Kikolani Blog Post Promotion Ultimate Guide Ebook

Kristi just updated her blog promotion guide.
If you bought it you can get the update for free.*
If you don’t have a copy yet I highly recommend it.

2nd Edition on Sale NOW for a limited time only!

*To get your updated version, email Kristi your PayPal
email address and she will send you a new copy

The Ultimate Blog Post Promotion GuideThe day I published this post was the very first day you could obtain a copy of Kristi’s brand new Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Promotion. << Use that link to sign up for notification as soon as it is available and also to enter to win a free copy.

This ebook is Kristi’s first (that I know of) venture into offering an ebook for sale.  While it is not free – unless you win a copy – it is well worth the tiny price because it is 71 pages of wisdom sharing exactly how Kristi grew her Kikolani Social Media and Blogging Tips blog.


The ONLY ebook about Blog Promotion?

Many know that I have the great good fortune to collaborate with Kristi five days a week on messenger.  I have learned a lot from her and I hope that she has learned some from me as well. We often work together to determine what works and what doesn’t and now you can have a complete guide to what Kristi did to make her blog so very popular.

Since Kristi is very modest I’m going to do some bragging for her. Kristi is a regular contributor on top blogs including Social Media Examiner, Stay on Search, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Kiss Metrics.

Her blog has the lowest Alexa numbers of any single author blog I have ever seen. As I type this post her traffic rank on Alexa is 10,820 US and 22,423 WorldWide: Alexa Mar 01, 2011

Click image to see live Alexa data for

Among our closest blogging collaborators, Kristi has the most traffic and the most followers. See that blue line? That is Kristi’s Compete traffic compared to GrowMap, NewBizBlogger, BizChickBlogs and BasicBlogTips.

Compete stats for Kikolani, GrowMap, NewBizBlogger, BizChickBlogs, BasicBlogTips 03.01.11

Click the image to see stats for Kikolani, GrowMap, NewBizBlogger, BizChickBlogs and BasicBlogTips full size - Screen capture taken on 03.01.11 showing the past twelve months.

Kristi is furthest along in how best to promote blogs and in regularly contributing high quality content on other blogs. Her new ebook shares how to do what she has learned over the past ten years – yes she has been blogging since 2001.  How about a few more reasons to buy Kristi’s ebook?

Kikolani's Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide

Click the image to get Kikolani's ebook

Blog Promotion Ebook Table of Contents:

  1. It All Begins with Great Content
  2. Tracking Your Promotions
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Instant Messaging Promotion
  5. Social Networking Promotion (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)
  6. Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Niche Bookmarketing Networks)
  7. Blog Commenting
  8. Guest Blogging
  9. Blogger Outreach
  10. Answers Promotion (Yahoo! Answers,
  11. Related Content Re-purposing
  12. References:
    • Source Accounts (Chart of what sources send traffic, increase search rankings, generate social shares or comments)
    • How to Measure Your Results (Google Analytics, PostRank Analytics)
    • Resources – links to everything mentioned throughout this ebook all in one place

TODAY is launch day and the launch price is only $27 REGULAR PRICE NOW $37 and you can save 20% off Kristi’s Blog Post Promotion ebook by subscribing to her mailing list which I highly recommend doing anyway.

There is also an affiliate program for the book that pays 40% so if your readers love Kristi as much as mine do you can earn back the price and then some.

P.S. I have been recommending Kristi since before I ever started GrowMap (in August 2008 – I have known her on StumbleUpon for years and years!) so you KNOW that I am sincere about what I wrote and this is NOT about affiliate commissions!

P.P.S. Kristi sometimes runs limited time promotions so sign up for her newsletter and you’ll know when you can buy this guide for only $27 – AND you’ll get a 20% off coupon just for subscribing.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Hey,
    I’m one of the huge fan followers of Kristi, i love her blog and her written posts…These are very helpful me to understand the social media tools…By this i got some idea how to promote our business through social media…Anyway good to met with kristi..

  2. Gurwinder Singh Bhinder

    Great guide. I will try to buy it ASAP.
    Gurwinder Singh Bhinder would love you to read ..How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for Your WebsiteMy Profile

  3. iPhone App Development says:

    Thanks GrowMap for sharing such useful information. This blog promotion ebook will really help me a lot to find out deficits in my blog. I can see the table of contents of this ebook and it includes all my expected topics. Great sharing guy, thanks again.

  4. I’m so excited in learning about this ebook and Kristi’s blog. Will definitely check them out. Thanks so much for sharing so much in this post!
    Janus would love you to read ..5 Traffic Steps For Your Blog And Online BusinessMy Profile

  5. got this one for Christmas and i must say Kristi is so doing her thing!!keep it up Kristi!

  6. Kristi is the best and kikolani is one of the best blog I have ever visited. I also read kikolani articles. Even I want an ebook.
    Shubham Gupta would love you to read ..Angry Birds App Level 3-15 WalkthroughMy Profile

  7. Everything that I have learned so far from Kristi has been honest and insightful. She tells you just how to proceed to be a successful blogger. I am sure the contents of this new ebook will be amazing.

  8. add twitter followers says:

    I was glancing over the list of things that you do in order to promote your blog, I’m tired already…..;). However the list is accurate, it is all of that and more in order to create a blog business. Well done!

  9. Kristi Hines is a reputable blogger that shares a great value to all the rest of the blogosphere. I am sure that her ebook will add more of what she shares for free so far.

    Many thanks for this offer.

  10. really great ebook, heartily recommend it

  11. i have Kikolani’s ebook and it has loads of advices and techniques you can use in blogging
    mexican drinks would love you to read ..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  12. kristi such a great influence especially to women bloggers..i am so proud of her

  13. This guide is of $37. Is price not high?

    • Many things in life – and especially age and money – are relative. Regarding prices, what is high for some is pocket change for others – and for some people outside that United States that often depends on the exchange rate between countries.

