Why Your Geographic Location is Your BEST Niche

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Bloggers I know are not fully grasping the importance of location to blogging. It is so critical to their success that I sincerely hope every blogger will read this post.

If a giant light bulb does not go on over your head read this again or talk to me about it.

Any bloggers who provide business coaching or small business marketing advice must get this concept clearly in their minds.

We have to stop recommending businesses install blogs if:

  • There is not enough interesting content to attract THEIR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.
  • They aren’t willing to keep them updated and interact in the comments.
  • No one is going to be interested in REGULARLY reading about what they do.

What Blogs Interest YOU?

Would YOU really subscribe to a blog about fixing things if what you would really do is HIRE someone to do that? NO! The only people who want to read about fixing things are do it yourself types who want tips on how to fix things.

If you never repair your own car and have no intention of starting, are you EVER going to subscribe to a blog about:

  1. How to change your oil? (NO!)
  2. Or how an engine works? (How many people drive? How many of those care how engines work?)
  3. The importance of checking your brake pads? (MAYBE you MIGHT be interested in that because not doing it can cost you a lot of money, but even that is doubtful – most will NOT want to read about that.)

If you want to get HIRED to install or repair anything
WHY would you create a blog

Every business DOES need SOMEONE blogging about them but that does NOT mean they need their own blog. They could be a regular contributor to an established group blog in their niche OR they could do guest posts on multiple related blogs OR they could identify influential bloggers in their industry and create a relationship to have one or more bloggers publishing content for them – either that they provide or that they hire the blogger(s) to create.

In order to generate leads or sales, the ideal blog must be able to reach the audience each business needs BEFORE the buyer is ready to buy – because people prefer to buy from those they already know and trust.

How do you reach their potential clients?
By providing entertaining and information information
about what they care about most: themselves.

Almost everyone is interested in what is happening where they live and work – especially if you tell interesting stories that relate to them and their lives. Most businesses operate in specific geographic areas, so your blog must reach the audience that is their target market in a way that will retain readers.



Think about what your area is known for such as San Antonio’s River Walk or Australia’s Gold Coast. What is happening around you? Are there seasonal events? Many small towns in Texas have annual events with a parade connected to something produced in their area.

Who are the interesting personalities who live there or are connected to that area?  Any famous authors or historical figures? Where are your favorite places to eat or most unusual businesses you patronize? There are tons of human interest stories you can cover.

Create the most interesting blog and Twitter account
for any specific location to attract followers and subscribers!

Those followers and subscribers WILL be interested in information about local businesses, products and services if you make the way you share the information entertaining. Maybe the owner or employees are real characters, or the way the came up with the business idea is unique, or they have funny stories about what has happened over the years.

Many businesses assume since THEY know what they do so does everyone around them. They are dead wrong. Even in thriving small towns most people do NOT know every business in town. (Just because you have a sign on your business, that does NOT mean everyone in town sees it.)

Few people have any idea what else is available – even in businesses they regularly visit. They will buy what they usually buy. Unless the business is creative at sharing what else they have to offer, most of their regular customers will never know what else they could have purchased there instead of at a big box store.

Imagine how many products the average hardware store carries? Even their employees don’t know everything in the store! Even at my age, with as much as I use the Internet, and as many ecommerce stores with huge inventories as I have worked with I still see products every day I never heard of before. You could write about hard to find items or unique products too.

There is a growing interest in healthy eating with true organic and grass fed products still difficult to find in many areas.  Research that for your readers and you can grow a loyal following – and share with them where they can buy what they most want. The harder it is to find the more valuable your blog will be to them.

More people are interested in the environment now too. Your local site can write about environmental challenges specific to where you are or close enough to impact your readers. Every person is more interested in what is close to home than far away. The major media often ignores the very information real people most need to see. YOU can fill that void!

Blogs are NOT search. Search converts into leads and sales well (IF you can get on the first page of Google for your preferred keyword phrases) because buyers find you at the moment they are ready to part with their hard-earned money. If they already know about what you do they won’t need to search, will they?

Create relationships with people in your local communities
and share only what you believe in – and that trust can
benefit many small businesses in your area.

