Local Search Special Limited Time Offer – Let Us Add Your Web Site or Business

If you do not have accurate information on your Web site or business at each of the major Local Search directories, you are missing out on increasing your business at zero cost to you. There is no cost to request listings and – more importantly – there are NO RECURRING FEES! Every day you delay requesting your listings is a day you’re missing out on potential clients.

If you are busy running your business or have no desire to learn how to do this yourself, we will be providing this service. For details and flat rate costs any time simply click on Special Offer for Local Businesses in the right column under Pages.

If you prefer to do it yourself we’ve provided instructions and links to guide you in submitting your business to local search engines.

STEP-BY-STEP Local Search Listing Process:

  • How to Grow Businesses with Local Search (Understanding Local Search and checking for existing listings)
  • Links to Add Your Business or Web Site to FREE Local Search Engines (Direct links for adding your listings)
  • How to Promote Your Business Online (Explains what information you need to use when adding or editing your Local Search listings and provides more background on why you need to use Local Search)
  • Download-able Spreadsheet to fill out for each business or Web site you wish to list
  • Compiling (researching or brainstorming) your keyword lists to ensure your listing gets maximum exposure
  • Track your listings
  • Confirm your listings are live and check them for accuracy


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