How to Create Videos: Cool New Windows Solution for Making YouTube Videos and Slideshows: EZVid

This is a guest post from Saif Ullah whose team created the new Windows Video Maker EZVid. I asked Saif to share with my readers what it can do for us.

Making Videos for YouTube…

…on a Windows machine can be a pain.

Using Windows Movie Maker is an option, but to get this to work on Windows 7 or Vista involves downloading the entire “Live” package, which contains a ton of bloatware, and Microsoft still has not enabled proper direct HD YouTube upload in Movie Maker. Worst of all: 

Windows Movie Maker crashes constantly.

Free Video Making Software Solutions

In terms of free solutions, there is web-based video creation software like Animoto, but the real problem is this:

Animoto is not free if you want to make more than a 30 second video.

In fact, if you want to make more than a 30 second video, you have to sign up for a SUBSCRIPTION with a credit card – a total ripoff – I mean, I pay a subscription for Internet access or for a phone bill, but to make slideshows? Huh?  This is the kind of thing that only makes sense to idiot venture capitalists 😉

So. You can also use the YouTube video editor – which is built into your YouTube account. Try it – but you’ll quickly find the fatal flaw –

In YouTube Video Editor you cannot add pictures –
only video – and the video has to be already
uploaded to your YouTube account. Crazy!

So we recently created EZVID, which is a super cool video creation solution for Windows. It’s an extremely elegant and dare-i-say beautiful piece of software, which provides only the necessary elements to make a great video.

Ezvid is a free video maker for YouTube
which allows you to make videos easily.

Better Video Editing Software

How EXVid exceeds the capabilities of other free video makers:

  • FORMATS: imports tons of different video – many more than Movie Maker – AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV and others…..
  • STILL PHOTOS: import still pictures in all kinds of formats – PNG, TIF, BMG, JPG – you name it.
  • IMPORT PROCESS: very well designed, providing a percentage readout so you know how long you have to wait for the video to be imported.
  • TIMELINE functionality is extremely simple… and the thumbnails are pictorial, so you can easily see what videos and images you are assembling and editing.
  • TEXT SLIDE FUNCTION: Comes with some cool fonts, and allows you to put in text before and after other bits of media so you can narrate what you’re sharing with your viewers.
  • COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC: EZVid includes a bunch of free music from 009 Sound System and Aalborg Soundtracks

EZVid music is totally legal for YouTube – Avoid copyright infringement claims
This is really important to ensure your YouTube account
does not get disabled or deleted!

EZVid also makes uploading your video to YouTube a snap. Check out the video (above) at about 2:40 and you’ll see you do it all from within EZVid:

  1. Just fill in your title, description and keywords and select a category
  2. Click upload
  3. Log into your YouTube account.
  4. Watch the progress bar as EZVid saves, renders, and uploads your video to YouTube.
  5. When complete, a link appears to watch your new video on YouTube.

Check it out now at  — also, I should mention, that it’s 100% totally free forever! No subscriptions, no registrations, nothing….. so you have here an excellent alternative to paid software like One True Media, Animoto, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc. etc.

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  1. I will surely try Ezvid as it looks like a great toos to create videos and windows movie maker really crashes and is outdated too.

  2. Michael says:

    This is a great new software, way better than some of the other programs, and Youtube video editor. I will share this with my video editing guys and have them start using it! Thanks for this video post.

  3. Blake Cullen says:

    i’m a pretty fan of Ezvid now as indeed it saves me more time to create videos and i love how it can upload to YouTube so easily. It is indeed a pretty decent solution for YouTube videos and overall, I would highly recommend Ezvid to you all users who are into creating video/slideshow for YouTube. I’ve experienced enough with Ezvid making me switch from my old movie maker to this one right now. Great job, Ezvid developers for creating this slick tool.

  4. But they don’t support AVCHD/mts format which is most popular in latest HD cameras.
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  5. you focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections.your content really well written and you will be able to make the right choice for your self and you can take help from this site.
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  6. Yeah, it seems that it’s gonna be the tool to use for simple slideshow tasks and stuff like that. As a matter of fact, an average Joe like me hardly ever needs anything else. I mean those tools will definitely do the trick :)
    Kenneth would love you to read ..WordPress ebook about Must Have WordPress PluginsMy Profile

  7. Videos are vital to marketing. Every blog should have them.

    This tool sounds like what I have been looking for. Gotta check it out!

