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First, I’d like to introduce myself: I am Gregory Smith, I’m a professional Search Engine Generalist, my hobbies are playing with Search Engines taking them apart, putting them back together and such. I love Optimizing Websites for people who use search engines. I consider myself one of the most passionate SEOs in the industry. I appreciate all of you taking the time to read my post thoroughly. I am going to provide some excellent information and give each of you some in depth Guest Posting Secrets, while at the same time using a fishing metaphor.

How To Benefit From Guest Posting

Establishing your marketing audience has now become “at an all time high” more difficult. In complete understanding of the recent Google Penguin and Panda updates, along with the more than complex “Social Media landscape” is causing the marketing world to literally drown in a two-feet deep swimming pool of it’s own sweat.
This causes the overall quality (value) of clients that currently interact with (you) your site or blog to raise drastically, through the roof.

how to benefit from guest postingWhat better way of interacting with clients and at the same time focusing on brand quality and “getting your name or brand to go viral” than guest posting? – Gregory Smith

When guest posting is done correctly, there are unbelievable opportunities and enough reason to do this NOW, than ever (months) before. I’ve decided to release some deep dark “guest posting” secrets to some of you other professional bloggers with the hopes of others reaping the same benefit as I have.

“When brain storming on the topic at hand, I begin by asking myself: who are some of the most successful (industry leaders) within my niche?”

You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones who’ve gotten their reputation online, as if they’re the next big star” within the world of web and technology! The ones we’ve all paid attention to and followed their recommendations, only to not get even a “small %” of the same results as they receive. The ones who have their pretty pic posted all over every blog you visit or those who flood Social Media with their tips and tricks! When quietly brain storming to myself, on the topic of what sites I should target, these type of marketers are a big % of the ones I wish to “piggy back” from :)

“When it comes to choosing the absolute best websites to guest post on, you really need to focus on those related to YOUR own niche.” – Gregory Smith

Keep in mind, going outside of your niche won’t do you much good.

Going outside your niche is like trying to sell fish food to a whale, the two just don’t make a great fit. And as much as I hate talking about Penguins and Pandas, Google has recently started penalizing bloggers who guest post in irrelevant niche’s.

Focus your attention toward your industry leaders, sites that are of very high quality and high standards. The most important thing to me when being a guest on someone else’s site is to make sure that the sites I pitch to maintains the following, in the correct order:

  • A blog that is in the same niche as my blog.
  • Search out my industry leaders.
  • Double Check and make sure their blog is of quality and meets my standards.
  • Look for a high Page Rank (PR).
  • Look for the highest possible Domain Authority (DA).
  • Look for the highest possible Page Authority (PA).
  • Take some time to scan through their blog / site to get a good understanding of them and their content.
  • Check their Social Share Buttons to make sure they get a lot of shares (make sure it’s a high traffic blog).

Let’s Go Fishin – Shall We?

Now that you have your tackle box and know what to look for, let’s pack our bags and get out there on the long, scary journey of catching these BIG fish! To catch the biggest fish possible, you need to go where they are. The (tool) rod and reel I prefer using is called Tweet Deck. Tweet Deck is just one of a million fishing rods, you can use, whatever works best for you, is what you should use.

Along with Tweet Deck, I use another neat little technology called Email, and when I use the two together I set up Tweet Deck to gain the most benefit from it. To gain optimal benefit, I add my big fish (industry leaders) to my Tweet Deck dashboard and receive notifications each time one of them Tweets.

How To Benefit From Guest Posting Through Twidder

Tweet Deck offers one of the most valuable platforms when it comes to networking. Building a relationship with industry leaders is simple when you learn to leverage your networking power through Twitter. I think it’s a true statement: all marketers love retweets! Use Tweet Deck to chat with industry leaders through the power of Tweets! The more the web continues to grow, the more that Social Media will become a more popular factor and implementation. Social Media was once a benefit, but if I’m not mistaken, Social Media has become an obligation factor in the world of bloggers – the world as we see it.

It’s always best to attract the attention of an industry leader before pitching them a guest post (recore building). Personally I hate to have to submit a guest post on a site submission form, before speaking with the site admin, not really knowing whether or not they need me or would appreciate my being a guest on their site. As a marketer, it’s natural for me to want to feel wanted. As a human, it’s also natural for you and I to always want what we don’t have. This is very true in every single aspect of our lives. As soon as you obtain something, you lose appreciation for it, and then begin to want something else.

I like contacting people via Twitter, asking them if they’d accept me as a guest. I’m not sure if those I’ve pitched feel somewhat obligated to say yes, because it’s a public request, but I’ve had pretty good luck using Twitter (Tweet Deck) as a guest posting fishing hole. Once they approve you via Twitter, they’ll normally give you their email and you should email them right away. Of course email is always the best source – or direct contact. Seeking out to the sites of your niche leaders is the best way to grab someone’s email. (Most everyone provides their email somewhere on their website.) I hope that by now you’ll know what to do once you find it.

