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Make Money with WordPressYes you can make money online IF you really learn what works and avoid what doesn’t – and THAT is not as easily done as one would hope. Since I have been studying how to make money online since 1994 and making a living totally online since 2000 I know who is the real deal and who just writes about making money. The resources I’ve found the most valuable are linked below.

NEW: Since this post was written Andrew Rondeau came out with the Income Blogging Guide course that is so good that even I and Kristi Hines of Kikolani are taking it ourselves. We highly recommend it over the others I’ve written about in the past.

I recommend you check out several, select ONE that offers an ebook, email training or video/email training, and dedicate yourself to going through their process.

IMPORTANT: Focus on IMPLEMENTING what just one teaches!

You can always learn from the others later. Believe me there is more to do than you can ever learn from just one source. The very best method for getting started is to follow a specific course laid out by a highly experienced and successful blogger. As Bilal wrote in The Secret to Becoming a Six Figure Blogger:

“The difference between Darren Rowse and your average blogger is, Darren Rowse didn’t sit down all day with brilliant ideas and not put them into action… He took all his ideas and carried them out. Put your ideas into action and become the next blogging superstar.”


AffiliateBlogOnline compared five of the top ten bloggers and charted some very interesting Common Features of a Successful Blog that can provide some background. Then check out the bloggers / Web site owners below who make substantial money online and – more important for you – are good at teaching what they’re doing well.

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probloggerlogoProBlogger – (ProBlogger) – Darren Rowse is possibly the most famous Blogger and purported to make the most money online. Learn more in this excellent Problogger interview from BloggingWithoutaBlog. Darren offers a ProBlogger community forum, the book ProBlogger: Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, and the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook.

copybloggerlogo CopyBlogger – (CopyBlogger) – best blog for persuasive copywriting and more on how to make money. Also read and apply his exceptional free ebook Authority Rules: The Ten Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing.

Remarkablogger LogoRemarkablogger – (Remarkablogger) – Free How to Start a Business Blog workbook: Step-by-step guide with exercises to help you plan, set-up, and create content for a business blog.

John Chow LogoThere is a free Make Money Online ebook download on the top right corner of John’s site.  This link goes to his Make Money Online page which lists all of the ad networks and affiliate programs he uses to make money online – but be careful of gray to black methods that could get you banned!

Successful Blog logo

Successful Blog – (LizStrauss) – Offers Coaching and the Book:  The Secrets to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog

fresheventurelogoFresheVenture – (FresheVenture) – The speed Keller’s new sites growing grabbed my attention. She offers an easy to understand free ebook guide Fresh Start for Your Online Business.

BecomeABlogger LogoBlogMastermindLogoYaro Starek (Taught FresheVenture and many more) – Start with the free video tutorials and ebooks at BecomeABlogger and BlogMasterMind. Also see the Podcast video interviews of Yaro published by FresheVenture.

30 Day ChallengeThirty Day Challenge – (30dc) – Free thirty day series (videos and text) on how to make money online. It does offer some tools that cost money but often it is worth spending money to save time and work more productively.

Matt LaClear Logo


MattLaClear – (mattlaclear) – Matt has 800+ money-making sites (not primarily blogs) and a multiple six figure income. He is an expert on the use of autoresponders and mailing lists which is key to making money online. He offers an Online Gold Training System and is extremely active in his STA.RTUP.BIZ network blog where he shares quality content including 160 free ebooks.

Blog for profitGrant Griffith of Blog for Profit offers Building a Successful Blog and 28 Days to Build a Successful Blog processes starting with defining your Goals through how to use Social Networking and other traffic increasing methods. If you’re really ambitious you might want to add his methods to any of the above.

Take the time to check out the above offerings then select the one that most appeals to you and dedicate the time required to APPLY what they teach. You must have confidence that they know what they’re doing and that you can replicate it. If you skip steps or ignore things because you don’t think they’re important you are very likely to go astray so unless you’re already an expert trust that there is a very good reason for every single thing they teach. Don’t torpedo your results by ignoring anything.


Once you’ve been blogging a while be sure to watch for these Five Ways to Know if Your Blog is on the Right Track and keep working to increase your visibility and incoming links. We will have a tracking process available here soon to assist you in making sure you consistently focus on the tasks that grow your blog most efficiently.

My apologies to whomever I may have forgotten; there are many but these are the strongest off the top of my head. I created this post on the fly based on an answer I just posted elsewhere. Do let me know in the comments or elsewhere who I’ve missed and I will update this post. I continually make improvements, additions and corrections to my posts so they stay current.

This why I do not post as often as other bloggers – I prefer providing reference resources over breaking news. For those who are still waiting I want you to know that research continues for my much-anticipated post on the best way to post to multiple social networking sites efficiently. It is getting closer to completion each day.




  • WordPress Howto Spotter – (thespotter) – How to Build a Web 2.0 Site Using WordPress – Offers a Free Expert WordPress video on creating hacker proof, search engine optimized, traffic generating WordPress installs and a free downloadable blog installer.
  • Stop Slogging Start Blogging – (davidwalkertv) – Free comprehensive ebook from DavidWalker who also wrote 10 Steps to Creating an Authority Blog


We write often about the differences between most blogs and a highly optimized blog. Read How to Build a Successful Blog Based Business for details. You may want to have someone else handle the technical details of getting your site up and running so you can focus on creating content. That post contains details and contact information for doing just that.


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