You can see an excellent example of how to make a blog about a local area highly interesting by going to District365.com to read about Things to Do in Washington DC. Rohan from @365thingstododc45 was the first to comment in this post. Since I tend to get a lot of comments, I’m sharing what he wrote here:

“Wow, I think you perfectly describe what I’ve been doing in Washington DC. It started out as a hobby (well it’s still a fun hobby for me) but I have been getting a bit of interest from local companies and it has really been a life changer for me in many ways.”

See? This isn’t just some pet theory of mine. It is simply logical that if you create an interesting site that reaches a specific local audience, intelligent businesses will recognize that and want to advertise with you and/or get featured in your blog. It is a simple way to position your blog where the money is.

As availability of information on Twitter and Facebook goes up, searches should go down. Already, more people are asking their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or others they know online what to buy and where to buy it. THAT is the future of business.

Business success is like surfing. You need to predict where the next wave will be in order to ride it. Make sure your clients are where the waves are – and not sitting alone in the sand  of their lonely blog where no waves ever arrive.

Every business needs to have an online presence.
What you most need to know is in the GrowMap
Small Business Internet Marketing Starter Package.
Use it yourself ~ Be sure to share it with your favorite small business.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Jamal From Pakistan says:

    Problem is when your target market is not locals than what to do you dont want to be local of the target market and you dont appear in their results if you are not local. My customers are from Europe and my business is Pakistan how will this work.

    • Hi Jamal,

      Your “local” audience is the one you want to reach. For you that could be Europe or a specific city or country in Europe. It does not have to be where you are. The point is to reach a particular audience instead of having just a few in each location scattered all over the world.

      Businesses can be international, but most aren’t. And most that are national could strengthen a more targeted, local reach.

  2. Local is the future of search & location is key. But if your content is not kept up to date it can be a turnoff for potential customers, in some cases worse than not having a blog at all.

  3. iPhone App Development says:

    You really opened my eyes. Til now my blogging situation is just like a default one. Whenever i wrote blog post, global picture was come in front of my eyes. But now i will decide my Geo-Location and try to reach to my potential readers. Thank you so much for giving such useful post.

  4. This is an eye opener for me.getting targeted traffic through geo-targeting blog can be really cool.But my concern is that is it possible for every niche to be geo-targeted?

    And what about the competition? wouldn’t this affect you blog or site if you target are particular location?
    kayus would love you to read ..Basic Carp Fishing PointersMy Profile

  5. Makes perfect sense to me!
    I have seen a huge increase in request for my essay and web development services since I started handing out business cards in my area. I find it to be a great way to publicize goods and/or services and pretty much more affordable than other advertising media. It is also a bit more personable as I meet with prospective clients and they are able to see who they will be dealing with. Going local should definitely not be ignored.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.

  6. Even if your business is an online store that can ship your product to any part of the country or the world, it makes sense to target your locality. For one, people in your area would be more receptive of your offerings because that means they can have the items they ordered almost immediately. This makes even more sense if your business is located in a big city where there is no shortage of buyers.
    Noel Addison would love you to read ..Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosMy Profile

  7. as they say..location is key and having that niche can be lucrative.
    mexican drinks would love you to read ..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  8. Niche is such a useful and powerful tool and being geographically accessible can really do wonders
    buffalo tees would love you to read ..Buffalo Cool Place T-ShirtMy Profile

  9. I am wondering if this is like GeoTagging…any thoughts?

  10. If it is possible to go local then that can be a great market.
    Although it can be a bit time consuming to keep it up. But if you are personally interested in local things/events etc. already then it will be quite easy.

    It is funny or actually a bit sad when you see a blog that is advertising a certain product but their target audience is the exact opposite of the potential buyer.
    You see this a lot when the blogger is advertising his or her own service, because then it probably is his or her interest and passion as well.
    But if they write about it, they are actually writing for people who have the same passion and maybe even have their own service.
    Danny would love you to read ..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

    • Hi Danny,

      The great thing about going local is that you can use your Twitter account. Just use a tool like Twitterfeed or dlvr.it to feed the best local content into your geo-targeted Twitter account and let other bloggers who love writing and sharing that type of content be your source. You could also find a local blogger who wants a platform to share their thoughts.

