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This is a guest post by Saleem Yaqub (@SaleemYaqub on Twitter) about Web Traffic Control that may generate quite the controversy within the blogging community because many bloggers are adamantly opposed to paid posts – often because they are afraid of being penalized by the 800 pound search engine gorilla.

A recent guest post on MyBlogGuest and the comments in it explain why some feel bloggers should not Charge for Publishing Guest Posts on their blogs – ever!

Bloggers in the blogging tips, social media and other niches may not be aware that many product review bloggers have long either accepted products to review or charged to publish posts that link to a business offering products or services.

Personally, I feel that a blogger is either ethical or not and if they are ethical they will not cease to live by their own moral compass because they receive products to review or payment for publishing posts.

Not being compensated does not make someone ethical.
Their ethical standards dictate their actions.

Web Traffic Control

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Guest blogging is more popular than ever since it offers a win-win situation for everyone involved. The person writing the guest post (business owner or advertiser) gets great exposure along with backlinks on targeted blogs, while the blog owner gets fresh content to grow their blog for free.

Search engines prefer sites that are regularly updated, so adding content on a regular basis can help to boost overall traffic and thus sales from any affiliate programs that you participate in. On top of that, accepting guest posts can save you time and money since quality content production is no easy affair.

The difficult part of setting this type of arrangement up in the first place is finding the right content partners and handling all of the admin involved. And how do you get a regular enough supply of guest posts to turn this into a growth strategy rather than the odd post here and there?

This is where Web Traffic Control comes in, making it much easier and more efficient for all parties involved. To make matters even more interesting, it presents an excellent opportunity for blog owners to earn some extra cash too.

A New Concept in Guest Blogging

Web Traffic Control is the world’s first guest blogging network to combine manual moderation with automated distribution. This means there’s no need to go out looking for content partners, because the network does that for you automatically.

Web Traffic Control Intro

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How it works:

  1. You sign up and add your blog into the network. Whilst doing so you get to choose what types of content you want to accept from a comprehensive list of categories (much like you’d find on a directory). That way you can easily keep your blog on theme.
  2. Advertisers (or the guest post writers) then come along and submit guest posts for distribution on the network. WTC’s moderators manually check each post to make sure that its original, good quality and family friendly. This point is important, since it means you won’t receive junk content and they will filter out the rubbish for you.
  3. You then log in to your control panel where you will see a list of pending posts that the system wants you to publish. Simply press accept or decline and that’s it! If you press accept, the post is automatically published onto your blog (they ask you to create a separate WordPress user just for WTC and supply the login detail during the signup process).

It looks like WTC takes quality very seriously, since there are two layers of moderation, first they check each post, and then you do.

YOU get to approve or decline each post.
But you have to do it within THREE DAYS or it auto-approves.

The network was developed by UareL, (a digital marketing agency) in response to their frustration with finding regular and reliable sources of exposure, traffic and backlinks for their clients who include a number of well known brands.

The best part of this is that you make money for each post that you accept. Yes, you earn money when someone else provides you with free content! They promise up to $750 per month in earnings, based on a rate of $15 per article and a maximum of 50 posts per month.

This is a flat rate, regardless of the size of your site. In this way, Web Traffic Control could prove to be a big money-maker for smaller blogs. If you have multiple blogs, you can multiply that $750 by the number of sites you have.

Growing the Network First

Even though there is a page for advertisers that side of Web Traffic Control isn’t quite ready just yet. They’re working on building up a network of bloggers first, ensuring that there are enough places for all these guest posts to go. They also ask for your help to grow the network by spreading the word on social networks and perhaps writing a post on your blog.

Setting up as a Blogger

The sign up and setup process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Web Traffic Control Blog Access Details

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First you give the URL to the blog you’d like to add to the network, then you create a separate WordPress user on that blog for Web Traffic Control to use. You’ll also need to make sure that your blog meets their entry requirements. After that, you choose the categories that are most relevant to your blog. The service allows for up to ten categories. This is important, because you want to make sure that the guest blog posts are related to your core content.

Web Traffic Control Choose Categories

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Entry Fee Waived for Early Adopters

Normally, Web Traffic Control says that it charges a one off $50 fee for bloggers to join the network, but the $50 fee is being waived for the first 1000 users.

The main entry requirements are that your blog needs to be good quality with a minimum Page Rank of 2. This helps to guarantee quality links for the advertisers, and it also prevents people from making dozens of new blogs just to join WTC. Note that they review each blog manually, so don’t waste your time by attempting to add brand new or low quality blogs into the network.

This is a new and innovative take on guest blogging and we think it’s going to be a huge success.


So, what do YOU think? Are you willing to see what kind of posts businesses might be willing to pay to have published and evaluate them on their own merits – or are you in the ‘money for blogging is inherently dirty’ camp? Join us for what is likely to be a very lively discussion in the comments.

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