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I rarely publish content on Saturdays because Saturday is the slowest Internet day of the week and I don’t have time to write the type of comprehensive content I publish every day.

It occurs to me that would be the perfect day to introduce new blogging talent, useful apps, or solutions useful to businesses and bloggers.

Full details on guest blogging on GrowMap are under Guest Posts on our contact page.

Please DO NOT just email guest posts. If you know how to use WordPress you can have author access.

Unique benefits to being published here:

  • We love links with anchor text that benefit you and our readers and make sure search engines know what you have on your site so they can send you more traffic. Unlike most sites, we do not limit relevant links in content.
  • The wonderful bloggers who collaborate with us will share your content on Twitter and other social sites so you will get far more visibility and new readers and followers.
  • I personally edit guest posts and offer suggestions, optimize them to get more traffic, and offer tips to improve your writing or blog. I do add highlights and images if you don’t provide them. I do not change the substance of your post without getting your approval before publishing.
  • By saving your guest post as a draft and letting me schedule the publication time I can get you maximum benefit from the tweets.

The optimum time for most posts is 9:30-10:00 CST
The west coast is starting work, the east coast might be getting
ready to go to lunch and checking out new posts,
and it is prime business hours everywhere in between.

(There are exceptions though – for example – if your target audience
is in the UK we might choose to publish on their time instead.)

If you have an idea for a post that you believe my readers would be interested in, contact me using one of the methods below.


Listed below are the best methods ranked from most to least effective:

  • Skype – I’m the only GrowMap there and I leave Skype open
  • Twitter – Send a regular tweet to @GrowMap. If you DM send a regular tweet to let me know to find it!
  • Google+ chat – I pop in off and on but am not always there. If you use Twitter let me know there and I’ll meet you on Google +
  • Facebook chat – I am often logged in but rarely actually there. If you use Twitter, send me a regular tweet if you want me to pop into Facebook or answer a message you’ve left me in Facebook chat.
  • If what you need is urgent you can try calling me on the phone. (See contact page.) If your number comes in on caller I.D. as restricted or unavailable the odds go down that you’ll connect with me directly, so be prepared to leave a voicemail. Afternoons CST are best but you can try any reasonable hour or even any time IF you have an urgent need.

While Saturday posts get less traffic initially, they can be promoted during prime time and if your post is really good it is quite possible it might get published during business hours instead of on Saturday (and least until demand exceeds supply).

What about you? Do you have something you’d like to share with my readers? You can share your post ideas in the comments of this post or use the contact information above.



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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Hi Gail,

    Great to read you are accepting guest posts. I will prepare something great and contact you via skype probably.

    Thanks for offering.
    Joanna would love you to read ..Search Engine Optimization BasicsMy Profile

  2. What makes growmap a great blog to get our blog post published is the concern of the owner for people (guest blogger, reader and commenter who are aiming to increase their traffic).
    Noel Addison would love you to read ..Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosMy Profile

  3. This is such good news! It means more new posts here. :) You did the right thing, not only do you get to take weekends off, you also get more consistency on your posts. Not that you guys are not consistent right now but you know what I mean. :)

  4. You have boosted me to do the guest post, great sharing…………..thankful to you for this encourage………

  5. I used to do guest posting before when I was still working with my previous employer but as I build up my own site I have been busy posting on it. Hopefully I can do this stuff as I finish my website content and growmap will be my target to be a guest poster :)

  6. By writing this post, you have encouraged the all those writers that have keen interest in guest posts.I request you to welcome newbies for their encouragement.
    Maja would love you to read ..Beauty Treatment at SalonsMy Profile

  7. Its nice to read all the reply and comments from everyone, I have been looking into guest posting, and I understand that people also give a service for this to write blogs but it has to connect with what you do, as the website suggests so am new to all this, so good to read all the comments here.

  8. thanks for allowing guest bloggers here. guest bloggers will also bring more traffic and also make your more links.