  8. Seems to be an excellent tool. Thanks for sharing the details.
    Swamykant would love you to read ..Angry Birds Space Free DownloadMy Profile

  9. This seems to be a good option to make my videos on tech products. Since I am new to blogging I have lot of things to learn.

    Thanks for the great share.
    sajith would love you to read ..41 MP Camera Phone From NokiaMy Profile

  10. Rick Castro says:

    Great tools! I’ve been creating videos for my link building efforts too! Nice tools, will try to utilize it.

    • Yup you are right, you can create videos using this tool and then upload them into youtube and place a link of your website in the description of youtube. After few days your videos will get indexed and it will get a Page rank as well which will pass link juice to your website. :)


  11. I’ve been trying to utilize Youtube in my SEO efforts and this tool makes it very easy to make and post videos on Youtube. I will definitely try this out. Thanks for the info

  12. This is a very cool post for those people which want to make videos for you-tube but find it very difficult doing and the most important part is that its free. Thanks for sharing

  13. Hi Saif, This tool looks good, I will try that. Till now I am using Camtasia for my recordings which also does most of the things. I will check and see if the tool provide any advantage for me…
    Sanjeev would love you to read ..Help! My Blogging Muses Have EscapedMy Profile

    • Hi Sanjeev, Sure you can try this tool as well and i can bet that this tool has more features then Camtasia and it is free of cost and easy to use as well. :)

  14. I have been looking for an answer to this problem for a few days, so thank you for the information. I am looking to start making some informative youtube videos for my website, and this looks like it should do the job perfectly.

  15. Arjun Rai says:

    Cool stuff, thanks for sharing this. that is really amazing information for youtube account holders, it looks really very easy to create a video with this. amazing video.
    Arjun Rai would love you to read ..QC Engineer Recruitment AgenciesMy Profile

  16. well i have just worked on movie maker and i edit a lots of videos and give them styles and glamorous look well its my passion basically….i must try your suggestion thanks for sharing

  17. Thanks for these recommendations. I’ve been using iWisoft Free Video Converter. It has an interface similar to the Aiseesoft solutions and works pretty good for most purposes.

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  18. Is there a possibility to make capures from my desktop. To show my cutomers in a videotutorial how to use my website/shop?
    Michael would love you to read ..Fujitsu: “Keine Produktion in Billiglohn-Ländern”My Profile

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes you can capture the snapshot of your desktop and then you can make the video using slideshow maker or Ezvid and then it will turn it into video and then you can make video tutorial. :)



  19. Saif Ullah, I just tried using the EZVid, but I got struck at some point, I will appreciate if you help me getting out of it.

    Is there any option available with which we can re-set the sound in the video? I added a few seconds of my voice, but now, I wish to remove my voice from it and either add some music into it or else add somebody’s voice in it, so in this way I need your assistance in this.
    Zain Munawari would love you to read ..8 Reasons Your Blog Should Always Be ActiveMy Profile

    • Hi Zain,

      Sorry for late reply, Yes you can place your voice in it and you can delete it as well. I can not explain the complete process here how ever i would suggest you that you should go and watch some videos for tutorial of it or other wise read out the posts and you will get the point. :)


  20. Hi Saif Ullah!!! That’s an absolute great help for me. I was literally searching for this type of tool. I have Windows 7 machine but does not have movie making tool. I searched for Windows Movie Maker, but couldn’t find it anywhere, might be my search was not up to the mark. Anyways, I have got this tool, so looking forward to make the most from it. Thanks for sharing this buddy.. :-)
    Zain Munawari would love you to read ..8 Reasons Your Blog Should Always Be ActiveMy Profile

  21. Thank you for sharing such a good post .I hope it will help me alot
    I will keep an eye on your next post thanx
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  22. If window movie maker create problem ,Ezvid is the best alternative.
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  23. Great sharing Saif Ullah…!
    Looks like a nice tool. I will definitely check it. Thanks for this useful video guide.
    saha would love you to read ..iPad3 tips and tricksMy Profile

