Google Monopoly: The Google Guillotine

WHY I Warn Against Google’s Power

My regular readers know that I frequently warn of the dangers of allowing Google and other multi-national Corporations to have monopolistic control over our lives, economies and businesses.

Adotas Senior Editor Gavin Dunaway’s post Google Stands Up For Its Search on the buzz about Google not working as well as their reputation suggests prompted me to write a comment that turned into a guest post.

Google Guillotine

Gavin is featuring my post on the home page at Adotas Interactive Advertising Blog where you see the image above currently visible.

I hope you will read and share it.  (Just click the image above to go there.)

The guest post provides a concise explanation of:

  • Why WE as Internet users have collectively GIVEN Google enormous control over far too much
  • How that control is affecting our economy and the economies of every other country in the world
  • Why allowing ANY one search engine to control what most people believe can be found online means any of our sites could be invisible to the majority of all Internet users
  • What simple steps we can take to take back that control and preserve freedom of speech on the Internet
  • Why where we choose to spend our time and money can destroy – or improve – our standard of living

Please take a few minutes to read The Google Guillotine and share that post. I would not ask if it were not important for all our sakes’.

If anything is it is not clear to you I encourage you to discuss it with me in the comments at Adotas and here.

P.S. Adotas is an excellent blog and their publisher Gavin Dunaway is an exceptional blogger who writes insightful posts about important topics. I highly recommend reading Adotas and if any bloggers would like a personal introduction to Gavin for consideration of your guest posts just let me know.

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Gail Gardner

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  1. I don’t think that any monopoly is healthy. Balanced competition is required to any business, otherwise everybody loose.

    I understand that Google tries to improve their algorithm to avoid spamming, but some small business owners are depending on Google to move their business forward, and many of them are always affected by those changes.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi there!
    I agree that Google wanna own everything. Actually they make something like a miracle. There are many other search engines besides Google but none of their brand become a word in dictionary as finding, searching mean like Google did. They’re different!
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  3. Yes and they are going to “help” many into the type of lives described in books like 1984 and Soylent Green and many movies – and the sad thing is most won’t even care that they have given away their freedom – at least until it is too late.

    Money is NOT everything – and those that put too much importance on it are truly going to miss out on what life can be.
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  4. Hi,

    What you all wrote is true. But without Google there’s no search Engine 😛
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  5. What has happened with Google is a continuation of what must happen given the social/economic climate that we live in. It will happen again and again. Wallmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Google, Microsoft . . . the list goes on. The list will continue to morph, living endlessly.
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  6. it is undeniable that google has the power and financial capabilities to dominate.but lets all remember that it’s us who have the power to say yes or no

    • Hi Matthew,

      The problem is yes WE have a choice as consumers but those who need to be visible to us have little choice if the majority of consumers are going to automatically use Google and ONLY use Google and worse yet ONLY look at the first few results when they search.

      We have to be smarter than that and those who realize it must encourage everyone they know to use alternatives. One new alternative for businesses in the independent social network GoSkoop. Details in the post I’ll feature in CommentLuv in this reply.
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  7. I think being a global success as what google has attain can be a bit intimidating for lets say Yahoo,Bing etc..but to try something different can be a good thing
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  8. i think its Google domination with their acquiring youtube and motoralla, they have expanded rapidly

  9. Imagine the following situation: There is a company and let’s say the name is Monopoly Inc. Their main business is real estate with a specialization in new housing projects. They own all new projects in your city so, if you want to buy a new home in your city, you automatically have to buy it from them. Since you can afford it and want a new home in your own city, you buy one from them. And here comes the problem: the same company has acquired all insurance businesses in your city and all furniture stores. Further they are also a main supplier of appliances, tv channels, building materials, and gardening. This means that if you want an insurance for your house, need furniture, appliances, gardening, watch tv, and, last but not least, renovate your home later on, you are always confronted with Monopoly Inc. This is exactly the direction in which Google has been going. Google is from origin a search engine and the company has been acquiring many directly related, indirectly related and unrelated businesses. It is for this reason that we can consider Google similar to Monopoly Inc. That’s how simple and dangerous it is. The Government is obliged to stop this as soon as possible. How? That’s also simple: force Google to sell everything they own except their search engine and their advertising business and the problem would be over. Extra benefit: this could also serve as a serious warning to other Internet related companies. This article was written by Dick Detering who is an expert in any knowledge related to Google including but not limited to SEO basics. If you are interested to know more about the latest Google algorithms, visit his site by clicking on his name.
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    • I agree that Google wants to own everything, but I take that further. The same global elite control the major media and multi-national corporations and through them control the government so there is no way the government is going to stop anything.

      The only thing that will work is for US to quietly move away from using any of them and support local and small businesses everywhere. The masses will still keep doing what they’re doing, but the few that understand will not end up with no choices.
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  10. It’s important to remember how Google can literally wipe a site off the map with its algorithms or manual link removals. This kind of power over the visibility of businesses, multiplied by the size of Goog’s user base, means they have an overwhelming amount of control over the prosperity of the world’s businesses. Like a war drone, they can nuke a site with the touch of a button.
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    • Hi Alfie,

      I totally agree and they are systematically moving toward favoring big brands for more and more keyword phrases and since July 28, 2011 especially they have been churning first page results for a lot of searches.

      That can easily be seen by looking at analytics and seeing what keywords are bringing you traffic. They have many swords. By sending you traffic for really general keywords your bounce rates go up and people are more likely to block your site which then gives them the perfect excuse to drop you down in the serps or make you go away altogether.

