else instead of throwing them away.

  2. I really like your suggestion to leave an aisle to walk through. This is something that I definitely would never think about as I was unloading my things into the storage unit, so then when everything was unloaded, I would have no way to get to anything again. Utilizing this tip will definitely make access to all of your things in the storage unit become easier. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I think that labeling everything clearly is a great idea when using a storage unit. Cleaning and organizing things would also be a great help. I always make sure to mark boxes clearly, so I can keep track of all my items. It makes it easier when I need to empty my storage unit at a later time.

  4. I really liked that you talked about leaving an aisle between your things when you have them in a storage unit. Unless you plan to move everything out at once, you’ll need to be able to get to these things at some point, and if you don’t make an aisle, you’ll probably need the thing all the way in the back of the storage unit. Hopefully people are able to find good ways to things like this in the future.

  5. I liked your idea to add metal shelves or bookcases to your unit. This will definitely make access to the little things you occasionally need easier. Making sure that your things are organized and put away in an organized way will make all storing and any additional moving you need to do much easier.

  6. My wife and I are moving in the next couple of months and we need to store some of our things. Fortunately, I ran across your list because I had not thought of things like checking to see if I had enough packing materials or how we are going to transport all of our stuff there.

  7. I am looking to put a bunch of stuff in a storage unit. The stuff would be best served by being packed in boxes first. Would a storage unit company be able to provide packing materials for an additional fee?

  8. I’m getting ready to move overseas for a year and have been trying to find a place to safely store all of my things. I hadn’t even considered placing a dust sheet over everything. I have some expensive electronics that need to be stored and a dust sheet is the perfect solution.

  9. I was actually debating with my friend it the big boxes should go first or smaller ones. After reading the article I am convinced that it is the bigger boxes go first. So this means that I won the bet; thanks a bunch for the info on moving and the small box big box dilemma.

  10. I recently had to move into a smaller home. I put a lot of my stuff in storage, and I agree with all of these. Putting the aisle is nearly essential if you want to get any of your stuff out at any point.

  11. Excellent post! People definitely need help when moving a house and tips are really of a great help! The best tips in my opinion is :Plan how you’ll move your things to the storage facility. Planning is essential and it is very important to be done from early! Lovely post!

  12. Thanks for the article! I think the second point in this post is often overlooked – I know I’ve done it once, and it was terribly difficult to fix right then. Many remember the boxes and where they will put them, but forget how to transport their things into their storage unit. With a few things to move, your own car or a friends would be an appropriate way to transport things, but if you have several boxes to put in storage and few people to help do so, a moving company may be in order.

  13. Thank you very much for this advice. My husband and I are the process of moving and we have a lot of stuff that we can’t keep at our new house yet. We’re thinking about renting a storage unit, so we thought we should do some research. Your advice for moving your stuff into a storage container was very helpful. We’ll be sure to remember it.

    • Hi Susan,

      Storage containers are popular for moves of any distance. Some also use them when remodeling. Another option in many areas of the country is to buy and sometimes even rent-to-own portable buildings. They are commonly built by Mennonites or Amish and delivered already built. I know about them because I know the people at Lone Star Structures portable buildings in central Texas.

      There are many styles including barns and offices. They had a rent-to-own program where you pay the first and last month’s rent and either keep it until it is paid for and yours OR return it at any time with no penalty. (That is why they charged the last month’s rent up front.) They delivered within 100 miles for free and very reasonable further than that.
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  14. When you put it in steps like this, it almost seems too easy. I’m convinced now that getting a storage unit for our move is a good idea. I think it would save us a lot of time and hassle. It would probably also reduce the damage to our appliances and furniture as well during the moving process.

  15. nice tips it is such a helpful to improving the business and shifting is easy through the reading article.
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  16. It is hard to move a office. I have experienced it myself.
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  17. Its really times consuming when you pack things and got them in the wrong boxes when moving. Best way is to hire people who will do this things for you professionally. Moving is pretty much tiresome but some companies offer stress free service with a little bit of expense. Try it!

  18. that will surely be handy while transferring my office stuff
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  19. Very interesting analysis on how to store thins. Especilly some points are really helpful! Thanks :)

  20. When you read this article you can store your things easily thanks.

  21. Nice tips for storing the things thanks for sharing it the beautiful information.

  22. Simple yet this is an everyday issue we all face. I recently moved so can completely relate to the points you mentioned here and I would say that not labelling my boxes while using small storage boxes was the greatest mistake I made. It took me valuable time to figure out some of the things I parked and where they were kept.
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  23. While shifting most of the people just forget to follow these necessary tips that leads them to face difficulties at-last. Thanks for sharing this valuable steps.
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  25. i was shifting my house and i packed the boxes myself and never labeled them…..and then faced all the problem finding the rite box!
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  27. I remember the day when I was shifting my office to a new location and couldn’t find a service who can help me in moving my stuff. As my budget was less and in that budget the packers and movers are providing just take away facility so I decided to pack my belongings myself. And the biggest mistake I did is I forgot to label on some boxes and find it hard to know what is the boxes. So I also suggest to label them just after you pack your things.
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