How NOT To Monetize Your Blog!

I understand that people want to make money blogging – I really do – but some ways of monetizing are just VERY bad ideas.

Every day I see a beautiful blog post that I would love to link to or share –  but I am stopped cold because the blog features one of the methods mentioned below.


Giant AdSense Flashing You Win

Example of the WORST PLACE to put ADSENSE ads.

I know that many bloggers are following the advice of others [bad advice IMHO] or do not know any better so I want to warn you: 

How these specific, most annoying monetization methods
affect whether your posts are linked to or shared.

  1. Flashing, talking YOU HAVE WON banner ads are the worst. I was surprised to find that the one that blasted me today appeared to be a Google Ad – but wasn’t.  These just scream amateur, scam or desperate – or all three!
  2. Ads that open pop-ups.
  3. Giant AdSense blocks positioned between the blog post title and the post text. Yes, I know there are many who recommend positioning AdSense in that manner to maximize your income, but I am going to disagree with them for multiple reasons:
      • They make your blog look like a MFA (Made for AdSense site) only created to make money and not a real blog. Very bad for first impressions!
      • If I will not link to or share your posts I bet there are other bloggers who feel the same way. You can not measure the loss of traffic (and therefore income) because other bloggers avoid sharing or linking to your posts.
      • Why would you want to send visitors away BEFORE they read your blog posts?
      • I am not saying never use AdSense; I am suggesting that if you want others to take your blog seriously, position smaller ad blocks somewhere we might actually want to click on them such as in the flow of the post or my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. AFTER I read what I came for then – and only then – will I click on a related ad.
      • Your readers are highly unlikely to remember to scroll back up to the top to click on an ad they may have noticed before they started reading your post.
      1. Text link ads littered all over your post – and if they are totally unrelated links – especially text links to BAD NEIGHBORHOODS like these there is NO WAY most legitimate or influential bloggers will share them and they will be prohibited on JustRetweet:
      Example Bad Neighborhood Text Links in Blog Post Content

      Example Bad Neighborhood Text Links in Blog Content

      For a better way to locate AdSense on your blog posts check out how WordPress expert Justin Germino of DragonBlogger uses a smaller block of two AdSense ads between the title and post and a large block at the bottom of the post.

      I was moved to write this blog post when someone shared this unique house architecture post with beautiful photos that would be perfect to link to and share with followers of the Good Millwork architecture blog – except for those ads.

      That blogger gave credit to another source so there was still a chance I could share these ski house photos – until I saw that blog also has that giant AdSense block at the top of the post.

      At least it doesn’t have those awful flashing “you won” ads or the talking one that I missed capturing but I’m sure you’ve heard before. Maybe they’ll see the trackbacks, decide to remove those detractions and let me know.

      I would love to link to and share their
      content and photos but not those ads!

      I know I am not the only blogger who feels these are bad ways to monetize. I was chatting with Kim from Just Ask Kim tonight and asked what she thought:

      “The big AdSense block between title and content just screams desperate…There are some really great blogs that if they’d just start building an aweber list, and look a little closer at affiliate products rather than depending on Google AdSense, they’d be making cash easy.”

      Kim is blogging coach and mentor and is starting a Tribal Syndicating Blog Alliance Team that is very similar to plans I have for our Secret Blog Club blogging collaboration.

      Knowing whose advice to heed is key to becoming a more successful blogger and is especially essential when it comes to making money online.

      The best way to find out who teaches ethical methods that work is to take the shortcut – ask experienced blogging mentors who are already successful.

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