  9. This is great news. I will considering guest blogging in the future after spending some time with my blog content. Good luck to the team.
    KC would love you to read ..Math LoginMy Profile

  10. You forgot one other important benefit. Getting to meet other people in this great community.

    I launched my site a few months ago but it wasn’t till my first guest post here that things started really taking off.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. I’d like to paraphrase that and say it takes a community to grow a blog. While we all in some form could be considered competitors, for traffic, engagement, attention, etc. The market is big enough that we learn and grow more through cooperation than competition.
    Joe would love you to read ..Tell me a little about yourself!My Profile

  11. Great offer here!

    But, I bet you get flooded with offers now, though. Guest posting seems to be the new “thing” since article marketing lost some of it’s luster. While there are many great guest posters out there. I don’t think everyone “get’s it” and some try to slip by with quickly knocked out and retreaded ideas.

    Not that you would ever put those on your site. But always fun to look through the metric ton of those submissions.
    Steve would love you to read ..7 Actions that Increase Blog Traffic by 25.3% [Traffic & Conversion #1]My Profile

    • Hi Steve,

      I wouldn’t bet the house on that one. What is not obvious to most people is that even great offers don’t get nearly the response one might expect.

      Ivan Walsh jumped right in and his guest post on how to write an effective “Hire Me” services page for your blog goes live tomorrow.

      I’ve had a few other inquiries but what is most likely to happen is all the bloggers will think, “I want to do that” and a lot of them will talk themselves out of it because some of the best writers are overly critical of their own work.

      Others will think, “I want to do that” but get busy and forget or just never get around to it. Right now they could get published almost immediately here. Later I might have too many and they can still get published – but it may take a while.

      The good news is that whenever they’re ready I’m still interested.
      growmap would love you to read ..Blogging Ethics: Time to ChooseMy Profile

  12. Hi Gail,

    Would love to.

    Please read –
    Daniel would love you to read ..The Value of SEO to Small BusinessMy Profile

  13. Hi guys!
    I’m more than sure that guest blogging wil add some new life to Growmap. It’s a common trend now and I see only positives sides of it. Hope to see great guest posts here soon.

  14. I have crazed of writing guest post but presently I am learning stage.I am doing read of many blogs and some of e-books. When I will be too mature I will sure contact to you
    Azhar would love you to read ..Importance of Jewelry in Human RelationsMy Profile

  15. Stephen Jack says:

    I am about to write some posts which will guide internet marketers how they can save time, money and increase their efficiency by grabbing some skill of web development, web design. If I write something like that for your blog will you accept it?
    Stephen Jack would love you to read ..Android Tablets Leading the Race Against IpadMy Profile

  16. It is the way to welcome the guest blogger. It is common trend to write guest posts on the blogs to get introduction and links. I appreciate your struggle in this article
    Nawaz would love you to read ..Importance of Jewelry in Human RelationsMy Profile

  17. That’s so cool to know Gail. Sure I’d shoot you soon with a guest post :) I know growmap is a great place for guest bloggers coz, no doubt on the amount of exposure they’ll get :)

    Jane would love you to read ..Effective Content Marketing Via Web Content SyndicationMy Profile

  18. Thanks for allowing guest post at GROWMAP and the new posts will definitely add flavor to the blog.
    Lalit would love you to read ..Samsung Tablet PC – New Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Review and PriceMy Profile

  19. Rizwan Sultan says:

    I am a guest poster at SEOMMO tips and mostly people like my tips,Is there any place for my blog post in write for hardware, Iphone, SEO niche mostly.
    Rizwan Sultan would love you to read ..motivation blogMy Profile

  20. Hi Gail, I received a great deal of guest posting requests in the past week or two, which has lead to some really awesome content being shared on my blog. However, I did have one or two that I had to turn down because they don’t know how to use WordPress.
    I encourage anyone who plans to gain exposure for their brand or their small business to make themselves familiar with the WordPress dashboard.
    I found an awesome tutorial by MaAnna from BlogAid that gives a complete introduction to the WordPress dashboard in 10 minutes
    Many of the features she discusses are related to Admin functions, however guest bloggers can learn how to navigate through menus and update their profiles and compose their guest posts.
    Ileane would love you to read ..Build Your Social Networking Influence With a Simple Plan of ActionMy Profile

