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I rarely publish content on Saturdays because Saturday is the slowest Internet day of the week and I don’t have time to write the type of comprehensive content I publish every day.

It occurs to me that would be the perfect day to introduce new blogging talent, useful apps, or solutions useful to businesses and bloggers.

Full details on guest blogging on GrowMap are under Guest Posts on our contact page.

Please DO NOT just email guest posts. If you know how to use WordPress you can have author access.

Unique benefits to being published here:

  • We love links with anchor text that benefit you and our readers and make sure search engines know what you have on your site so they can send you more traffic. Unlike most sites, we do not limit relevant links in content.
  • The wonderful bloggers who collaborate with us will share your content on Twitter and other social sites so you will get far more visibility and new readers and followers.
  • I personally edit guest posts and offer suggestions, optimize them to get more traffic, and offer tips to improve your writing or blog. I do add highlights and images if you don’t provide them. I do not change the substance of your post without getting your approval before publishing.
  • By saving your guest post as a draft and letting me schedule the publication time I can get you maximum benefit from the tweets.

The optimum time for most posts is 9:30-10:00 CST
The west coast is starting work, the east coast might be getting
ready to go to lunch and checking out new posts,
and it is prime business hours everywhere in between.

(There are exceptions though – for example – if your target audience
is in the UK we might choose to publish on their time instead.)

If you have an idea for a post that you believe my readers would be interested in, contact me using one of the methods below.


Listed below are the best methods ranked from most to least effective:

  • Skype – I’m the only GrowMap there and I leave Skype open – but it often hangs so if I don’t answer or you get a triangular yellow alert icon send me a tweet or use another method.
  • Yahoo IM – (Don’t send email to that address – I almost never look at it – and if you know how I can get my Yahoo IM to find me with just GrowMap let me know in the comments and I’ll move your tip into the body of this post with your desired anchor text linking to your most important or favorite landing page.
  • Twitter – Send a regular tweet to @GrowMap. If you DM send a regular tweet to let me know to find it!
  • Google+ chat – I pop in off and on but am not always there. If you use Twitter let me know there and I’ll meet you on Google +
  • Facebook chat – I am often logged in but rarely actually there. If you use Twitter, send me a regular tweet if you want me to pop into Facebook or answer a message you’ve left me in Facebook chat.
  • If what you need is urgent you can try calling me on the phone. (See contact page.) If your number comes in on caller I.D. as restricted or unavailable the odds go down that you’ll connect with me directly, so be prepared to leave a voicemail. Afternoons CST are best but you can try any reasonable hour or even any time IF you have an urgent need.

While Saturday posts get less traffic initially, they can be promoted during prime time and if your post is really good it is quite possible it might get published during business hours instead of on Saturday (and least until demand exceeds supply).

What about you? Do you have something you’d like to share with my readers? You can share your post ideas in the comments of this post or use the contact information above.



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