      For serious bloggers, what they learn from the guide can increase their income far more than the price so it is more than worth it to them.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why Your Geographic Location IS a NicheMy Profile

  14. I just wish to know if this guide is free or paid.

    • Hi Jenny,

      This isn’t a free guide but it is inexpensive and well worth the money – especially if you catch it during a promotion. The regular price is now $37 and the promotion price will be $27 next time Kristi does one.

      You can get a discount right now, sign up for Kristi’s Blog Promotion newsletter (form in the sidebar of her blog) and you’ll get a 20% off coupon in the welcome email.

      If you want to buy during a promotion that newsletter would probably be the best way to find out when she is doing one.
      growmap would love you to read ..Is Impartiality in Media or Blogging Even Possible?My Profile

  15. I thought I hit the wisdom jackpot when I stumbled upon this site.
    But it got even better, now I have the combined wisdom of growmap and kikolani to learn from. I’ve only started reading kristi’s blog today, but I can already tell that she writes quality posts so the book must be a treasure-chest of blog promotion goodness.
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  16. This ebook of blogging tips is not free unless you win a copy. I would like to know how can we win a copy.

  17. Kikolani is a brilliant blog and Kristi really nurtured the blog beautifully which has set an example for many new bloggers. I’ve read some awesome articles by Kristi but its quiet sometime now since I visited the blog so I was not aware about the e-book.

  18. This is a great blog and I won’t be surprised if you will be writing the next blog success ebook yourself in a few months time.
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  19. Would love to have that list:-)
    Banners Portland would love you to read ..Comment on Designs of all kinds Open House by Charles MMy Profile

  20. i am very fond of e books. i want to get knowledge about these from your blog.

  21. great offer thanks for sharing with us. This will help me out.

  22. reehasmith says:

    I am new reader of Kikolani articles ,but i will also appreciate to read this book…keep on writing,i found your every post very useful

  23. Hi all,

    Just starting out on the content syndication and blogging road (to promote my new site), with the aim of creating some really ninformative and useful content (as well as the promotion!). Many thanks for this post, really helpful for a newbie!

  24. I just promote my blog to syndicate with Social Networking sites, blog directories, rss feed and pod cast etc. But if you are recommending Ebook than I would like to read or try it once to get more experience.
    Vikas Katoch would love you to read ..SoftwareMy Profile

  25. I visit Kikolani pretty often and i really enjoy reading Kristi’s blogs. If i was going to buy any material in this category it would definately be worth buying this one!

  26. Astried Djafar says:

    only $27 and I can save 20% ….. no more discount? ;D
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  27. I’ve had the fortune of beginning to read Kristi’s new book. While, I’ve only made it about 1/3 through, so far I’m learning a lot. She writes easy and her text will make both beginners and experts comfortable reading. I’ll go out a limb and say this is one of the best ebooks I’ve purchased.
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  28. Thanks, I’m subscribing and getting the ebook, it’s needed

    Thanks again
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  29. Kikolani is a good writer and i am the regular visitor of her site. I will be appreciate to read this E-book. Thanks for sharing.
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  30. this will be a great help for bloggers like me in order to gain more traffics in my site.

  31. this will great helpful for new blogger, thanks for sharing

    regard :
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  32. Thanks for the info. Yes Kristi’s numbers are very impressive and worth taking a better look at. Great look at how this works and great content for promotion.
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  33. i will definitely read Kristi’s e-book as she has a lot of knowledge and I need some tips on email marketing.
    Make Money Online would love you to read ..Zac Johnson Interview – Super Affiliate Blogger’s Tips For NewbiesMy Profile

  34. Gail, thanks for the heads up. I already opened the page in the new tab and off to check it out. Coming from Kristi, as soon as I read the sales page, I am pretty sure I am buying it. I read some related articles of hers and loved her ideas when it comes to promotion.
    Brankica would love you to read ..Amazon Kindle for bloggers Why you should have itMy Profile

  35. I have not been to her blog before looks like some good content.

    Just looking at the table of contents, do you think this is mostly appropriate for blogs? What about commercials sites.

    • Hi Chris. I geared the eBook to blog posts and informational articles specific, but if you have a commercial site with a blog, it would work for you. For example, I’m not sure how it would do for straight product promotion, but it would do well if you were reviewing a product. When it comes to social sharing and commenting, people are more likely to do it for information, not for a sales page. I hope that helps. :)
      Kristi would love you to read ..Awesome Reviews for Blog Post Promotion- The Ultimate GuideMy Profile

  36. I think this ebook is a good gift for us by a very intelligent and famous blogger. I have visited her blog time and again and found a very knowledge based posts there.

  37. Thank you Gail for sharing this information. The proof is in the pudding as they say and Kristi’s numbers speak for themselves. Looking forward to downloading my copy of the book!

  38. Kikolani really knows her stuff I have been following her for a while now. I will definitely be picking up this ebook.

  39. Bragging is also done in a very modest way. Kristi blog are amazing but I’ve but so far I’ve read just a couple and those too were perfectly written. The blog also looks very informative and creative. I love reading e-books and articles posted on the net, so thanks for sharing this article.

  40. Great breakdown Gail. And charts too! You go.
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  41. Thank you so much for the great review – and the bragging. :) It’s been great collaborating with you, as I’ve learned a lot from you as well, both in the world of business and outside of it. You’re definitely an eye-opener in a good way! :)
    Kristi would love you to read ..Get Blog Post Promotion- The Ultimate Guide Today!My Profile

  42. I visit Kristi’s blog on a regular basis and I agree that she does know her stuff. I would love to get her e-book because who would pass up ten years of experience in content creation and blog promotion. Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely check it out.
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