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PostJoint for guest blogging and content marketingIn a new twist to how guest blogging sites usually work – instead of businesses seeking bloggers to write for them – they submit quality content they would like to have published to PostJoint and bloggers bid for the right to publish that content.

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PostJoint calls the businesses posting the content advertisers. Moderators manually review all guest posts to ensure quality and uniqueness. Guest posts must be well written, non-promotional, and can not be published anywhere else.

They can be typed directly into PostJoint or copied and pasted from WordPress or other blogs or applications. If you don’t want to write the content yourself, PostJoint provides a list of resources for hiring writers.


All blogs are pre-screened for quality and must meet PostJoint’s Blog Acceptance Policies. That page spells out what kinds of blogs they will NOT accept. This ensures that advertisers and bloggers alike don’t waste their time weeding out poor quality offers.


  1. Advertisers (guest bloggers) submit their guest post(s).
  2. Guest posts approved by PostJoint are shown only to the pre-approved bloggers in the target niche based on the categories and sub-categories chosen by the blogger.
  3. Bloggers browse through guest posts specific to their niche. When they find posts they would be interested in publishing based on a sample of the actual post, they submit an offer to publish. Options include checking a box that you will tweet the post and charging an optional fee which you specify in your bid.
  4. Advertisers (guest bloggers) receive up to five offers and choose the one they prefer. Offers may or may not include a tweet to promote it and a fee for publishing.
  5. The chosen blogger can then see the full post, and easily copy and paste it into their blog for publication.

If any questions come up, you can use the
built-in messaging system to clarify.


These specifics will answer many frequently asked questions about PostJoint:

  1. PostJoint is NOT a blog network.
  2. Lists of member blogs are NEVER published and you can not skim them.
  3. No one can scan the guest posts in the system – bloggers only see excerpts of the actual submitted posts related to their own niches.

The PostJoint site is easy to navigate and intuitive so it should be easy for almost anyone to use it without any how-to instructions needed. This could be just what guest bloggers and publishing bloggers have been needing to simplify and speed up the process.

I joined as a blogger and I recommend other bloggers, guest bloggers, advertisers and businesses join the FREE beta now and try it out.

Join the free beta for PostJoint

Remember that this is a brand new system launched September 19, 2012 so give them a little time to get many guest posts submitted and bloggers on board. I expect them to grow quickly and the earlier you get on board the bigger advantage you have.

You can follow PostJoint on Twitter and like the
PostJoint Facebook page to stay updated.


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