  21. That’s great news! I will guest post here as often as I can. I love your blog, it’s very informative
    Marty would love you to read ..Best Android Browsers for Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  22. Gail, I personally find your idea about posting posts simply great. I would register right away for author access and I have couple of posts, which could be interesting for the users.
    Martin would love you to read ..Ab Circle Pro Customer ReviewsMy Profile

  23. Amazing idea Gale! Guest commenting is something that should really be implemented in to all blogs

    • Hi Matt,

      More blogs will accept guest posts than most realize. Only a few NEVER publish ANY guest posts. If the blog you would love to have publish your writing doesn’t have information you can always ask. All they can say is no (or not answer – often because, like me, they didn’t see the email).

      Try searching for the domain name plus any of these phrases:

      “blog posts accepted”
      “guest posts accepted”
      “guest posts wanted”
      “guest post guidelines”
      “guest posting guidelines”

      Remember that the best blogs to guest post on are the ones most closely related to yours because their readers are more likely to be interested in what you write.

      Bloggers whose blogs are not related to GrowMap are welcome to contact me. I can often suggest topics that tie what you normally write about into Internet marketing or social media or small business which makes them of interest to my readers.
      growmap would love you to read ..DoFollow CommentLuv Lists Being UpdatedMy Profile

      • “Remember that the best blogs to guest post on are the ones most closely related to yours because their readers are more likely to be interested in what you write.”

        I haven’t tried this yet but it may be just as effective to post on blogs outside of your niche. It just takes a little imagination. This isn’t my idea, I think I heard it originally from Jon Morrow.

        I believe he used the example of a financial blog. If you run a gardening related blog you could guest post on a financial blog – “10 ways to save money by growing your own garden.”

        I haven’t tried this yet myself, just wanted to offer it as a suggestion.
        Joe would love you to read ..Twitter Workflow Frequently Asked QuestionsMy Profile

  24. Great idea, Gail. Growmap is a great place to publish guest posts. I’m still seeing the benefits of my first post here a couple of months ago – and yes, I am working on the next one. 😉
    Sharon Hurley Hall would love you to read ..4 Ways To Manage The Overwhelm as a New Freelance WriterMy Profile

    • Hi Sharon,

      Always good to know my guest bloggers are still seeing benefits. I spend a lot of time online so whenever I see an opportunity to share a post I reply to related questions and comments with the link.

      I look forward reading your next post and to working with you on our landing page and conversion optimization project. We should be kicking that off any day now.
      growmap would love you to read ..Blog Post PromotionMy Profile

  25. Ivan Walsh says:

    I’ll have one over to you next week, Gail.
    Ivan Walsh would love you to read ..E-junkie v Clickbank – Which is best for selling online goods?My Profile

    • That’s great Ivan. I set you up with author access and DMed you the info on Twitter just in case you don’t often check the email address you use for commenting.
      growmap would love you to read ..CommentLuv Your Way to Business ProsperityMy Profile

    • Hi Ivan,

      I’m seeing duplicate parts and a duplicated comment from Andy Beard in your E-Junkie Versus Clickbank post.

      You missed one of the major drawbacks to Clickbank especially for new affiliate marketers and bloggers. You have to get FIVE credit card sales to get Clickbank to send you the money you’ve earned.

      In niches like ours where most of our readers are Internet savvy and use PayPal that can cost you because if you don’t make new sales they’ll start debiting fees from your account.

      As hard as it is to make money it is discouraging to say the least to see Clickbank end up with money you earned. One way to deal with that would be to encourage buyers to use credit or debit cards on your landing pages. Another is to ask friends if there is anything on Clickbank they want that they would be willing to buy using your link.

      Some affiliates have even had to give someone else money the least expensive thing they could find through their link so they wouldn’t lose all their commissions. (Be careful talking about that because who knows whether that might break some obscure TOS condition.)
      growmap would love you to read ..Why Bloggers Should Care About Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

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