  24. Main Uddin says:

    Youtube has become hot bed for video after it has gone to Google.It is noticed that most of internet users use youtube for entertainment with any songs,interview,projects etc.on the other hand making video is simple thing but getting traffic/visitors is hard to making good quality video with informative data can give the chance to earn from youtube.
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  25. Although I have never had a problem with windows movie maker freezing I will certainly check alternatives especially ones like this that are free. The copyright free music feature sounds interesting too depending on the selection.
    Ray would love you to read ..Preparing the will last requestsMy Profile

    • Actually ray,

      Windows movie maker is also good as it comes built in in windows, We have given some more features in Ezvid and you can add more affects and styles. I hope you will like it.



  26. One thing I’ve started doing lately is creating screencast videos to answer common questions on HireFlo. The screencast does a much better job of answering the question than an email, plus I can host the screencast on youtube and it becomes yet another channel that new users can find me through. There are a lot of searches happening on youtube. You can see samples of what we’re doing here:

    • Hi Rudy,

      yes you are right. Most of the people likes to watch videos to get better view of questions. It is also a good method that you post videos about common questions.



  27. No doubt .there is really a cool topics for making an amazing video..the steps you performing here in your article is looking so easy.but after using if i got some problem i ll let you know…..anyways nice post……..
    Smith would love you to read ..The Bourne LegacyMy Profile

    • Hi Smith,

      Sure, you can use this software and if there is any problem then post a comment here. I will be here to answer your question but if you like it then do write some reviews here. 😉



  28. I have always been using Windows Movie Maker which never allowed me to work on so much different formats, Thanks Saif and Ileane to share EZVID.
    Sonia would love you to read ..Sony Xperia Sola Unveiled and Comes With Android 2.3 Gingerbread.My Profile

    • Hi Sonia,

      You are always welcome. yes you are right that windows movie maker limits thee users in making good video. It has not much features and formats as Ezvid have.



  29. This is a very nifty video editing tool. A lot of people are still anxious about using video marketing not knowing for certain that it is a potent marketing tool specially considering the fact that most people prefer watching videos over reading.

    • Hi Rye,

      yes you are right. Video marketing is now becoming a part of SEO. You can make videos to do video marketing and video uploading on youtube.
      Most of the people does not have much time that they read out a long length article so that is why they prefer watching videos over reading.



  30. Thank you saif to share this nice tools with us.i will definately use this.make a 20 sec video with HD is really good.

    • Hi John,

      Your welcome buddy, I would like to tell you that there is no limit in video making with this software. You can make the videos as many as you want and also no limit on length. :)



  31. I think free video editor like Camtasia Studio is good option to consider it supports almost all the functions mentioned above.

  32. Literally anything that gets me away from Windows Movie Maker will be an upgrade. I have a macbook with good editing capability, but I hate working on my small laptop screen. So until now it has been Movie Maker, which is just no good, or editing on a small screen. Thank you for finally offering up a better solution. I will download ezvid and give it a go.
    Zac would love you to read ..Top 5 Best Values Gilbert Waterfront HomesMy Profile

    • Hi Zac,

      yes man every one is frustrated with windows movie maker. 😀

      I hope you will give this software a try and will upload videos on youtube.



  33. Hi Saif, this looks like a pretty cool tool that I will use asap. One question – does it include any type of transitions? The transitions in Animoto are one of my favorite features, I just wish I had more control over them. Thanks for sharing this tool and I look forward to checking it out.
    Ileane would love you to read ..How to Build Facebook Page Timeline Apps with LujureMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane,

      Yes it is a pretty cool tool without any doubt. Actually it is Animoto Alternative. All the features which are in Animoto are present in it. I do not know why Animoto is charging $299 for just a simple video making software ??

      In this Regard, Ezvid is totally free of cost and it includes all types of transitions. I hope you will find it useful.



  34. Andrea Hypno

    Strange as it might seem this is really a tool I needed. Especially the photos and text slide functions. Thanks a lot. And now I’ll go downloading it. :)
    Andrea Hypno would love you to read ..Overcoming Fear of ClownsMy Profile

    • Hi Andrea Hypno,

      yes you can make videos with the help of Ezvid using photos and text slide functions. :)

      I hope you will like this software and will pray for us. 😉



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