      I have had local businesses ask me to let them advertise on GrowMap, but I don’t take their money if the benefits are not there for them. I explain why they need to reach a local audience that I do not provide for them – and where to find or create it.
      growmap would love you to read ..Twitter for Business: How to Geo Target Twitter for Small Business Local Social Media #smallbusinessMy Profile

  11. Thanks for turning me onto the Washington DC Influencers project, I’m excited to see an agency that has an outspoken awareness of the importance of targeting your local niche audience. Filling a void in your area is a natural approach to growth, because if your neighbors become aware of your skills, it’s only a matter of time before word-of-mouth reaches their neighbors and so on. Not to mention the benefits of supporting your own community by paying businesses who have employees who will then spend their earnings on other local businesses in that community.

    We recently posted an article on the importance of defining your customer before launching communications on Marketing Zeus. I’d invite anyone interested to take a look. Thank you, GrowMap, for the thoughtful post.

    • Hi Ashley and welcome to GrowMap,

      Thank you for that link – I’ll go check it out. Rohan is the first of what I hope will be 1000s of blog collaborations for specific locations and/or niches. Small business IS the solution to our economic challenges and what they need is a way to reach their potential customers. That is where blog collaborations come in!

      As I keep telling people there needs to be a major reason for someone to recommend you directly – and that reason is LOCAL BENEFITS!

      More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of shopping locally instead of in multi-national chain stores. I do my best to raise awareness across social media and What Caused the Great Depression Is Happening Again Now and my Word of Mouth Marketing post that has stats on why small businesses keep money in circulation locally better.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media Sharing – How to Make It Fast and EasyMy Profile

  12. Targeting the location of your business has been huge for us. People often use search engines to search for our services in combination for location keywords. The biggest tip I can give businesses is to make sure to target their locations on their pages by mentioning the areas they are in.

    • Hi Betsy,

      That is excellent advice and far too many people don’t have their location on their business blog – even when it is a local only brick and mortar store! You definitely need your address, phone number (WITH AREA CODE – and I like to see the local AND a toll free number), and your country and zip code all on there.

      Apparently many people fail to recognize even today that everyone does NOT know where you are or that there are many cities of the same name in multiple states!
      growmap would love you to read ..Case Study: How to Deal with a Negative Review on Google PlacesMy Profile

  13. The main reason people don’t focus on geographic location is probably because it limits one’s possibilities. It’s obvious that in your town there are less people than if you would target the whole country. If you’re a dentist, like Antonia above says, i can understand doing it. Else, the world is your playground.
    Martin would love you to read ..Q: Can CDL Violation Tickets in California cost me my License?My Profile

    • Hi Martin,

      I respectfully disagree. Here is why. Pick anything from Social Media to Web Design to whatever business someone is in. It is vastly more difficult to become a big fish in that huge ocean, make a name for yourself, or land on the first page of Google competing against the entire world.

      Decide to become “the” Web Designer for Architects or Home Improvement blogs or you name it – and you CAN become “the” Web Designer. Given that many people still want to personally SEE physically the people they work with, you can also become “the” Web Designer in Chicago or Dallas or wherever – and I still believe you’re better off being “the” Web Designer for Architects in Chicago.

      The mistake most make is trying to make the whole world their targeted audience instead of specializing and in that way becoming special.

      Rohan is well on the way to proving my point with his new Washington DC Influencers project.

      The two best paths to blog income are advertising and blog outreach and a local aspect to your blog is the key to maximizing both.
      growmap would love you to read ..Bloggers And Small Businesses Can Conquer Cyberspace With CollaborationMy Profile

  14. It’s obvious that if you’re a dentist in LA you’ll want your ads available for LA, not forAtlanta.
    And i’m giving this dentist example because i recently read a similar story with Adwords and this gym owner that wasted over $2000 with google in a single month because he didn’t use proper geolocation.
    Antonia would love you to read ..The Worst Mistakes You Can Make While Building a ConnectionMy Profile

    • Hi Antonia,

      That AdWords mistake is far more common than most people would guess – and when they first came out with the ability to target specific locations their system actually had a problem and was showing the ads all over the place instead! Big problem way back when.

