KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All

Do Follow Blogs - Click for image credit

Do Follow Blogs – Click for image credit

Time is our most precious resource. All bloggers and business owners wish they had more of it and continually seek ways to accomplish more each day.

Scroll Down for DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blogs by Niche!

KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are effective ways to make every comment we write or receive provide far more benefits.

I strongly recommend bloggers join the do follow movement and install the CommentLuv and KeywordLuv plugins.

We and many of our favorite bloggers are focusing more and more of our time and efforts exclusively in dofollow blogs. The CommentLuv community is especially strong and readers can easily see CommentLuv featured posts. They may not be aware that installing CommentLuv and registering your site allows you to suggest one of your last ten posts and in the CommentLuv Premium up to five of your top pages or posts.

The benefits of using KeywordLuv are not as obvious to many
so I want to spell them out and explain exactly
why I so strongly recommend using it.

First you need to clearly understand what anchor text is and why it is so important to you.

Anchor text is simply the words used in the actual link that tell the search engines what the page the link points to is about.

Many bloggers are NOT using anchor text effectively or do not even know what phrases are important to them. There is nothing more important to your getting more traffic from the search engines than clearly targeting your best anchor text. Read my building traffic post for how to do this.


  1. Most bloggers and blog readers dislike keywords in the name field instead of a name. The reason commentators do that is because without KeywordLuv whatever is in the Name field is what is used as anchor text – and that is NOT effective. Installing KeywordLuv fixes that issue by allowing commentators to separate their name from the keywords.
  2. KeywordLuv allows business owners and bloggers to select their own anchor text and pair it with the most targeted landing page.
  3. Bloggers can more clearly understand what their commentators do and what their major interests are based on the keywords they use.
  4. When we blog about our regular commentators we can use the anchor text and links they shared to ensure we are providing them with maximum benefits.

KeywordLuv allows us all to combine commenting and SEO efforts so that we can interact more frequently, strengthen our blogging community relationships and make our sites easier to find in the search engines which will increase our traffic, subscribers and potentially our incomes.


KeywordLuv is simple to use. Instead of putting your name or keywords into the Name field of a comment, use YourName @ Your Keywords.

Here are some examples so everyone is clear on the idea:

Notice that only the keyword phrase is linked and that is exactly what your comment name field will look like too. You can vary the anchor text you choose.

For maximum benefit choose specific pages or posts optimized for each phrase and link that specific page/post to that specific keyword phrase.

You will not end up with enough incoming links to any one page if you do not send specific keyword phrases to specific pages/posts. You can maximize the effectiveness of what you write by optimizing a page specifically for each keyword phrase – especially if you are offering services or products.

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That involves good timing in blogs using CommentLuv so read on for how to change your landing page to match your keyword phrase. When you register your site at CommentLuv you entered your URL. For CommentLuv to work you must enter it into the URL field EXACTLY as you registered it including using or not using the www and including or not including the trailing slash / at the end. You may want to copy and paste it somewhere so you can paste it back in later.

If you don’t see your last ten posts in CommentLuv the most likely cause is the URL you entered is not exactly how you registered it.

To link your selected anchor text to a page different than the one you registered with CommentLuv, fill in your comment as usual, select the CommentLuv post you wish to feature and then do this:

Just before you submit the comment, paste the URL of your preferred post/page into the URL field and immediately submit the comment.

It takes CommentLuv some time to realize the URL field has changed. If you forget or take too long you will lose the CommentLuv featured post you selected. If that happens just paste your registered URL back into the Website URL field and click into the body of the comment. That will prompt CommentLuv to find your last ten posts again. Select the one you want, and then change the URL again and immediately submit the comment.

By installing KeywordLuv you allow business and blog owners to help themselves to generate more traffic and more sales.

Some will notice that I keep comments most bloggers would summarily delete. I do this because I know that businesses are in dire economic condition and it is essential that small and online businesses survive and even thrive in spite of the current economic climate. I encourage my fellow bloggers to be forgiving of those who are new and haven’t learned to write excellent comments yet. Is it not better to educate them and even the offshore SEO companies they hire so they can call learn? Many businesses do not have the time or skills needed to leave their own comments and may not know the difference between spam and adding to the conversation. We can educate them and make the world a better place. For those bloggers willing to do more I ask that you participate in my new BizLuv MEME and find out how you can Support Your Favorite Businesses and benefit your own blog at the same time.

Note that not all blogs using CommentLuv or KeywordLuv are Do Follow.

I suspect that many assume they are and I personally find it disingenuous to use  these plugins that are so connected to the dofollow community and make them nofollow. For this reason I choose not to include nofollowed KeywordLuv sites in my KeywordLuv Twitter List. CommentLuv blogs are included on my DoFollow Twitter List. Would anyone prefer that I create a DoFollow CommentLuv List?


