1. I never heard about VCB program, but now it seems that one should go with their strategy to kick start his online project. I spend most of my time in engaging with my readers, and sharing my content across the social networks using JustRetweet, and AddmeFast like services.
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  2. Gurwinder Singh Bhinder

    Wohoo!! I am definitely gonna participate in it now. Thanks for letting me know about this. :)
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  3. woow! i am thinking why i don’t visit your blog before about such a good information reviews and tutorial…

  4. Just go to Viral Content Buzz and sign up. Then start clicking. You’ll figure it out quickly, and if you don’t you can ask me on Skype (username growmap) or ask questions here.

  5. I have listen that social media selling plays a very important role in ranking of your keywords, If you have got additional social sharing then Google provides you additional price

  6. Does ViralContentBuzz support Google +1?s Gail? i used to be simply on the positioning, and that i don’t see it as associate possibility

    • Hi Lavindra,

      VCB does not have G+ integration yet, but they’re working to get it. You can get +1s using JustRetweet today. That last couple of campaigns I ran there got over 30 +1s each. I recommend using them both for maximum reach.

      Disclosure: I do paid work for Chris Fong who bought JustRetweet from the original developer and I collaborate regularly with Ann Smarty and Gerald Weber who created Viral Content Buzz. I use both systems because they work and I believe them to be beneficial to bloggers and small business – not because either of them has ever paid me to use them. They don’t.

  7. tai avatar 210 says:

    The most important is the content. It really is the foundation for our site. Good content actually helps the reader amused, and will share their spread.
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  8. The key thing about a social sharing platform is that there is content, sharing options, and a choice on what is shared and what is not shared.
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  9. Pramod

    Contests seems to be one of the best methods to get traffic to the blog .I think the main intention of this contest is to get Traffic to the blog that would host the contest . The idea of the Contest is interesting . Would definitely keep an eye on the contest .


  10. These tips are not only useful for commentators but also for webmasters/owners . There’s no doubt that commenting and responding to comments are the best ways to build a relationship and engage your audiences . Thanks for sharing this info .
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  11. Debopam Banerjee says:

    Thanks for the share….. Looks like a perfect contest to have good exposure and also may be some money…… Thanks again for sharing it…..

  12. What a wonderful contest to get people exposure for their businesses through web marketing. Thanks for informing us!

  13. Big thanks for this entry. Some pretty juicy info out here.

  14. Excellent. Thank you for letting us know. I will try to get more pins, tweets and likes from this. :)
    Thanks for helping post.

  15. Josh Kotsay

    Does ViralContentBuzz support Google +1’s Gail? I was just on the site, and I don’t see it as an option. Regardless, sounds like an awesome contest and I’m testing the site out to see how it works for me.

    • Not yet, Josh, but they’re working on adding it. JustRetweet does already support it so if you use both you get a different mix of people sharing your content on overlapping social networks.

  16. James Matt says:

    Hi Gail,

    Excellent post. I have listen that social media Marketing plays an important role in ranking of your keywords, If you have more social sharing then Google gives you more worth.
    I will try the website which you have suggested to get more pins, tweets and likes. :)

    Thanks for the post.


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