Google Instant Faster Than Bob Dylan?

By now you’ve probably seen many posts about Google Instant but have you seen the take-off on Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues?

I only have one question. I wonder what Bob thinks…

Nostalgic? Disappointed that wasn’t the entire song? Here’s the full Bob Dylan video Subterranean Homesick Blues.

What do you think about Google Instant? We want to know! Take the poll:

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  1. I am not a fan of google instant. I get the most random garbage and it really makes me want to use yahoo.

  2. I find it to be very helpful and am glad it was added.

  3. iPhone App Development says:

    Google instant provides Faster Searches, Smarter Predictions, Instant Results.
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  4. Mahi Hastings says:

    Not only does it sometimes wrongly predict what we’re going to type, but it is also annoying. It’s intrusive and not really suitable unless you have a super fast internet connection

  5. I’m not very happy with it. Made me have to reconsider the keywords I want to rank for. Now shorter keywords are even more important.
    But I do find it useful as a searcher.
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  6. Nice one with the Dylan video. Google instant is really useful especially for mobile devices.

  7. At first I really hated it, but now it seems to have gotten faster. I noticed a huge improvement when I switched from Internet explorer to Firefox. The speed doubled. Pass this on perhaps on your next post. It really improved performance.
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  8. It’s been a good 6 months and I still don’t have it turned on! I find Google instant utterly annoying to be honest!

  9. Google has always been the best search engine and now that it has introduced the Google Instant its even more easier and faster, the results starts to show as we type. The search is really done in an instant but I’m hearing a buzz that Google was ordered to censor the content of their Google Instant search suggestions.

  10. You are right, Google Instant has made fast the searching mechanism. Thanks for sharing this post..

  11. Good job but I absolutely hate google instant.

  12. Desene animate online says:

    I like the new google instant! It’s very useful!

  13. I like the new instant results, I have found myself using new search strings more often now by selecting the ones suggested by google, for example I was looking for new mountain bike front suspension the other day and after typing the brand of fork I new I wanted it suggested the most popular models, which after looking at the reviews turned out to be the best models also. Success!
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  14. Google Instant has made fast the searching mechanism in case of Google Search Engine. When we type one spelling,its related words are instantly appeared in the drop down list.

  15. Manual Wheelchairs says:

    Thanks about it

  16. Google Instant is great and I like this functionality provided by Google to its user.Thanks for sharing the graph of a poll showing Google Instant likes and dislikes.



  17. Manual Wheelchairs says:

    We have been getting many new users lately who don’t seem to know the finer points of our rules.

  18. Google Instant is the new feature from Google to make the search process even faster and efficient. I for one enjoyed the streaming session held by Google and found it highly entertaining, the Bob Dylan section was a nice touch.

  19. nice post like this this subject is very nice chose by writer thanks to give info and thanks to site admin and writer

  20. like this very nice posts
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  21. So that’s what it’s called. I have noticed this slight change when doing a Google search but didn’t know it was that special for it to have a name. Is it really that very different?

  22. It is fast but I don’t like it. Most of the time it is wrongly predicting what I am going to type.

  23. That video was awesome. I just hope the average searcher doesn’t go that fast through the search engine when typing because they might forget what they’re searching for if so many results keep changing. I think Google Instant will be a little ways off from being tolerable.
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  24. I don’t like google instant so much.
    all these results that keep changing while i write are annoying
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  26. so many spammer
    i am not a spammer
    i love Google

  27. I think the results are better but I’m worried that it will kill long tail keywords.
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  28. It seamce to work faster bu I am not really sure what the effects over SEO are, already some bloggers are complaining about a decrease of traffic since initialization.
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  29. I haven’t really used it much since I use other search engines – but when I have used it I usually just type the whole thing anyway – habit I guess. It will certainly be interesting to see how this effects the little guy like you’ve mentioned. I hope it won’t be as bad as everyone fears.
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  30. This sums it up for us:

  31. I also have mixed feelings about Google Instant as well, I have kept it on just for fun but it sometimes doesn’t work and that has been happening to many people when I checked Google’s forum…even removing cookies and cache doesn’t help so I guess there’s still more to be done in getting it stabilized. And Google Instant in my opinion is going to help bad searchers only because those who use Google daily and know how to find their things on Google won’t need it much or won’t even look at the suggestions Instant offers.

