GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin Testimonials

There are so many wonderful comments in the official WordPress plugin repository about our Akismet Alternative GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin aka G.A.S.P. with great quotes in them that are difficult to get to so I am creating this post to link from the G.A.S.P. Tab here.

GASP Testimonials

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This plugin exists because so many of my regular commentators have been flagged as spammers by Akismet that I stopped using it and started testing alternatives.

“I wanted to say that with a previous plug-in, I had 400+ comments ‘lost’ and I am certain all of those 400+ were not spam. I installed the GASP plug-in and immediately, got 10+ comments, good comments, through successfully! This plug-in WORKS! Thank you for creating this plug-in!” ~ AIDYs Poetry Blog ~

Bad Behavior acted very badly – locking four Admins out of my GrowMap blog and requiring the efforts of three of the best WordPress experts to remove.

“Very easy installation, very fast, very good spam protection. Thx for this plugin ! Great!” ~ Tyler Durden ~

In the first 48 hours of using a Captcha I had complaints from three regular commentators that it kept telling them they entered it wrong when they hadn’t. While clearing their cookies probably would have resolved that our blog readers do not know that!

“I got a lot spams in comment especially from spambot, akismet and recaptcha couldn’t handle it, and this plugin make it work.” ~ jevuska, WP Themes Designer in Indonesia ~

Andy Bailey, who created the blogger favorite plugin CommentLuv wrote this custom anti-spam solution based on an idea from Phil Hollows of FeedBlitz and improved upon based on input from Dazzlin Donna Fontenot.

“After testing out the GASP plugin for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it works, and I do mean works. I have had zero, zilch, nada, nothing, not a single spam comment within those few weeks. The best part is that without Akismet running, I haven’t had valid comments moved to my spam folder automatically.” ~ Technically Easy Review of GrowMap AntiSpambot Plugin ~

My thanks to you all. Now when I log into the blogs I manage – and I am using this plugin in over a dozen of them – instead of a sinking feeling I am overjoyed to only see 12-50 real comments instead of 1,000 spambot generated spammy junk that had to be manually reviewed to find the real comments buried among them.

“Took my spam comments down from dozens each day to 0. Just like that! Love it…” ~ Eric Bobrow, computer consultant, California ~

Feel free to comment on the GrowMap plugin page in the WordPress respository or in the comments here or on the plugin tab.

We have used it in WordPress versions 3.0.1 down to 2.9.1 with no problems at all. I promised Andy that if he would write the plugin I would provide support so please contact me for support or if you have any questions. I am happy to assist.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Noel Gregor says:

    Hi,I must apologise up front, but for the life of me I can’t find anywhere that shows me how to place the GASP contact form on my page. What short-code do I need to place in my page? I mean, is it like [Contact-form] ? Again, I’m sorry to ask, out I just can’t seem to find it.Thanking you in advance.Noel…

    • Hi Noel,

      As far as I know, Andy never created a GASP for contact forms. Most of us use Contact Form 7 and I don’t get much if any spam from it. GASP blocks comment spam.

  2. it’s so good to see an alternative to akismet.
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  3. I have 3 alternatives for commenting on my blogs and I have 0 comments – I tested the applications and it seems it simply looses comments – they’re not in spam, nowhere to be found.

  4. iPhone App Development says:

    Thanks GrowMap for educating me with such useful plugin. Akismet works but doesn’t like that one can expect. I have not used G.A.S.P but seem it should be used.

  5. Another good plugin to test, will be back to update on my findings. Thanks again.
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  6. Akismet judge spam comments by user reviews and is not able to work as professionals, due to which many good comments are lost. G.A.S.P. would be a excellent solution for anti spam plugin.
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  7. I forgot to rate GASP. I will do it now because I am totally satisfied.
    No more akismet for me.
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  8. I will definitely download this and give it a try. Akismet doesn’t have the ability to keep track of what is a bad comment and what isn’t. It just goes by where webmasters send the comments to–either make them live, delete them or send them to Akismet hell and that’s not fair for anyone who doesn’t belong in that category. That’s why I refused to install it on my blog.

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