How to Improve Social Signals for Website Ranking

Social signals have been an important factor for web ranking since at least December 2010 when Matt Cutts confirmed in this video that Google was looking at social networks like Twitter and Facebook for evidence of social approval of content created and published on websites.

The problem is that someone who creates great content is not necessarily a great content marketer or may not have a large network of online friends who can help them get work noticed.

Social Signals the Hard Slog

In my experience, the best way to get people to share your content online and to create Google approved social signals is to spend a long time nurturing relationships with like-minded people who are never happier than when you share their content.

Eventually, people who you connect with whose content you share will return the favour and share your content and with any luck, their friends will share your posts, too.

If that sounds like a lot of hard work, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. The process of tweeting and posting your friend’s work is time-consuming and you are forever online. Plus, for every twenty or so people you nurture a relationship with, only one of them will reciprocate and that’s if you are lucky.

So how can you guarantee your work gets the recognition from search engines it deserves?

From Zero to Famous at 20mbits

The best way to ensure people share your content across social networks is to put it in front of people who are:

  • A) interested in your topic and have followers, friends or colleagues who are the same and
  • B) Expect something in return for their efforts.

The best way I found of skipping the months of hard work, rejection and annoying one-way relationships with unappreciative people on Twitter who have more followers than you, is to use

JustRetweet allows you to build up your Twitter following by tweeting content from categories that interest you and your followers. In return for sharing, the person whose content you shared awards you credits.

When you have sufficient credits, you can offer them to other users for retweeting your messages. It’s a no brainer and anyone can build enough credits to push their tweet counter to places it has never been before by simply spending five minutes on the site

How I Use Just Retweet

I’m sure there are people who retweet content just for the credits you offer, but that’s why it’s important to include hashtags in your message so that people interested in your contact will be able to identify it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

I forgot to mention that JustRetweet should really be called NotJustRetweet because you can choose to have your message shared on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or all three, if you like.

I’ve only just started using it to broadcast my message on Facebook, because I didn’t seem to get much traffic from there before, but the hashtags feature that Facebook eventually introduced has given me second thoughts about the platform.

I’ve always elected to have my content shared on Google+ as well as Twitter for the obvious reason that Google will notice that as much, but probably more than other networks.

My Opinion of JustRetweet

I have no doubt that JustRetweet is an amazing tool and quite-frankly, I couldn’t do without it because I now use it to boost all the links I build for my clients. My outreach work is much more valuable now that everywhere I post seems to get much more reader interaction and that helps my client’s link profiles. In terms of off-site SEO, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Shaun Thomas is an experienced content writer who spends his days working on outreach and inbound marketing for

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Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas is a former financial advisors and a current director of a retail business and a digital marketing business and has successfully secured funding for both.


  1. Yes Shaun !
    Social Media Optimization is the best solution to boost the internet marketing and increase sales volume. in these days, social networking and social bookmarking sites are playing the vital role. Therefore, we have to focus our marketing concept toward social media and social media campaign strategy.

  2. Thank God I do not own a blog so I don`t have to go through all this. It seems pretty time-consuming and nerve-wrecking when you pour your heart out to share other people`s posts and they do not help at all. But all in all, great information. Didn`t know about the Just Retweet tool, either. Thanks.

  3. Mostly i use to prefer add me fast and just retweet these are the best way to spread your presence ion Twitter.
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  4. Social Networking sites are today’s latest trends and the JustRetweet tool is a good idea. It seems very interesting too. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Thank you for sharing the information about justretweet. I wasn’t familiar with the tool but will be checking it out now.
    Jennifer would love you to read ..Ten Things You Should Never Do On TwitterMy Profile

  6. this article is very interesting and very good , justretweet sounds amazing , great tips and advice here, thankyou

  7. I have been trying to form good links in different ways but nothing worked out for me. I know you are an Expert in SEO. I have one question on what are the disadvantages I will face if I enable dofollow comments on my blog?
    Mallesh would love you to read ..Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S4My Profile

    • dofollow are okay if they point to sites that are good sources of information or provide a great service to visitors. Be careful though, because dofollow links are effectively a recommendation in the eyes of Google. Be careful who you recommend.

      • Also be careful not to allow too many outbound followed links because you don’t want Google to think you are a link farm. All outbound links must be relevant to your website’s niche.

