Future of Engagement: Monitoring Social Media: Facebook IPO Launch Delayed

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Future of Engagement – Monitoring Social Media on the Eve of the Facebook IPO Launch

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook could be going public within seven days. Murray Newlands’ series The Future of Engagement analyzes how this story spread across social media:



  • The term “Facebook IPO” was a trend on Twitter less than a day after the WSJ Facebook IPO story went live
  • Over half of “Facebook IPO” social media mentions were on Twitter, showing how important the microblogging site is for breaking news.
  • In the 24-hour timespan after the WSJ post went live, Twitter’s mentions for that term grew eightyfold – to over 800 posts.

Click the image below to see Alerti’s Social Media Monitoring Graphs for the search Facebook IPO full size:

Alerti Graph for Facebook IPO

Graphs by Alerti

Alerti Facebook IPO Graph of Social Media Mentions

Alerti Facebook IPO Graph of Social Media Mentions ~ Click Image to See Full Size


NOTE: Watch this space for updated graphs on the Facebook IPO Delay

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