      Bloggers need to become the way that small businesses reach their clients. Business owners have a lot on their plate already so letting those who love blogging handle that part of marketing is better for both bloggers AND businesses.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media Sharing – How to Make It Fast and EasyMy Profile

  15. Lynn Cooper says:

    Great post.. look forward to speaking with you!

  16. UK Business Directory says:

    Niche is very important factor whenever used whether in directories of any other forum.

  17. This is definitely an interesting idea. I am from a smaller town (maybe 50k population) would you still think that this would be a worthwhile project?

    Eric would love you to read ..Bed and Breakfast VinylMy Profile

  18. Hi! Growmap,

    Thanks for visiting! For some reason my site is not showing the keywordluv text . I wonder if its a compatibility issue. I’m working on it right now. And you are on point with stating that we bloggers should cover businesses that are in our area.
    Everybody wins!
    Kelly would love you to read ..Jamaican Mango &amp Lime Locking Creme Wax- REVIEWMy Profile

    • Hi Kelly,

      I see your KeywordLuv worked on my older comment. I just left another one to test it again that I suspect is in moderation (I hope), but CommentLuv didn’t want to work for me. It never managed to pull any posts I could select.

      A future version of CommentLuv is supposed to incorporation the Twitter ID field, KeywordLuv, Dofollow and much more but I haven’t heard from Andy when that might be available.
      growmap would love you to read ..CommentLuv 29 Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near YouMy Profile

  19. Anthony says:

    I completely agree with your point. The topics of blogging must be unique as well as acceptable to the readers. Readers are more interested to those blogs that reflect the writer’s personal experiences and how they feel about the things going around them. One have to always think from the reader’s point of view to make their blogs more acceptable. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Anthony would love you to read ..Making a DIY Chicken Coop – How BigMy Profile

  20. Every geographic location is a niche with its own boundaries and possibilities, and yes in case of such prospects, it needs a lot of offline prospects as well.
    Joshua would love you to read ..Why Choose Plumbing as a CareerMy Profile

  21. It is indeed true that one’s geographic location is a niche. It not only does promote your business in your region, but also provides you with plenty of exposure you need.
    James Foster would love you to read ..The Differences Between a Spa and a Whirlpool BathMy Profile

  22. The importance you attribute to targeting local audiences is true, particularly for small businesses, like some others here have already mentioned. In general, though, it’s always important to keep your audience in mind, whether that audience be a local one, or a larger, more dispersed one. It’s always important to know who you’re speaking to.
    Petra would love you to read ..AscentiveDE- Lesenswerter Artikel über LinkenIn Börsengang- von Reuters Deutschland- http-owly-4Zk7GMy Profile

    • Hi Petra,

      I agree and I believe that even a blog like this one can do both well if we give it some thought. There is no reason why I can’t incorporate Dallas metro businesses into the posts I write that will appeal to both those IN and OUTSIDE of Dallas.
      growmap would love you to read ..Support Small BusinessesMy Profile

  23. Hi,

    Thanks for your good advice! Targeting audience based on geographic location can help in evaluating genuine vs fake followers. Small businesses like dentist, plumbers, etc. can provide services in their local area not globally so that type of business owners write the blog targeting local audience help them to increase their business.

  24. Hey,
    First time here. Thank you for this post. I like like you’ve pointed out that most people will not be interested in plumbing emails or tweets. The challenge is how can we stay visible in customer’s mind.
    I see occasionaly a chiropractor tweets about low back pain. But he is not even in my town and irrelevant and boring as hell to me.
    There’s got to be a better way to market than this.
    But you are right, My patience for plumbing tweets or back pain tips is pretty much exhausted. We better learn how to target or go home!
    Fantastic post,

  25. Nice article… blogging is not just writing or saying something. I also requires targeting to assure that what you are writing will have favorable result.
    Andrew would love you to read ..7 Things You Should Know Before Manufacturing And Monetizing Your Own ProductsMy Profile

  26. a blog post about location being important that *doesn’t* even mention Facebook Places or FourSquare? um, ok

    • Hi Mark,

      The intention of this post is to encourage bloggers to create geo-targeted blogs OR add a location aspect to their existing blog. Location-based social media platforms are a whole ‘nuther subject – and my posts are too long for many readers already.

