Twitter Tools: Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

UPDATED: Sep 11, 2011 to remove dead links and add new comparisons.
NOTE: Because these applications are always being improved and changed be aware that some of what is linked here will no longer be accurate.

Social Media Overwhelming? Image Credit Fuel Lines Social Media Blog

Social Media Overwhelming? Image Credit Fuel Lines Social Media Blog

While most people are already using Social Networking sites, few are doing it in a time effective way that will generate results – or using the best Internet Marketing Tools.

No matter what your goals – or even if you only use Social Media for fun – there are still benefits to understanding what works best.

Be sure to read our Twitter Best Practices post too.

Before I get into how to make the time you spend on Social Networking sites more efficient, I want to make a recommendation that will save you time and major headaches:

Focus on the ONE thing you are most passionate about and create ONE power site and matching Social Media persona.

In the past, those who made money online emphasized multiple sources of income and many had dozens or even hundreds of sites. Even those who taught that in the past are selling off their additional sites because actively updated blogs are already far more important.

Search engines now favor new content. I sincerely believe that you will do better to focus on growing one blog consistently than you will spreading yourself across many. When you add Social Media into the mix this becomes even more important.

If you already have multiple blogs this series of posts will be most useful to you and I hope you will add your own tips to what I share. I have been challenged to advise on, manage, write for and promote multiple blogs – each with multiple Social Media accounts – and it is a huge challenge that I have yet to master.

Instead of having separate blogs consider finding the connection between multiple subjects. Center your blog around the topic that you write about most frequently and create categories for related topics.

For example, many of us write about How to Use Social Media, provide Blogging Tips, show you How to Build Your Blog, write about How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, teach AdWords optimization or help others.

All of those topics ARE related because to effectively implement Internet Marketing Strategies we use all of those and eventually so will our readers. Other connections are less obvious to many.

Less obvious is that the home improvement niche is related to real estate so bloggers in those niches should connect on Social Networks. People interested in buying Florida homes could be interested in home renovation products and readers interested in home restoration could be in the market to buy a Florida foreclosure to fix up.

Even more obscure is that real estate is related to golf because people who love to play golf often buy homes built around golf courses like these Las Vegas golf homes or the River Hills Florida Golf Community.  Real estate bloggers should cultivate relationships with golf related blogs.

Regardless of whether you have one blog or many, it is essential to find ways to make the time you spend on social networking more effective. If you have more than one persona the first essential tool is a way to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

The first priority is to decide which of the available Twitter management tools to use. The options I know of are TweetDeck, HootSuite, Pluggio, SeesmicSplitTweet, Digsby, Matt, TwitIQ, Tweet3, Social Ooomph, and Media Funnel (formerly known as TweetFunnel)  and no doubt there are others.

If you have a passion for one I haven’t included please tell us why in the comments and leave their link. I’m sharing the results of my extensive research below. Use these comparisons to make your decision.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, HootSuite is the clear winner (based on current popularity among power users),  a slightly less complicated but serious alternative is CoTweet, and I am still very interested in trying out Pluggio (formerly Tweetminer) which has some interesting features the others lack.

Configuring, setting up and learning tools takes valuable time so my best advice is to decide which tool you’re going to use and forget about the others.

Focus on learning to use it effectively and only change if there is a compelling reason. You will accomplish more that way and save yourself a lot of stress. Once you have mastered your first selection you can always learn another and use two as some of the comparisons below suggest.


Michelle Mangen published reviews of  7 Twitter Desktop Apps

  1. Pluggio (formerly TweetMiner) was written by @TommyTRC
  2. TwInbox (for Outlook) written by @mmangen
  3. MyVBO written by @PrimoAssistance
  4. Seesmic desktop written by @AnaLuciaNovak
  5. Hootsuite written by @mmangen
  6. MarketMeSuite written by @AnnEvanston
  7. Tweetdeck written by @LissaDuty










How To Tweet Quickly and Consistently

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  1. Yeah…right..!!!!

    I manage multiple accounts, and I’ve been juggling them very awkwardly. Thanks for this excellent tip.

  2. Jason Scott says:

    I think the most recent update on facebook has made it harder to manage multiple accounts, I also feel that facebook is less ‘business’ orientated and used as a social tool.

  3. Lately i have purchased a guide on how to use twitter and the information on this blog is more valuable than that crap ebook.