        • Hi Shaun,

          As marketers we often write case studies or about strategies where we link out to the business we’re writing about that is not in our niche. If Google wants to take away traffic and PageRank for doing the right thing – sharing what will benefit our readers – then they can. For me, I will continue to do what is needed.

  8. I don’t believe that Google gives much credits for social signals. To my mind, it just helps a bit, but not a ranking factor. Addmefast is also the best tool for gaining followers and tweets,retweets.
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  9. The importance of backlinks from social sites is very evident now as we all know it but tools and services like these make this task easy and manageable, while delivering excellent value and worth. I actually had not heard of JustRetweet till now but I’m going to give it a try for sure. Thanks for sharing ! :-)

  10. Worth Reading , I wasn’t familiar with google social signals but now got it basics thanks!

  11. rather than just retweet i prefer add me fast re tweets it has a greater audience than just re tweet ! well a very nice tool though
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    • Hi Harshi,

      Serous social media influencers use more than one. Why not use as many as you can incorporate into your routine so you can reach the largest audience? The influencers I know are on JustRetweet with some overlap to Viral Content Buzz. We use both of those, but I had not heard of the one you mention so we are probably not using it.

      By having accounts on all of these you can find the most influencers, the most targeted viewers, and get the most reach.

  12. I think, we should focus on making good content, after that it’s google job to give a good ranking and exposure.

    thanks shaun for this very useful article :)

  13. I would be interested in trying JustRetweet. I find social media and its approval of content so fascinating. It can definitely make or break your blog. Thanks for the wisdom from Google!

  14. This is really nice pointers to remember about social signals. Google’s algorithm is our challenge today.

  15. Very true. It is always better to prefer quality over quantity and have a few, dedicated readers who like to read your tweets, instead of lists running into thousands of disinterested people.
    I used Just Retweet too to get rid of some unwanted Twitter followers. And I dont regret it at all! :)

  16. I dont retweet helps it so much..thanks Shaun for sharing it is really helpful.
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  17. Incorporating social media into your marketing campaign is now more important than ever. Having good content that is interesting to the reader and sharable across many different platforms can help increase your website ranking.

  18. Gagandeep Singh says:

    Can we tweet or G+ our post more than one time. If done wont google count it as spamy link?
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    • Hi,

      Many advise tweeting a post up to 3 times per 24 hours once OR tweeting it in response to inquiries OR retweeting your pillar content periodically – maybe once a month or every few weeks.

      On G+ you might share your posts in your own stream, and also share them in relevant communities that allow that. Some do – some don’t. Recently someone had their G+ account deleted for “spamming” but I haven’t seen any specifics on why or what they would consider spamming.

      You definitely do not want to send too many posts directly to anyone on G+ as that is the most likely way to end up reported as a spammer. Many do not like ANYTHING shared directly with them.

  19. Bishwajeet says:

    Just Retweet is an awesome tool. The only limitation is that you can remove only a fixed number of people off your list in a day (25 in case you have a free membership). I wish they would increase it to a 100 people daily, at least. :(

  20. nice article
    i totally agree with your points. retweet is important for sharing your older post and important post share again in tweeter. i also used retweet in some of my website. such a informative article thanks for sharing.
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  21. You are right that it happens maximum in twitter and blog commenting. We can rate it quickly.
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  22. Sounds like JustRetweet keeps track of the good juju you spread around, like karma 😉

    Well, I’ll give it a shot. I still think nothing replaces actual connection with humans… if it takes 20 unreciprocated touches to get a genuine connection with one real winner I think it’s still okay. Gotta kiss a lot of frogs to get to the princess. But if JustRetweet works as a good tool to HELP this process I’m all in.

    Thanks for the post Shaun! Where else might I see your work posted?

    Keep Stepping,


    • Hi Kurt,

      What actually happens is we know each other via Twitter, G+, FB, Skype, and commenting in each other’s blogs. Then we share what is most important on JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz so we can quickly socialize those important links across the networks.

      So we aren’t really using these sites to avoid “meeting” each other – they are simply an extension of how we collaborate that speeds up how much we can do in a day.

    • John White says:

      I totally agree with Kurt. Maybe I should try JustRetweet? 😉
      and thanks for post!
      John White would love you to read ..CateringMy Profile

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