Guest Blogging Invitation ~ Hiring Writers? Ask Me!

How do you know if you’re a scanner or sparkler?  When you find a blog sharing what you want to know and you read more than just one post! You keep coming back and doing research and learning more and more.

That is what Guest Blogging InvitationDonna Anderson has been doing (follow her on Twitter @SheWritesALot). As she picks up new wisdom, she blogs about it which brings her blog higher visibility and more incoming links for her services as a freelance writer.

Yesterday she published Guest Blogging VS Article Directories: Can I Make $5000 In One Month?  She had come across a #FollowFriday recommendation for @youngprepro about a 17yo blogger who says he makes $3000+ a month writing and blogs about How To Make Money Writing.

As sometimes happens, my comment in her post turned into a post in itself, so here are some more insights into the value of guest blogging plus an invitation to her – and other bloggers – to volunteer to write guest posts for GrowMap or other blogs. (Sometimes I do ask but there is nothing keeping you from volunteering!)

Here are some additional reasons that guest-blogging is beneficial:

  1. Some blogs such as GrowMap have developed collaborations of bloggers who support each other’s new content. Search on the title of any of my recent posts on Twitter and you’ll see how many different bloggers automatically tweet new posts published on GrowMap – and that includes guest posts. (A new way of doing this which works in much the same is Triberr – and needs to be just as targeted, i.e., your Tribe needs to be related to a specific niche.)
  2. With more bloggers to tweet about your new post (or share it elsewhere), your odds of having a post go viral – as the Content is Not King guest post on GrowMap did recently – are greatly enhanced. That post was RTed 377 times and got 3,120 page views (as of today).
  3. Guest posts can be a vehicle for the blogger to recommend you to their readers. I often ask someone to write a specific post for me related to what they do and I write both an intro about why I asked and why I recommend them plus a call to action at the end recommending specific actions such as buying their book, using their solution, or hiring them for a specific task. (You can easily see which of my guest posters I recommend and which I had publish there but don’t know well enough to recommend.)
  4. Unlike article marketing which usually strongly limits links, some bloggers – like me – are link happy. We encourage our guest bloggers to put serious thought into what anchor text and landing pages will be used in their guest post. THAT is THE most important thing any blogger should be doing! I’ll even assist bloggers in selecting their keyword phrases because I find that most choose poorly at first – either far too specific (no one will ever be searching on that!) or far too general (too competitive to get onto page one of Big-G for AND just as important, not targeted enough to actually convert!).
  5. Guest Blogging Can Change Your Life

Figuring out where the balance is when blogging is the tough part. As Donna mentioned, how much do you want to write for free (which can greatly grow your business) versus how much paid work do you want to do (and while you’re doing that how much will your blog and traffic slide)?

How much time do you want to focus on writing versus how much time should you spend commenting and promoting? Lisa Drubec (you can find her on Twitter @friendlyblogger) wrote an Alexa Slap post which could be a Case Study on what happens if you stop commenting, tweeting and using other social media.

The result of only focusing on writing blog posts? “Oh wow! the horror…
Her Alexa dropped ~4000 points and comments dropped by 60%

You will definitely want to check out her results instead of trying it yourself! So, do you have a great idea for a guest post for GrowMap?  Or are you seeking writers to hire?  I know many of the best and might even consider some paid writing myself for a blog or company whose ethical standards align with my own. That might be you! You know what to do: contact me!

Spending Time Sharing Your Best Content Gets BETTER Results
Than Focusing on Quantity, Article Marketing or Link Building.

How Sharing Your Content Where Your Customers Are and
WHEN They WANT to See Will Increase Conversions

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. We have some awesome site lists at Weebly for guest posting which allow guest authors. There are lots of benefits like quick response, fast approval and so on. You could really enjoy it.

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get backlinks for some time now. A lot of people advocate using article/blog networks with spun articles. I’ve been doing that recently but I kept thinking that there had to be a better way.

    Now I can see why guest blog posts make perfect sense. If you can get your articles published on other high quality blogs with links back to your site, it is like instant credibility. I can see how links like this would be worth a hundred times more than spammy blog network links.

    If there are any good writers out there who can write about technology and gadgets, I’d love for you to contact me.
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  3. Looking for a Freelance Writer, if you write or anyone you know works as a writer drop me a message. We need content on our new website Side Effects Of

    This website will contain research based articles on the side effects of various things including medicines, food supplements and a lot more. As this project is in the preliminary stage we won’t be able to pay for the content but can offer you your own Author Bio Box that we’ll set up for you.


  4. I think guest posting is a cool idea.You discover new minds to share your thoughts with

  5. i do love the terms scanner or sparkler and what it stands for . I think guest posting can add another dimension, a different perspective.
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  6. Donna Anderson is just awesome..she shares a lot about her experiences and techniques.I admire her for that

  7. It’s interesting to see most of the big sites that already have consistent traffic using Guest posts to broaden their base, attract new readers, who will hopefully stay. I think it is a great opportunity for both the writer and the blog, they will both benefit greatly if the guestblog is good and in the same niche.
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  8. Guest posting is a very unique technique which promotes each other in the most beautiful way and that is through one’s articles. I think its just amazing and awesome way to share and enrich others and at the same time promote one’s blog as well.
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  9. Hi Growmap
    We are looking for some guest bloggers to write articles for our new automobile website autounleash.comWe will offer back links to our authors and also if they become permanent writers, then we have planned to create a page regarding our esteemed authors to let others know about them. Please contact us if you are interested or if you can recommend someone to us. We will be thankful to you.

