3 Marketing Deals to Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

2013 Marketing Deals on GrowMap

This post contains several deals my readers may be interested in:

  1. Discount listings on DIRJournal.
  2. Viewbix discount to let you add your contact details to videos.
  3. How to get your guest posts live on GrowMap quickly.


DIRJournal logo bannerMy readers may be aware that I write for DIRJournal.com and many of their other blogs. They have a quality human moderated business directory that I often link to in the content I create.

I encourage you to check out the SEO experts and agencies that list their businesses and clients on DIRJournal. If it is good enough for them, and Google’s Matt Cutts says quality directories are still ok with Google, and you can get content written about you, why not list your business?

DIRJournal offers bulk discounts for agencies and the
DIRJournal affiliate program pays 20%.

To make this an even better deal, I’ve asked for a special discount just for my readers. Use Coupon Code Link13 to get a 20% discount.

Image shows what you get with each of the regular types of DIRJournal listingsWhat you get with each of the DIRJournal Permanent listings options.

Click either Get Started button to list your business on DIRJournal.com

Remember to use the Discount code Link13 to save 20%!



Add interactive features including live links to your existing videos

Click this image to join ViewBix using the GrowMap affiliate link.

Viewbix makes it easy to put call to actions, your social media accounts, and clickable links right into your videos. The easier you make it for someone to take the action you need, the more likely they will do it.

Ileane from BasicBlogTips created a video for my post on the benefits of using ViewBix. Read Website Video Marketing with Social Media ROI: Viewbix Converts Video Views into Measurable Sales for details.

You can become a ViewBix affiliate and earn 35 – 40% commissions.

They use long life cookies so you’re more likely to get paid.

Affiliate OPM Adam Riemer has arranged a special discount of 50% off: $9.97 a month or $99.97 annually for GrowMap readers. They discount is good for up to the first 12 months of service. Offer good until February 10th, 2013.

Go to ViewBix to sign up and Use discount code arsave50.

Note: only the image link is my affiliate link. The other links are direct links that benefit ViewBix but do not pay affiliate commissions should you choose to use them instead.


GrowMap Grow Your Business My email overflows with requests to publish guest posts here. I would like to publish a post every day, but the reason that does not happen is that most guest posts take a long time to arrange and edit – and I simply don’t have the time right now.

There are two ways you can get your guest post to go live faster. Either learn to create publication ready posts so they don’t have to wait until I can get them edited, or help a family out and move to the top of my priority list.

I understand how hard it is to support a family and feed five growing children.

No child should have to worry about having enough to eat like I did.

Previously, I supported the BabbleWack-a-Thon Internet Marketing Product Auction to Support Wendy J., a Homeless Mother of 5. Enough money was raised to get them back home for Christmas.

Thanks to those who participated and received value for their donations and Sharmaine and the landlord coming to an agreement about a payment plan they did get back home. Sharmaine put them up in a hotel and fed them out of her own pocket. That’s the kind of person she is. I’ll be writing about the affordable health care plan she shared with me.

But back rent is still owed and making ends meet is hard enough without that!

During the auction, I made these offers to raise money for this family. I am repeating the offers here for my readers. The money goes to Sharmaine’s PayPal and she gets it to the family. Here is how you can help and I will help you:

  1. GUEST POST: If you want your guest post to move to the top of the priority list, donate $30 and I will make the time to edit and format it and even mentor you in how to create publication ready posts so that your future posts get published fast.
  2. 50% OFF ADVERTISING ON GROWMAP: Instead of using my advertise on GrowMap page you can donate 50% of the going rate for any ad spot and I will manually insert your ad because you donated.
  3. HALF PRICE CONSULTING WITH GAIL: Donate $50 to get a personal one-on-one meeting with me to evaluate your ecommerce site or blog, discuss social media, marketing or business strategy, or introduce you to whatever experts or collaborators will most benefit you.

All the above offers are first come – first serve. Contact me right away, and your post could be live on GrowMap later this week. (Monday through Wednesday are already committed, but you might be able to go live Thursday.)

To claim any of these offers, contact me directly. I can tell you before you send the money to Sharmaine how quickly you can meet with me or guest post. Ads can go live as soon as we connect.

Best ways to reach me in order of effectiveness:

  1. Skype because that is instant – I’m the only growmap there.
  2. Phone. See contact tab for the phone number. Also usually immediate.
  3. Leave a comment asking me to contact you and providing a method.
  4. Send me a regular Tweet on Twitter.

If you send an email, follow up with a comment or regular tweet because my email overflows. All contact details are on my contact tab near the top of the blog under where it says GrowMap. (I mention that because I know from mentoring bloggers than many don’t know what tabs are.)

There are dozens – maybe even 100+ guest post requests awaiting response that come via email. Many of them I never even see. Here’s your chance as someone who actually reads my blog to move ahead of the pack.


Unlike many sites, I encourage guest bloggers to share with my readers how what they offer can benefit them. I do not limit relevant links and I encourage you to use a closing call to action letting my readers know where they can read your blog, follow you on social networks, or find out more about your business.

Every guest post will get at least 30 retweets by influential bloggers who have as many as 30,000-50,000 followers on Twitter. They often also share your post on other social networks. You can verify this claim by pasting the URL for any post on this blog into Topsy.com.

Here are the numbers for the last three guest posts on GrowMap:

I encourage you to plug your own posts and your guest post links into Topsy and see how many retweets you typically get. Then think about how helping these five children and their Mom can help you, too, when you donate only $30 to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

If you have a deal you believe my readers would be interested in for me to add to this post or you want to make an offer of your own to benefit Wendy and her kids, contact me.

I would love to have so many requests that they’ll be scheduled for weeks in advance, but what usually happens is everyone thinks everyone else will do it – and very few actually act. Don’t be “that guy” this time. Contact me NOW and claim some of my time to help this family.

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