It is possible but I have not seen any definitive evidence that it does. LATEST: In the last PageRank update, this blog was dropped from PR4 to PR3 while Kikolani with a similar amount of traffic was raised to PR5. Here are several reasons that this blog is more likely to be penalized by Google than other DoFollow blogs:

  1. I frequently and publicly call Google to task because Google IS Evil.
  2. GrowMap outed Akismet for censoring our best commentators, would not back down when Automattic objected to what we wrote about Akismet, and now offer this Akismet alternative.
  3. Comments that many bloggers would delete are approved here at GrowMap because we know the importance of anchor text for small businesses. We also know that link builders are people too – and often they are bloggers, affiliate marketers, or supporting small businesses.

Even if we were not manually G-slapped for #1 or #2 (and that DOES happen – see what happened to Ron Cripp’s traffic from G when he published a post on how article marketing using completely original content can still work after the Google Panda Farmer update – #3 could definitely be the cause. We DO have links that G would not like.

Each of us has a choice to make. Will we bow down and lick G’s boots or will we do what is right and support each other?

I for one will not bow to their pressures because I know where that road leads. Maybe today you will still have traffic but tomorrow they will want something else from you. Bowing to tyranny never works in the long run. IMPORTANT: I am NOT recommending that other bloggers publicly defy Google or write posts criticizing them – especially if your business income depends on traffic from them for now. I AM recommending that you quietly support each other and build links and especially recommend each other directly in your blogs and across social networks. Read the ongoing Dofollow debate on the link immediately above and Dan’s DoFollow Versus NoFollow post for insights including comments from me and examples of posts here and on popular dofollow sites that have strong pageranks in spite of tons of outgoing links. This indicates that if you quietly allow at least some of your readers links – maybe less than I do here – that you are not very likely to be penalized with lower pagerank. That said, PageRank is not nearly as important as traffic. G can take away ALL your pagerank and still send you just as many visitors. There are many blogs that are PR0 (usually because they inadvertently broke a rule – often by using text link ads or selling text links without no-following them) that have just as much traffic from G after their PR drop than they had before. Eventually, the new Chrome block data can be used as an excuse to remove any site from search engine indexes and claim it is “what the users wanted”. Just as Akismet censors bloggers’ comments, that data will censor our sites right out of the serps. See my post on CrowdSourcing failures for more details.


  • DoFollow plugin – We were using the Semio Logic Do Follow plugin V4.0 but they have removed the page for it from the Internet and their Twitter account has been inactive since Aug 17, 2010. We now use CommentLuv Premium which provides DoFollow as one of the eight built-in plugins. If you use the free version of CommentLuv try one of the others listed on Andy Beard’s DoFollow Plugins List.
  • KeywordLuv plugin – I claimed @KeywordLuv11110 to make the KeywordLuv plugin and this information post easy to find
  • CommentLuv plugin | How to use CommentLuv with IntenseDebate
  • How to tell if your Theme is compatible and how to use KeywordLuv compatibility mode if it isn’t.

I am currently compiling lists of Keyword Love enabled blogs, keywordluv lists and will add keyword luv tools if I find any.

Why should you link to bloggers who use KeywordLuv? Because they understand the importance of anchor text and are highly likely to add high quality links to your sites!


  • Do follow blogs tagged as having KeywordLuv installed
  • BlogAbout Everything KeywordLuv list (Updated Feb 12, 2010)
  • AdvancedSEO KeywordLuv Search Engine

Please leave links to any additional Keyword Luv lists or tools you know of in the comments of this post. Thank you.


Use these lists to find KeywordLuv enabled blogs in your niche. I highly recommend going beyond exchanging comments to linking to and writing about each other’s sites.

Anchor text is so very important that if you appear in the list below I will edit yours on request. Just leave a comment in this post.


SEO for Accountants (NetAccountant) offers Web Design, PPC, SEO, Social Media and Blogging services specifically for accounting sites. UK & US experience.


AffiliateXFiles (Twitter) Affiliate Marketing Advice Murray Newlands (Twitter) Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing


Kikolani (Twitter) The Art of Blogging for Blogging Tips and Social Media Marketing
WassupBlog (AussieSire) Blogging Tips and Making Money Blogging
Andrew Rondeau (Twitter) How to Build a Blog Download your free blogging guide
Nice Blogger (BituMihau) Blogging Best Practices
Another Blogger (AnotherBlogger) Blogging Tips including How to Import Blogger Blogs to WordPress


Just Ask Kim (AskKim) Business Coach and Facebook Expert
Donna Fontonet (DonnaFontenot) Business Coaching
Janet Callaway (JanetCallaway) MLM Networking Coach


