Image Advertising Income: Future of Publishing Interviews Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards – Part 1

This episode is so big that the Future of Publishing team split it into three parts, and the second part will be aired next week. In this part, VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and Influence People CEO Murray Newlands interview image advertising experts Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards about the best types of images to monetize and how to monetize them. What they say might surprise you:


  • Monetized images need to be focused, just like other ads…
  • But they can work in almost any niche…
  • Interactive images work the best.

Image Advertising Benefits for Bloggers and Small Business

  • Whenever publishers are mentioned that includes bloggers and any site that publishes content. Publishers can earn money from the images they place in their content or elsewhere on their site.
  • Small Business can promote their products and services by offering monetized images to publishers.

Rey Flemings @ReyFlemings is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stipple. For more information about Stipple, see: 

  • Crunchbase: Description of Stipple Image Advertising – benefits to publishers and merchants
  • Techcrunch: Stipple Opens The Kimono To Reveal A Product Tagging Platform With Massive Potential
  • Stipple: How Stipple Works and what it can do for you: Turning images into a profit center

QUESTION for Stipple and Luminate:
Will you be supporting small business, too,
and is your offering affordable for them?

Chas Edwards @ChasNote is Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Publisher Development at Luminate Inc. More information on Luminate:

Murray Newlands @MurrayNewlands is the Founder of InfluencePeople, The Affiliate Marketing Awards, The Media Awards, Audience Mindshare, and producer of Future of Publishing and Future of Engagement.

Oliver Roup is Founder and CEO of VigLink, an automated way to monetize content.

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  1. Seriously, this is pretty awesome. I actually haven’t tried out image advertising before but I presume it wouldn’t be bad to give it a shot after following your post. Cheers!
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  2. Awesome and interesting video insights. Good news for the advertiser that now advertise are going up..

  3. Excellent Interview and good insight of Image Advertisement.
    and Images no doubt speaks louder then voice :)

    SEO Tip : Use of images with tags on your blog also helps you to get good traffic and improve search engine rankings

  4. Where is possible to examples of these “interactive images”? As I understood it is not just simple photographies.
    Vi would love you to read ..What is online surveysMy Profile

  5. Brian Johnson says:

    I never knew or tried image advertising myself but I think I am going to give it a shot. This is new and good info. I place your video on my blog. Thanks for the info.

    Brian Johnson would love you to read ..Learn to Monetize Images from Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards (part 2) – Future of PublishingMy Profile

  6. Jenny Brown says:

    I never tried image advertising. But I think I should try this and see if this can really generate good income just like the other revenue model I’m using on my site.
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  7. Can we really monetize images we use on our blog? I can’t believe but you show me it’s real. What should I do now? I think many of you knew.
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  8. In the last few months I started testing a service called Luminate which puts a banner on your normal site images and you earn CPC and eCPM from those banners. It has become a small side passive income and I think it has great potential for those who are looking for passive income and just wanting to monetize their blog traffic without selling something.
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  9. Interesting insights on the video. Good to see that advertising is picking up again.
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  10. It is important to use all marketing technique for business. Image advertising is one type of online marketing technique which includes attractive information about business and increase customers or users. Image shows business details with picture and interesting topic so users easily impressed by that image. Image advertising is really good concept of marketing.
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  11. I heared alot about how to monetize image this week and found it a very useful idea to apply on my business.Thanks
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  12. waterpearls says:

    Image advertising become popular these days and its a good way to generate income.Thanks for sharing the interview of Rey Flemings and Chas Edwards on Image monetization.
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  13. Rey Flemings is spot on – innovative ideas and hopefully this will help optimize ads – too many people are getting banner blindness and it needs some rejuvenation

  14. fantastic idea must say interactive image always catch the attraction of other user and people nice video looking forward to see such informative post again
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  15. From my own experience, I can say that interactive images work best. Nevertheless, I’ve learn many new things just by watching this video and I’ll pay more attention to image monetizing in the future.
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  16. well earning more and more money is what every one do
    nice article
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  17. I am totally agreed with you on this point which you mentioned like that in your post “”Image Advertising Benefits for Bloggers and Small Business”” i am sure this option will play an important part for those who wants to result in their favor.

  18. Too much information, thank you for this information and i am looking forward for the second part of this interview.

  19. James Martin says:

    Hey this is something worth trying for, this is a win-win situation for both publishers and website owners. Both parties can earn more exposure and profit form this as well. I’ll surely anticipate the other parts of this post. Good news!

  20. Man, Ray and Chas really know their stuff, don’t they. I am planning on doing more with image advertising after my site gets and overhaul.

  21. This idea seems to be fascinating, I will waiting for the next Episode. Thanks for sharing.
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  22. New methods of bringing aditional site revenue is great.
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  23. Wow, never even gave image monetizing a thought. Now I will have to re-think of new way of doing things

  24. Really great review and great video you share with us. . thank you so much for sharing this post.
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  25. Image ads called as impression ads is the best way to get a traffic to both advertisers and publishers.. Making impression is the best way to get the traffic..
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  26. I haven’t even considered monetizing images before I saw this. You just blew my mind!

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