Image Advertising Income: Future of Publishing Interviews Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards – Part 1

This episode is so big that the Future of Publishing team split it into three parts, and the second part will be aired next week. In this part, VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and Influence People CEO Murray Newlands interview image advertising experts Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards about the best types of images to monetize and how to monetize them. What they say might surprise you:


  • Monetized images need to be focused, just like other ads…
  • But they can work in almost any niche…
  • Interactive images work the best.

Image Advertising Benefits for Bloggers and Small Business

  • Whenever publishers are mentioned that includes bloggers and any site that publishes content. Publishers can earn money from the images they place in their content or elsewhere on their site.
  • Small Business can promote their products and services by offering monetized images to publishers.

Rey Flemings @ReyFlemings is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stipple. For more information about Stipple, see: 

QUESTION for Stipple and Luminate:
Will you be supporting small business, too,
and is your offering affordable for them?

Chas Edwards @ChasNote is Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Publisher Development at Luminate Inc. More information on Luminate:

Murray Newlands @MurrayNewlands is the Founder of InfluencePeople, The Affiliate Marketing Awards, The Media Awards, Audience Mindshare, and producer of Future of Publishing and Future of Engagement.

Oliver Roup is Founder and CEO of VigLink, an automated way to monetize content.

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