GrowMap – this site
JR’s Internet Marketing Strategies (IMStrategies)
Don Power
‘s Local Business Internet Marketing and Local Social Media Marketing
Dennis Edell Direct Sales Marketing I Do Web Marketing
ExtremeEzine Internet Marketing Blog (Brian D. Hawkins aka Extreme Ezine)
Extreme John (Twitter) Business Reviews and Blogging Tips
Internet Marketing for Mommies (momtohanna464652) Making Money with Squidoo Lens – Get a Squidoo Lens Review
AriWriter Online Media Strategies (Ari Herzog) Why Ari Supports Dofollow, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv
Gold Paved Road SEO Tips, Backlink Techniques, Keyword Optimization and working to make money online
Josh Rimer YouTube Marketing Blog (JoshRimer424215)
Steve Scott Create the Internet Lifestyle Blog (SteveScott1)
Jym Tarrant MLM Lead Generation (@JymTarrant525255)
Attraction Marketing (@MavisNong) – sorry Mavis; I didn’t realize you were missing here until I compared my list to the new CommentLuv Blog list Ana Hoffman created for @WebTrafficCafe
Profit on Knowledge Internet Marketing Blog (@ProfitKnowledge)
Marketing Matters Marketing Content, Editing and Proofreading (@MarianneWorley)


Computer Financing Today – I thought some of my readers might be interested to know that Creative_Ace11119‘s dofollow blog offers 5.99% computer financing with no credit checks. CJ is working on getting KeywordLuv working as I type this.


EarthNEnergy Alternative Energy blog Fat Loss 4 Idiots Weight Loss Advice blog Day Trading Robots Day Trading Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies: Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates and Auto Insurance by State


Blog about Do Follow Blogs


Australia Based Mackay Fishing Charters


Creative Ace (Creative_Ace11119) Freelance Writing and Online Technical Writing
Donna Anderson (SheWritesALot) Freelance Writer Specializing in SEO Copywriting


Stephanie Suesan Smith (lambdakennels1) Master Gardener sharing gardening tips
Where to Buy Bonsai (No Twitter?)


NoBogies Golf Blog and Golf Store with comprehensive posts on the Rules of Golf
Putting Mat Improving Your Golf Putting Confirmed Do Follow CommentLuv KeywordLuv


Good Millwork Crown Moldings, Baseboards and Chair Rail and Exterior Shutters, Wood Siding and other Millwork. They have access to rare woods including cypress and genuine mahogany and manufacture mahogany moldings, door and window trim and offer free downloadable CAD Drawings.
Tampa Florida Real Estate Blog (DannyinTampa)
Gulf Coast Beach Team Alabama Gulf Coast Real Estate (GulfShoresLife)
Las Vegas Real Estate
Tulsa Real Estate Blog for Tulsa Oklahoma Homes for Sale New Homes Section New Home Builder Ads
Team Aguilar San Diego Real Estate (TeamAguilar)
San Diego Real Estate
Blog (LaJollaHomesPro151516) Use their San Diego MLS to search for San Diego Homes
Commercial Real Estate Underground (CREUnderground)


Remergence Rembeatz Electronica Duo (JJ_Remergence37370) and (Rembeatz) Blazing Minds Music Blog (BlazingMinds6464)


Matt McGuire Sacramento Photography
Stephanie Suesan Smith (icphotos1) Photography Blog


ExecGiftsBlog Associated with Executive Gift Shoppe’s Personalized Gifts Store and featuring a Wedding Store
NoLimit Consumer Reviews and Ratings
Baby Shower Moments Baby Shower Blog
Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles
Dry Erase Calendar Boards blog


Software Critics Software Reviews (MathDelane)


CaribbeanPrincessCruise Cruise Line Specials


Social Media Virtual Assistant (Twitter @mmangen) Offering Social Media Marketing Services


Activo Web Development Blog team of Web Designers dedicated to KeywordLuv
Wayne John Global Web Development (WayneJohn)


Dr. Kal‘s Weight Loss Tips Blog


Stephanie Suesan Smith (@icwoodworking) WoodWorking Blog


Known dofollow KeywordLuv enabled blogs in all other niches (more sections to be added as needed):
Best Wine Club
The Blog About Everything and their KeywordLuv list (Updated Aug 28, 2011)

Know of a Do Follow KeywordLuv blog missing from the above list? Let me know in the comments. If it is yours please also include your best anchor text phrases and landing pages and fill in the Twitter field too.

Posts like this take an extremely long time to compile and create. There are many more KeywordLuv enabled blogs to be added from Kikolani’s Do follow blogs tagged as having KeywordLuv installed and to be found by searching.

We collectively need to decide on the best solution for compiling KeywordLuv blogs by niche. Please volunteer or leave suggestions in the comments. Thank you.

I am asking my readers to contribute to this project by adding your favorite KeywordLuv enabled blogs in the comments of this post. Please provide desired anchor text and landing pages. As time allows I WILL move them into the body of this post to provide you with stronger editorial links. Also do please report any blogs appearing on this list that are no longer dofollow or do not have CommentLuv and KeywordLuv installed by leaving the information in the comments of this post or using the contact form on this blog.

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    • The KeywordLuv plugin hasn’t been maintained in years, but it is available in CommentLuv Premium. The reason I turned it off is because Google is penalizing people who link to their own sites too much with anchor text. I really liked having it because it let me know instantly what my readers were interested in.
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