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OVERVIEW of JustRetweet:

JustRetweet is a Twitter related site that rewards users for following each other on Twitter through the site and for sharing posts fed into it via RSS or for retweeting manually entered tweets.

PLEASE READ THIS because it is important
to understand how the site works:

The basic premise is that bloggers and businesses can either
buy credits
to promote their sites OR they can EARN credits
by following and retweeting content they find valuable.

JustRetweet is the brainchild of Valentine Belonwu @JustRetweetcom. He had the site built and contacted me to review it and I felt it could be very useful to bloggers and small businesses so when he asked me if I would partner with him and promote the site I agreed.

One key to that potential is that Valentine agrees with me on how to promote the site and we have already invited in all of the bloggers on my PeerIndex Influencers list so you KNOW there will be some major social media influencers on board to send you traffic.

What will make JustRetweet stand out from some other similar sites is
bloggers like you who are willing to benefit others as well as yourselves
are on board and already know how to use social networks effectively.

Valentine is willing to add features to benefit social media
savvy bloggers and small businesses.


  1. Go to and log in using Twitter. That will give you 100 credits.
  2. Click on settings, go to the General Tab and fill out the basic information there. That will give you 25 more credits.
  3. Click on the Twitter Tab and verify that credit is set to 2 and active status is on.
  4. Skip the Retweet and Website Tab for now and click on the Blog tab. This allows JustRetweet to automatically share your blog posts as you publish them.
  5. Enter your RSS feed URL and verify it works.
  6. Please use 2 in the credits field. You’ll understand why shortly.
  7. Put a number between 20 and 40 in the total credits field.
  8. I set my minimum number of followers to 0 for now because this is a brand new launch. We can increase that as the site grows.
  9. Under feed type I use Title so that the title of my blog posts is what appears when my new posts are displayed on JustRetweet, but you can use Description if you prefer.
  10. Click on Websites Tab. I put my blog information in that section, too, but if you have another site or a primary URL different than your blog URL you want in there use that information instead.
  11. Click on the Retweet Tab. The settings here are the same as on the feed tab.
  12. Use the Retweet Tab to add tweets or to share links that you most want RTed.

The key to this working is that each of us should manually share only share our top content – either pillar posts or pages (the ones you would build links to for search engine traffic) or new posts that are important to us – NOT EVERY POST WE EVER WRITE!

Remember that everyone is really busy and will assist WHEN THEY CAN – sometimes they will be too busy – but by using this system we can all support each other when we have time more easily by being able to quickly see which links are most important to each other.

You may still wish to contact your key collaborators directly if you see that they have not shared. Just as you would not do that for every post because you don’t want to wear out your welcome, we don’t want to overuse this system – but used wisely this is a highly scalable way to drive traffic and support other bloggers.

If you know of any DoFollow CommentLuv bloggers I have missed or of bloggers you feel are like us and should be invited, please let me know.

So many influencers are already featured that I’ve asked
to add more featured spots on the main page!

You can leave a comment here or contact me on Skype (I’m the only GrowMap there – chat only as my microphone isn’t working) or on Yahoo IM (see contact tab) or by sending a regular tweet to @GrowMap. (If you DM let me know via regular tweet.)

Why not add some Retweets for your best content NOW?
And add your RSS feed so your posts will automatically be shared.

Do NOT request Retweets of sales pages, get rich quick schemes,
unethical plugins or tools like these trackback spammers like those
commonly seen on Warrior Forum. They will be deleted.

Repeated infractions will result in account deletion.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Well!!! I\’m a newbie in Twitter, I mostly used Facebook and Whtsapp …. Using Twitter is some complicated … I\’m not saying it is very difficult but not as user friendly as Facebook or whtsapp … This post help me a lot in tweeting and re tweeting … Thanx a lot.

  2. Very great sharing on retweet, I am a beginner of twitter, thankful to you……

  3. Definitely Retweets works like just charm especially if it is done on a more clever way.
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  4. Among all RT exchange sites, JustRetweet is the MOST functional.
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  5. Nice review and I believe that this will really help businesses boost their traffic and web presence.
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  6. Looks like the way to go. I’ll try anything to draw traffic to my website. I was ranking on the front page of Google until I got slapped. Now I’m, like, on the 30th page of nowheresville.
    Hope it helps!