  10. Hello Growmap

    Would you consider a guest post on your blog for my niche? I know its a bit borderline but I guarantee the post will be perfectly written and certainly unique.
    james would love you to read ..Heathrow Villages DyingMy Profile

    • Hi James,

      Do you use Skype or IM ? I would be happy to discuss your guest post idea with you. You might read the post I’ll put in CommentLuv for ideas on how small business, location and content marketing can fit together.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why We Need Group Geo-Targeted Niche BlogsMy Profile

      • Hi
        Thanks for the reply, I cant really see a catagory that would fit with anything I could write. Sorry for wasting your time
        james would love you to read ..Easyjet and Tui Results Show Tough Trading For Uk Travel TradeMy Profile

        • Hi James,

          Actually that might not be true. I would still like to discuss ideas with you if you’re interested. For example:

          You could write about how Local Search Directories have grown your parking business.

          Or how you use Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon or blogging to grow your business.

          Or any specific strategy that you use including blog outreach for small businesses.

          Or the impact using CommentLuv or commenting has had on your SEO efforts for your small business.

          See my Small Business Internet Marketing post (featured in CommentLuv in this reply) for more ideas.

          Many businesses do not yet “see” how all these Internet technical things apply to them so businesses like yours who use them can be very helpful to getting them to better understand and start benefiting from them.

          What do you think? Interested?
          growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet MarketingMy Profile

  11. Apps Developers says:

    Nice post! I have actually been searching for a guest blogger in the technology field for a while. I only have back links to offer the blogger.
    But I don’t know how to find the guest blogger or how to find the one that would match our product and benefit both of us. Any tips?
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  12. Harnessing the power of others to boost your blogging efforts – especially when it is a win win situation can have massive benefits.

  13. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks Awesome, that?s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around & I am glad to be one of several visitors on this outstanding website (:, regards for posting .

  14. Hi,
    Really nice post.One of the things I like best about GrowMap is that you’re not afraid to refer your readers to other sites for more information. Thanks


  15. Hi,

    Guest posting is something extremely useful and interesting, you always learn something new when guest posting, you have the ‘honor’ of posting on another person’s blog and get acces directly to his/her readers which is something really cool, and also – marketing and SEO benefits (backlink, etc). Guest posting is a great thing in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!
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  16. Job vacancies says:

    I have always used blog commenting in generating traffic to my blog, i don’t use any other method

  17. I read an article similar to this the otherday. While guest blogging is super beneficial, what if you are not such a great writer, or you have a style all your own that others don’t quite get or like. What should you try then.

    • Dennis Edell says:

      Always try, submit and see what happens. One of the things many bloggers like about guests IS that different style, depending.

      If you find yourself getting rejected more then accepted, start asking why…take their feedback to hart and see if you can make some changes.
      Dennis Edell would love you to read ..How to Turn Human Spammers Into Regular Legitimate Members of Your CommunityMy Profile

      • I would agree, I’ve seen guest posts by individuals that weren’t strong writers, or by someone that was writing in a second language (and a bit harder to understand) but these posts still added value to the blog that it was being posted on. You may get rejected, just like any other writing gig, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Plus I would add if you have a quirky or unique writing style seek out blogs that have a similar writing style.
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        • Thanks Dennis and Chris for adding your suggestions in answer to this question. Many bloggers will edit guest posts for you – so if you are not the strongest writer, or English is not your native language, or you just aren’t that good at spelling and grammar – guest posting could be perfect for you.

          Content and having something to say are both more important than having a particular style. As Dennis mentions, sometimes different is more interesting.
          growmap would love you to read ..Finding the Perfect Co-Blogger- 6 Questions to AskMy Profile

  18. Guest blogging is so much fun and it is a great way to network and get your own site noticed. When you guest blog for someone or they guest blog for you, a new friendship is created. Guest blogging is a powerful thing!
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  19. I haven’t really got into guest blogging yet because of time but will get into it once I get my own blog ready. I feel like I can write some pretty good articles however, its some really talented people of authority in this field and putting something out to people already so successful makes me nervous. Will check out some of the articles you mentioned.