  4. Twitter and Facebook are for different purposes. they should be compared like that.

  5. I think Facebook is rather easier for me to use .

  6. Managing multiple Twitter accounts can be hard, is it practical to have those?
    Ali would love you to read ..Thanks For Visiting!My Profile

    • Hi Ali,

      For some people it IS necessary to manage multiple Twitter accounts and that is why they must use tools. If you only have two or three you can log into them in separate browsers, but if you have more you need one of the solutions mentioned in this post. CoTweet is the easiest to learn and use.

  7. This will be of great use to users with multiple twitter accounts. I hope something similar for Facebook will be published soon.

  8. Yes, managing multiple twitter accounts can be really challenging. Thanks for the tips.Really useful.
    Mariana would love you to read ..Ambience Cooper Finish Floor LampMy Profile

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for the mention, but instead of going on the blog post, you should go on the main website comparison platform where you see into a larger screen, different comparison tables:

    best regards

  10. Great post. Nice resource list.
    It’s a lot of work and can get a bit confusing managing multiple twitter and other social media accounts. I only manage one at the moment. When needed I rather out-source that.
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  11. We like TweetAdder3 (desktop app) and TweetBig for managing multiple accounts. TweetBig is in beta, but we really love how comprehensive their service is. Certain things like “unfollow” TweetAdder3 will handle automatically, but TweetBig gives us more control and flexibility over TweetAdder3. Scheduled tweets are also better managed in TweetBig than TweetAdder3. TweetBig also has a friendlier interface and an awesome customer service team, but it comes at a monthly cost, which is why we like TweetAdder3 (one time purchase, lifetime updates). As TweetBig continues to grow, we will have to decide if we are comfortable with the monthly cost, but for now, it is well worth it.

  12. we keep only two social network site or our…Twitter and Facebook..i think these two are the powerhouse
    fresh salsa would love you to read ..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  13. Multiple accounts are challenging..i usually use Hootsuite to keep it all in check
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  14. thanks i was looking for information on this. it can get nerve racking when you have too many twitter accounts and keeping track of everything

  15. I think twitter is changing, it is more about personal connections than getting a bulk message out, at least more so now than it used to be. People are beginning to realise the mainstream use of such a powerful word of mouth tool, especially in light of the recent disasters.

  16. Having multiple Twitter accounts looks promising for someone like me who has not yet used it for a variety of reasons including not enough good feedback for blog owners who are using the heck out of just one account to attract a low number of users.
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  17. Great Twitter tools to see here – Thanks so much
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  18. Twitter accounts can cause a headache when there are too many. Thanks for this post.
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  19. I personally use Twiends which helped me grow the number of my followers. I highly recommend it to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

  20. Some nice advice here. I had problems managing multiple accounts before reading this :)

  21. I am using SplitTweet to manage all of my client’s account. It helps me a lot!

  22. I use both Twitter and Facebook but I’ve tried just a couple of twitter accounts and I’m fine with that, I think the key here is knowing how many accounts we can handle. On the other hand, I’m exploring the efficacy of friends list on facebook which I have categorized and its great. At the rate these social networking sites are introducing new updates and developments, its really mind boggling to experiment with all the new features.

  23. Gail,
    OK, I should have known, you’re into hoot suite too! OK, I’ll learn from you – because you have this totally full blog, I’ll be able to have the training I need to succeed with Hoot Suite. I’m taking a deep breath. OK, one hour every day…
    Linda G. Cox would love you to read ..Reclaim Your Brain with Lumosity GamesMy Profile

  24. I see people doing this more and more. There is a lady selling Karma Dolls that is connecting with my site and other bingo portals. I have passed on a number of her twits just because she as @ my account. I love your example of real estate and golf.

    [David, you’re going to be unhappy but bingo = gambling and linking to any gambling related site is a big no-no for non-adult content bloggers. I don’t suppose you have any other non-adult, non-gambling sites that are not bad neighborhoods that you would like to link from this comment and others?]
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  25. this is very useful article with very helpful advices and tips for twitter users.

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  26. I was a big fan of all of these tools but I think twitter is changing, it is more about personal connections than getting a bulk message out, at least more so now than it used to be. People are beginning to realise the mainstream use of such a powerful word of mouth tool, especially in light of the recent disasters.
    Lisa would love you to read ..Thank youMy Profile

  27. I’m fine with just one twitter account personally lol

  28. Great content thankyou. Multiple account handling is next on my “get round to list” so this post and the related links are perfect.

  29. Ugh, thank you. I find balancing Twitter accounts about as much fun as trying to balance chopsticks on my nose. This is a big help.

  30. I manage multiple accounts, and I’ve been juggling them very awkwardly. Thanks for this excellent tip.
    Lindsay would love you to read ..The Importance of Perseverance for a Medical AssistantMy Profile

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