How Are Display Stands Used to Increase Business? #IRCE

This is a guest post I requested Display Wizard to write for my readers. With the Internet Retailer conference coming up in June and many events throughout the year on every continent, businesses need to know what kind of displays are available to make a strong showing as an exhibitor.

There are so many different types of display stands a small business or consultant can use to increase sales – but few even know they exist. Although this particular company provides promotional stands in the UK, the same types are available worldwide.

Linked Pop-Ups for Industry Events

While you may be familiar with Exhibition Stands from Industry Events, there are so many other types of indoor and outdoor signage that can increase sales.

As a business in the 21st century, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to ensure you stand out from the competitive crowd. In such a crucial economic time for many companies, now is the time to do all you can to stay afloat, when many firms are sinking.

Money is limited but there are ways to keep your business intact and increase sales. Display stands have been a popular marketing tool for many businesses, for a number of years. The offline marketing strategy is still prevalent and it really can advertise your product or service in the most effective way possible.

How Display Stands Increase Sales

  • Introduce new products to consumers
  • Attract media attention
  • Gain new leads by enticing people inside
  • Advertise special deals

But each type of display stand can be used in its own individual way to promote your company. Each product has its own benefits which can take your firm to the next level and some are better placed in specific locations than others.

With so many types to choose from, let us explain the various marketing solutions for you to help you make an informed decision.

Pavement Signs

Outdoor displays

Pavement signs are a popular type of outdoor display

These are ideal for retail-based businesses as they are an effective high-street advertising tool.

They attract customers inside, advertise a sale to passers-by, and they can be made tamper-proof so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear.

Make sure it is double-sided for maximum effect and is made from weather-resistant materials.


Alfreso banners are great for businesses advertising special occasions and celebrations. You can customise the banner to advertise your brand at a tradeshow, sports event, school fete or exhibition.

Example of A Frame Banner

Click image to see examples of more display banners

You can use banners to celebrate the business’s 10th year anniversary, or an employee’s retirement from the company. They are also popular for birthdays, baby showers, special promotions for holidays, to promote sales and discounts, or call attention to a new product or offering.

Promotional Flags

Outdoor Display Flags

Click the image to see more promotional flags

These are a fantastic way for businesses to market themselves effectively and they are ideal for sporting events and shows.

There are so many different types of flag including teardrop, feather, fin, telescopic and square top sail, but the point is that they are eye-catching and attractive.

Because they are so lightweight they are really mobile, they are inexpensive to buy, and they are the latest trend in advertising so you will gain ground on your competitor. Make sure that the stand is strong, weather-resistant, easy to read and flexible to rotate with the wind.

Literature Stands

Indoor displays for printed materials and books

See more literature racks here

If your business has a lot of corporate brochures in the reception area, it can become very messy with loose leaflets sprawled out all over the table.

Literature stands are perfect because you can store all the material tidily and professionally.

If your business regularly attends exhibition shows specific to your industry to reach new audiences, a literature stand will be helpful to hold all your brochures you may want to give out, as well as your business cards.

iPad Stands

Table for displaying iPads

Portable Stands

These are fast becoming an essential marketing tool for all businesses. If you regularly meet business people and need to showcase work, these display stands are ideal to demonstrate the work digitally.

In such a tech-savvy world, it has now become a necessity to utilise the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Instead of telling your customers how great your product/service is; simply show them.

Promotional Displays

Buy or rent modular promotional displays

Modular Displays

Consumers love freebies and the chance to sample new products.

What better way to show them and entice consumers to purchase from your business than with a promotional display?

Modular display systems come in a huge variety of sizes and configurations. You can buy them, or even hire (rent) them and have them delivered to your venue.

They are excellent to feature sample products. Giveaways are a worthwhile investment.

Cable Display Systems

If you don’t know what a cable display system is, the chances are you have probably walked past one without realising. They are mostly used in estate agents’ windows to hang all the leaflets and brochures up.

See some popular cable display systems here.

The product is perfect for window poster display as they offer a high quality, professional finish for any business. Inform your customers and increase sales via a strategic placement. Ideal companies that can benefit include hairdressers, retail showrooms, opticians, museums and exhibition stands.


So there you have it; display stands can boost your marketing efforts. The marketing essentials can advertise your product or service in the most cost-effective way possible. Engage with your customers and employees and grow your business in 2013.

This article was provided by Display Wizard, the leading UK specialists in high quality, affordable exhibition and display stands. Visit today to boost your business’s sales and exposure.

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  1. It seems like the previous retail stores that I’ve worked with have used plenty of custom display stands around the store. Like the article mentioned it is a good way to show off the most popular products in order to get the attention of the customers. Which is a great strategy when it comes to selling.

  2. Technology incorporated into existing traditional exhibition stands seem to be an effective way to increase attendees to your stand. Let\’s face it, the hardest part is to attract anyone to your exhibition stand. But using tools such as tablets and interactive platforms are making it a popular and competitive choice at trade shows recently! Post-registration marketing also needs to be a thought out strategy to ensure you can go further with any leads.

  3. The ideas of increasing business will definitely help to drive more business and traffic. Innovative ideas, Thanks Gail!

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