  7. Thanks to give a great advice about is one of the best way to increase a online business.
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  8. Very great sharing on retweet, I am a beginner of twitter, thankful to you……

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us. I retweet a lot of industry-related news on my personal profile so this would be great for me!

  10. Thanks for the heads up Gail. I am going to sign up as I really need to be more active when it comes to social media.

    Quick question though, I know you said we only want to promote our top posts, so we don’t wear people out by asking them to tweet each and every post we publish. but if we are putting our feed there, doesn’t that automatically post every post we publish?…

    I am kind of confused here. How does letting people knwo about your top posts works? Do you manually ask people to tweet this or that post and ignore the feed?…

    Thanks in advance.
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  11. Very interesting service – it will be nice to see how it progresses. It would be helpful too to have a listing of categories so you can look for and retweet content that fits within your niche.
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  12. Certainly it will help to boost traffic . I am going to register on this.
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  13. I tried this just today and I really think this can help boost a site’s traffic and profit as well. :)
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  14. Oh I have no idea about Retweet before that, just listen to some of my friends, but yeah it’s amazing to gain more traffic without software.

  15. Looks like a really useful Twitter tool, I’m going to head over there now to try it out.

    Thanks for the clear instructions.

  16. hen party birmingham says:

    they changed the homepage around and i don’t know how to check my re tweets anymore, did they get rid of this feature entirely?

    • Hi,

      No, you can see your retweets in SETTINGS on the retweet tab. When you run out of allotted credits the retweet disappears from the site so save a copy of each one you enter that you may want to use again in case you don’t allow enough credits to keep it active between visits.
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  17. Pretty sure I noticed you participating in this on Twitter on Friday. I’m gonna have to look into it…

    • Hi Annie,

      Good memory. Yes, I was alpha testing this site last week to get any bugs or errors I could find resolved before the launch. If you run into any challenges or anything you find confusing let me know and I’ll see about getting it improved.

      Valentine is very open to suggestions and the programmer he hired to build the site has been very willing to resolve any technical issues I have found. I’ll be writing about them in the future because finding someone who can build a site who is professional, knows what they’re doing, and has a good attitude about the inevitable technical glitches any new site will have is like finding an unpopped kernel of corn on a golf course.
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  18. Thats nice! I have been searching for a social exchange website but havn’t yet found any useful one! I think this site is going to grow very quickly and i would suggest valentine to add other social media exchange systems to help bloggers grow even more!

    • Hi Ahmad,

      What will make this site different is the input we have from dozens of experienced bloggers who are using the site already. We can collectively decide what kind of tweets to allow and what to prohibit and make suggestions to improve the site and add features as we go.

      How to use photoshop…arghhh…that is the one program that never made any sense to me – until I tried other graphics programs. I am severely graphics challenged, but one of these days I will get someone to explain layers and other fancy stuff or at least teach me how to put arrows and circles on existing images.
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  19. valentine belonwu says:

    Thank you for taken your time to share more details about JustRetweet. I know a lot of bloggers have been facing so many challenges when it comes to traffic. Getting their messages out on the internet has never been easy, but since the idea of creating something that will help all the bloggers to grow and network to others came to me, I decided to do it and that is why I made JustRetweet free to use.

    The best part of using JustRetweet is very simple, “bloggers can retweet other useful messages listed there or you can visit the poster’s site and comment and in return, you will get the same favour – that is what we called Networking with everybody because bloggers are always helping each other to succeed.

    Thanks to GrowMap for working with me.

    Valentine Belonwu

  20. This sounds really interesting! I was in a Google group that was sort of similar – helping each other with retweets. This will be even more people helping each other out – that’s definitely awesome! 😀
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  21. Hi,

    Nice post with lots of important information which will be really very useful for a blogger. From my point of view every blogger should add more and more blogger in their social networking with the help of twitter.
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  22. I think anything that can make your blog more visible,and therefore get traffic and hopefully more money,is a good thing.I will definately try it.
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  23. Seems very interesting tool and I’m going to use it, If it’s really help to increase traffic that would be greate for me. :)
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  24. Ah. So this is why they gain more twitter followers. NO need for software’s.

  25. With a retweet you will get a lot of traffic?Yes i do believe in that because the system detects the article or link that you are retweeting. Its a good idea.

    • How much traffic you will get depends on how well your tweet fits the audience that sees it and how big that audience is. When I tweet or retweet using that tool indicates that 100-130 clicks is typical for what I share – which means 100-130 visitors for whoever’s link that is.

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