  32. I Have chrome and it automatically does this, I don’t like it. I feel its of no use for users of chrome like me.

  33. Godfrey Miles says:

    We love a bit of Bob Dylan on Pocket-lint, and there’s no better toe-tapper in his weighty back catalog than his 1965 hit Subterranean Homesick Blues. However, it’s not the song itself that has been used as the bed of a Google advert for its Google Instant new search functionality; it’s the accompanying video / film clip.

  34. Really I like it and it is great as suggestion for keywords. From the SEO standpoint I know several people that have affected their traffic – so new skills to be learned 😉

    Have a great week!

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  35. It’s certainly one way to kill the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button which has apparently cost them millions as it goes straight to the no.1 ranking site rather than showing pay per click ads.

  36. I like Google Instant. I don’t really see why anyone would not want to use it. Also, some of the autocomplete results that come up are hilarious. Makes for good times :)

  37. I think that Google Instant is going to help train us to be better searchers. If you are the type of searcher that usually has to search two or three times to get to the actual content you were seeking, then this change should really help you.

    It is still a little too early for me to tell whether I like it or not. As of right now, I still find myself typing in the entire search phrase anyway. I guess I am just used to doing it that way.
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  38. Well I for one love Google Instant! The ability to get instant search results for most queries saves me the effort of having to press return every single time, and I used to do that almost 100 times a day! So it’s a great thing for me.
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  39. After all the name is Google.

  40. I’m not sure if I like it or not, at first it was annoying since ever word you type in the space something comes up. But maybe this will bring more traffic to everyones site. But it seems like Google’s search engine is changing all the time, first the side column, then this. I say why change a good thing? I think they’ll eventually mess something up and do something everybody doesn’t like.
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  41. I was looking at the comments and I was searching for the report spam button then I realized it was you, testing :)).
    I did read about this subject on other blogs too and funny thing is that some had an exact same poll.
    My opinion about the new live search google implemented is that it will drastically reduce the traffic some get from SERPs while boosting other, long tail keywords will not bring so much traffic anymore, the user being distracted by all the new auto complete and the live search results poring in.
    I can’t really estimate what will really happen but I think that the ‘little’ websites will be disadvantaged while the ‘giants’ will be boosted from this change.
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    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for noticing. A report spam button is a good idea but not one I’ve seen on any blogs like mine. I’ll look into implementing one.

      If you saw the same poll that is because I wrote that blog post. I believe it is only here and on Murray Newlands and the others link to one of those two.

      Google has publicly stated their intention to favor big brands.

      Major brands have the media to promote them. Small businesses and Web site owners need to start explaining to their friends, family and readers the importance of using other search engines.

      We have collectively handed the ability to put people out of business to one search engine. That is very dangerous and we need to do all we can to reverse it. We can all make a difference by out actions and Word of Mouth as I explain in the post I’ll feature in CommentLuv in this reply.
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  42. Testing again to see if the comment disappears if I forget to check the box.

  43. Not checking the box and then having to back up caused the comment to be lost. Trying to determine what controls that now.
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  44. Testing new GrowMap Gasp anti-spam plugin Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:51 p.m. CST
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  45. I just noticed it for the first time today and I’m not sure if the results are that much different than if I just typed the whole thing. But maybe it does give you more suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of.
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  46. Dennis Edell says:

    Perhaps deep down I’ve known all along. Maybe that’s why I never gave a lick about SEO. LOL!
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s featured blog ..SEO- Epic Fail – It’s Time to Outsource Interested =-.

  47. Hello Gail. So I notice the new search features for Google but I was not aware there was a name for it. It is living up to it’s name. However I find it irritating at times because the drop down list that appears gets highlighted and when I hit enter to search for what I typed, that get searched instead. Other than that I like it because it also gives you other search terms that you may have not thought of.
    .-= Karen Cruz@passioninwords´s featured blog ..Letter of Resignation =-.

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