      In spite of all the proof many still believe they are benevolent. They are naive and better be making other plans for getting business as their traffic from Google slowly diminishes over time.

      Social media can help but remember that the same elite control the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google + so they aren’t really a solution.

      We MUST focus on meeting people on their networks while we can and bringing them to independent sites like our own blogs or the new social network GoSkoop (see CommentLuv link for details).
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  11. Great article. I curb my use of the Goog on principle. Most people don’t understand monopoly, and how it ultimately brings down the health of whole industries. Google is merely a huge number of acquisitions gulped down by Google, metabolized, drained of their technology, and excreted. See this Wikipedia entry for a list of over 100 Google acquisitions:
    Goog has been trying to muscle in on the TV ad business, lately, with crappy set-top boxes and a weak ad sales function. Goog can’t compare to an established internet based TV ad agency like Cheap-TV-Spots, which has a true local-to-nationwide reach, and creates award-winning TV commercials.

    • Hi Shari,

      We haven’t seen anything yet. And when something is really useful and popular one of the big brands absorbs it and then strangles it to death like they did MyBlogLog, Delicious and PostRank (which may or may not die a slow death – they might just charge for the information – no telling which yet).

      I’m surprised that Google hasn’t been giving away telephones for years already. I really thought they would and that could still happen – or not. It doesn’t matter to me because I consider all the multi-national corporations controlled by the global elite one big Borg.

      The solution is LOCAL collaborations of bloggers. Find one – find them all. Read them – read about local businesses. Use the major social networks to find people and then bring them to our blogs and independent social networks like GoSkoop to replace the big sites.
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  12. I couldn’t agree with you more. Google’s power is very scary… But, I have to be honest, I’m guilty of often using their services. I use Analytics for my blog, Gmail for my email, and I even use their search because I can’t find another search engine that works as well. It’s a hard habit to break…
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  13. Reading your guestpost it is scary that one company holds so much power.
    But on the other hand, what can we do?
    Google hasn’t been the best search engine in a long time, but people wont change their habbits. Look at all the people still using internet explorer.
    And the word “Google” is even synonymous for searching on internet, even the dictionary says so.
    It’s hard to change this. Maybe after it goes horribly wrong….But then it will be too late.
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    • Hi Danny,

      Actually there is a lot we can do. People are conditioned by the media – that much is true – but they trust their friends and peers more. If we all consistently share alternatives to Google we can get people to change their habits.

      Even if they don’t, collaborations of bloggers in the same geographic location and niche can provide an alternative source of information. As more blogs have subscribe to comments plugins installed and build mailing lists they can bring visitors back via email and RSS and then share them with all the other blogs in their niche via CommentLuv and KeywordLuv.

      The masses will always be sheeple, but the wise will seek out others who are wise.
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      • I’m afraid I am not that noble.
        If I don’t use Google to get my customers then I wont make that much.
        Google is at the moment my strongest point. So if people would start using the others then I would be at a disadvantage.
        And look at IE. The wise as you call them have switched to better browsers. But still the majority uses IE.
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  14. Marketers need to get used to the idea, like it or hate it, that Google isn’t going anywhere. It is more powerful than most countries.
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  15. I just find Google too reliable so it won’t matter much to me as long as I’m able to extract the information I need :) It is monopolized but I agree on the plus points as well. It was a great pleasure reading this post on Google.
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    • Hi Ryan,

      You feel that way as long as Atlanta Real Estate shows up in the results. If half of the sites you regularly visit quietly disappear over the years would you notice? Maybe you might miss one of two but you’ll probably figure they went away and think nothing of it.

      Then one day it will be YOUR site that is gone and no one will notice except you – and then it will be too late.
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  16. Are BING and YAHOO slowly gaining points to match GOOGLE?or will it be always GOOGLE?I wonder how long they can stay on top
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    • That doesn’t matter because they are all controlled by the same global elite. They are only pretending to be competitors. Any time they like they can drive Google down and one of the others up using the media they control and make a killing in the stock market while they’re at it.

      As P.T. Barnum supposedly said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” – and the stock market is the biggest boondoggle of all time. Better to gamble in Vegas – at least there you theoretically know what the take-out is so your losses will be smaller.
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  17. wny yoga says:

    I have shared this one for sure…some may see Google as KING but behind all of it the cracks is showing.

  18. I must admit I have an implicit trust in Google to deliver authentic and trustworthy results. So long as the company adheres to clear principles and punishes those that manipulate the SERPS I won’t object its influence. Is there such a thing as a benevolent dictator?

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  19. Google- search
    Microsoft – OS
    YAHOO- email

    these are monopolists in their various areas. why google is so important is that majority of people use is as the first point of call in getting an information online. This did not just start overnight.

    Internet is all about traffic, monopoly and competition and these three are on google’s side.

    • Hi Brian,

      I totally agree that there are multi-national corporations that are all monopolies. In decades past they at least made the effort to maintain the illusion of competition between each other by creating at least two huge companies. Now they don’t even usually bother to do that.
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  20. When i meet a new client on the internet, the first thing i do is google his name or id. This is morally wrong! :)
    This is just an example which may not be very on topic, but it does make a good point about privacy.

    About Google’s monopoly, that was actually earned. You can’t say they have no competition, it’s just that the competition is too weak for them and can’t keep up.
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