What I’ve Done In The Past Few Days


Pitching Guest Posts is very similar to going fishing. Sometimes you’ll catch the big one, but you’ll normally fail several times prior to getting the big one reeled in. I have to admit, it’s always a lot of fun either way though. Not to mention all the added benefits networking has on your days of not reaching your set out goals.

I currently have four huge guest posts awaiting to be published, though I’ll link you to some of the ones above to show you how you too can put thy worm into the fishes’ mouth.

Assuming that everyone will say yes to your request is not a great idea. Even I’ve been disapproved for posts I’ve submitted. When this occurs, it’s always best to keep your ego out of the way and think back to the old saying; what don’t kill you – makes you stronger. Ask the site admin if it’ll be ok for you to keep trying until you provide a post that is approved.

Stay very consistent and do not give up, continue to guest post, set forth a goal and make sure you guest post on a schedule – 10 guest post in 10 days, etc. . .

Optimizing Your Guest Post To Rank In Search Engines

Other that gaining a killer quality backlink and getting my name to go Viral, How do I gain exposure from Guest Posting, such as that of Search Engines, etc….

I’m so glad you guys decided to ask me this question, I didn’t see it coming. Sure, I can answer this one = in fact I’m very familiar with this area of expertise. As an SEO, optimizing my Guest Post was one of my biggest concerns in the beginning. It’s actually very easy to optimize your Guest Post and there are many different ways to do this, though it’s absolutely best to optimize, using all opportunities you possibly can.

What Opportunities Do I Have?

  • Some of the opportunities you have as far as optimizing your Guest Post are some of the following:
  • Google Authorship Markup
  • SEO Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Personality Optimization
  • Internal Linking Architecture

As an SEO, I optimize everything, for everything. It’s certainly paid off. Without optimizing your site and maintaining a professional site architecture, it makes it 100% more difficult on anyone, no matter what you’re doing.

Guest Posting Secrets – For Maximum Exposure

When optimizing your Guest Post however, it’s always a great idea to optimize the site you post on so that you are labeled as the Author of that post. Unless you have optimized the post properly, the site Admin will be labeled as the Author. The most professional, easiest way to do this is by implementing Google Authorship Markup. I’m not going to delve very deeply into this right this moment, though I have provided a link for you that offers a great tutorial that you can follow step by step.

As per Optimizing your Guest Post professionally, all you need to do is setup the Yoast, WordPress SEO plugin and follow all the guide lines. Optimize your Guest Post the way you’d optimize your regular post. When writing these Guest Posts, it’s perfectly fine for you to forget all about the Keyword Density %. You do need to be concerned with optimizing your post using your main keyword, though the overall density isn’t important. Your Guest Post should have an awesome look and feel and be written very professionally. The more text, the better. Longer post will normally rank higher in search engines than a shorter post.

SEO Copywriting

I recently completed an Interview with SEO Copywriting legend, Karon Thackston and it is posted on the RxSEO – SEO Blog. Take a good look at it, and follow the guidelines and your Copywriting efforts should be just fine :)

What is Personality Optimization?

Personality Optimization a a form of Content Optimization and also a term I’m working to coin. When you write, whether it be an email or a Guest Post, optimize your content to make sure it oozes with YOUR personality. Personality Optimization is what attracts us to writers. Optimize yours!

Internal Linking Structure and the overall site Architecture is extremely important, when Optimizing your Guest Post and making sure you have a great Internal Linking Structure. All you need to do is tell the site Admin to be sure to link that page to her home page and any related pages. Internal Linking Structure is essentially making sure that your visitors as well as search engines can navigate throughout your site with no problem.

Make sure you add your HTML link and personal information after you write your Guest Post. To do this, first take notice of the following Screen Shot:

guest posting secrets

The image above is an image that shows you where to go to add your Author Bio. Your Author Bio will show up , below your Guest Post on whatever site you choose to post one on. Having the most professional looking Author Bio possible will work in your advantage.

[Note from GrowMap: Your author bio may or may not be visible depending on what theme and plugins that blog chooses to run.]

That should about do it, I do not think I’m missing anything. I hope you follow the advise I’m laid out for you. If you have enjoyed my post and would like to learn more about me (Gregory Smith) then please follow my SearchSimplicity blog and

I’m happy to answer any of your SEO questions in the Comments section, Below . . .

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  1. It’s interesting to see how SEO changes. Page Rank is losing its significance, and the social graph is going north. I see G+ playing a very dominant role in SEO in the future.

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  3. chicago tow says:

    Guest posting is coming in trend now a days and its gives a good ranking effects on our website. In guest posting we send a request to some other bloggers to post our content on his blog. If he accept our request, our content is posted to the guest blog. Now a days government website design companies are also using guest posting functionality in their website.

  4. What a great post. Thanks for taking the time to write such an in depth review of what guest posting is all about. I have learned a lot from this article and am sure it will help me in my efforts to market my website.

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