More Pinterest Followers: 6 Steps to Increase Your Pinterest Following: What to Do Checklist

Meet the crew behind 3boysandadog I asked Twitter Party expert Kelli Miller @momof3boys3702 of 3boysandadog to share with us her best tips on How to Increase Your Pinterest Following.

Here are her tips – and do check out her Most Popular Pinterest Boards.

Someone asked me recently how I grew my Pinterest followers so quickly. You see, this person knew that I was kind of late to the whole Pinterest Party. However, I now consider myself pretty stinking good at it. My following isn’t huge and I really wish it were, but I am happy with it.

Here is a checklist of things you should be doing to increase your following on Pinterest. Do each item on a regular basis and watch your following increase! Unless I say “daily”, I do it a couple times per week!

Step #1 – Daily, I pin things that interest me and tweet that I have pinned them. I try not to go too overboard, but when I am looking for something in particular, I can fill my readers with TONS of fun things. If I find that I am pinning the same types of things, I quit feeding them to my Twitter.

Step #2 – Commenting – Just like with blogs, take some time to comment on some of the things that grab your attention.

Step #3 – Fresh is Always Best! Keep Your Pinterest boards fresh. Update your boards, rearrange them, pin new things to them, etc.

Step #4 – Collaborate! You can allow others to pin things to your board. Get some big collaborator boards and watch your following increase!

Step #5 – Find what people like on your site and do more of it! Seriously, check the pinterest “source” of your page to see what people have pinned in one fell swoop. Then, go in and comment on random pins to thank people for stopping by your site.

Here’s what my source looks like:
just remove the part and add your URL!

Step #6 – Be very free with your pinning! Think of Pinterest as a resource and pin what actually interests you or what you think your followers might find interesting! Don’t pin ONLY your stuff. In fact, it is better if you can repin your stuff instead of being the original pinner!

There you go! Start practicing these tips and
you WILL find your Pinterest Following increasing!

Remember to check out Kelli’s Most Popular Pinterest Boards. That page has a button to make it easy for you to follow her there. You can also find out about the Weekly Pinterest Faves Linky Kelli and Susie QT Pies and Crystal and Company offer.


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