    • Some interesting points made here. My marketing strategy is always to gain good credible backlinks and guestblog posting is the best way in my eyes.
      adam would love you to read ..SEO ExpertsMy Profile

  20. James Pruitt says:

    Thats a great post. thanks. I started guest posting about a year ago, and it has been one of the best things I have done for traffic and meeting lots of cool people. Although I haven’t hit the super sonic viral stage yet, my writing has improved a lot by engaging that way. thanks for the extra tips here. you guys rock
    James Pruitt would love you to read ..Guest Posting Articles Can Make Your Readers Sing or Leave You High ad DryMy Profile

  21. When it comes to how much you write for free vs. how much you can get paid for, you have to look at the possible value of each opportunity. Will getting a guest post on a particular blog expose you to a different kind of audience? Will it get you known as an authority who people would pay to have write on their site? If you can answer yes to those, then it’s a good opportunity, whether you are paid or not.
    Kristi Hines would love you to read ..New Guest Post Policy – Join the Discussion or No LinkMy Profile

  22. The more I blog, the more I realize that one of the things I like most about blogging is feeling as though I’m part of a community…and guest blogging is by far one of the most important things that helps build a strong, tight-knit blogging community. It’s so important for bloggers to collaborate amongst each other and to support each others’ blogging endeavors through RTs, commenting, guest blogging, etc.
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  23. Gail,

    As usual, another great post! And thanks for mention!

    I don’t remember how I tripped over GrowMap but I’m so glad I did. Your posts are always so full of top-notch information that I almost hate to come here. LOL Every time I do I end up with a whole new list of things to do! LOL But I keep coming back because you give spot-on advice.

    One of the things I like best about GrowMap is that you’re not afraid to refer your readers to other sites for more information. A lot of bloggers won’t do that for fear the reader won’t come back. But I think you’ve proven very well that readers WILL keep coming back because A) you’re giving them quality information and B) you’re linking out to actual sources of information instead of just posting it as heresay on your blog. Linking to your source always helps add credibility to your own article because your readers know that you actually did some research before you started blogging about it.

    Jeez! It must be contagious. Just a few more paragraphs and throw in some links and this would make a good topic for an article! :)

    Have a great day!
    Donna Anderson would love you to read ..Guest Blogging VS Article Directories- Can I Make 5000 In One MonthMy Profile

  24. This post was indeed an eye opener.i really have been shuddering at many successful blogs that have been using it.There is never a scarcity of content,and this is the lifeblood of the blog.the secret of any enterprise is value creation and delivery.Read my post on Think wealth,think value:the inseparable duo.Follow us on twitter @EnterpriseYoung

  25. Brilliant really…How so much time can be invested into blog writing only to achieve few results over a long period of time. Actually, I agree with Dennis. It is “work”. If you call sitting there and reading some posts, and leaving some posts work. Well, to maintain a spot up on the Search Engine is where it’s at. Wish you could just NOT lose any ground if you want to take a week and NOT have to “work” at it so much for a couple weeks. But, we are all glad it’s not that way, for we can now become the fabled turtle! Run bunny! RUN! We will catch up! lol
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  26. I have read the blogs that you have mentioned here (which claims to earn $500 in a month for writing ).He also said that guest writing is very useful as well helpful as it provides a new stuff for the blog owner and fame to writer.
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  27. I am very proud tom be a guest contributor to this blog. IT has served me well and having Gail coach me has magnified my blog efforts ten fold.
    Ivin would love you to read ..Online Tools to Becoming Successful as an AuthorMy Profile

  28. There is nothing worse than spending hours and hours writing great award winning content only to have it sit there while the only attention it gets is automated bots that spider through it and say “ho hum another text filled page – boy i could go for a juicy fly right about now”

    I can only image Lisa’s results were a little short of dismal, but to play the devil’s advocate I have had some posts on sites where I did no promotion or commenting for and it turned out to be a very well visited page. Maybe the spiders that day weren’t quite so hungry for flys.
    Chris would love you to read ..Rolex Ladies White Gold Masterpiece Pearl Diamond Dial Custom Diamond BezelMy Profile

  29. Gail,

    Dang I was thinking the same exact thing. I might just do a blog post here. Let me Know how you want it and I’ll be more than glad to submit a blog post!!
    Paul Sylvester would love you to read ..Will blog for money! How to make money bloggingMy Profile

  30. Hi Gail,

    Quite a post, with some really juicy stuff in it! Just read Lisa’s blog… awesome experiment. Glad that she shared the results with us. Goes to show what we’ve been all saying about the importance of guest posting, blog commenting and social networking.

    On that note, would love to write an article for your site. Will be in touch soon.

    All the best!
    Michele Welch would love you to read ..Tweet It Forward Has Begun! Let The Game Begin!My Profile

  31. Gail:

    Thanks for the link love :) I strongly recommend people take your advice and DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

    I have recovered slightly from the 2 weeks of selfish ego stroking and NEVER again!! :)

    As always, appeciate the support you give me and the community!

    Lisa would love you to read ..Is Your Blog Going Up In Flames Blog Burnout TipsMy Profile

  32. Dennis Edell says:

    I’ve been saying it forever. Blog commenting has been my #1 traffic generator for yrs. No one wants to see it, as it’s actually a little WORK.
    Dennis Edell would love you to read ..Your RSS Email List is NOT Yours for Email Marketing!My Profile

  33. Karoline says:

    Guest blogging not only builds a community but is a great avenue to market yourself and your writing indeed!
    Karoline would love you to read ..En anden måde at finde en billig 4-stjernet ferie påMy Profile

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