      Yes you can use those two to raise local visibility, but neither would be my top priorities for promoting a geo-targeted blog or local business because there are much better ways to do both.

      We (both bloggers and business owners) must be cautious about jumping on the latest time-consuming fad intended to distract us from being successful.
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet MarketingMy Profile

  27. Yes I completely agree with the information you mentioned!! I feel that location based things are of much importance especially for niche bloggers which provides the need for solutions!!!

  28. Hmm, if I read this right, I’m ahead of the curve in a few different ways. There’s always ways to improve though!

    I enjoyed reading this one, and I think you’re right, especially for small businesses whose customers are in a specific area. I recall one site that I built for a friend that lived in a small district of New York. He targeted the area and began speaking with all the shop owners about a co-op advertising through his site. It’s working pretty well from what I last heard. I’d reveal more, but it’s a niche approach too, and there’s that client confidentiality thing. 😉
    Wayne would love you to read ..One tiger to kill the botsMy Profile

    • Hi Wayne,

      Yes, you are one of the few that I recognize as “getting it”. The more small businesses in a specific area work together the more visibility and traffic they will get and the more mutual customers they will have.

      Imagine multiple small businesses in a city that recommend each other to their existing client bases. That is such an obvious win-win situation but you rarely see it except in those little books of coupons you can buy some places.

      For those who don’t know how they could do that – I feel a new post topic coming on with examples of how to do that. Co-op advertising is another idea I’ve pitched in the past but haven’t written about so I’ll include that too.
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet Marketing Starter PackageMy Profile

  29. I think you do have a point about publishing content that is interesting to your geographic area. At the same time, if I go to your Twitter feed and only see human interest stories in Plano Texas you’re not convincing me that you can help me solve my problem.

    I still want to see things that are relevant to my specific problem to give me assurance that you are a domain expert.
    Joe would love you to read ..The Secrets to My Twitter Strategy and How It Can Help Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,

      That is not a problem because you don’t use ONE Twitter account for everything. You feed your “human interest stories in Plano, Texas” into your Plano, Texas specific Twitter account. In my case I might feed them into my primary Twitter account because there is no chance that would be the only thing anyone would see in MY feed.
      growmap would love you to read ..Local Search Directory ListingsMy Profile

  30. donna sheridan says:

    in business u must do something to make it grow.Adding your geographic location to you search terms narrows down the competition and allows you to target a specific market or a location. blogging is all about delivering quality content and if it is targeted to local niche then blogger would enjoy more success.

  31. A lot of businesses would have more to write about if they expanded their mindset to think about what customers in their region would be interested in reading about. Sure no one wants to read about ball bearings on a daily or even weekly basis, but you have to think about what industry are the people who use ball bearings are in, then think about general topics that appease those people, and if it’s a local business, narrow it back down to things in that area. Then boom, interesting blog for a business that attracts good local leads!
    Kristi Hines would love you to read ..How I Get Things DoneMy Profile

    • Hi Kristi,

      There is always a way to make any topic interesting if you are creative enough. When the blogger can’t think of what would make a topic interesting they can do some research. I encourage every blogger to have peers to bounce ideas around like we do.

      Ball bearings are a dry subject but many of the things you put ball bearings IN would make highly interesting topics with photo ops – like rollerblading by the beach or in a park, or skateboard competitions or features about vehicles and machines of all kinds. You could even do a post about machines using ball bearings that are involved in green agriculture.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why Your Geographic Location IS a NicheMy Profile

  32. Read this post like 3 times and I must say this article is very useful for me as a blogger. Thanks for recommending District365.com and its great to see a real example of geographic niche blog. Finally, blogging is all about delivering quality content and if it is targeted to local niche then blogger would enjoy more success.
    John would love you to read ..Niche Reaper ReviewMy Profile

  33. Dennis Edell says:

    No idea when, but I do have plans to do something big locally sometime in the future. Possibly even leading to an ‘association” of some kind being built from the ground up.

    I’ll be back here when it comes time to promote; get the word out. :)
    Dennis Edell would love you to read ..How to Kill Comment Contest Comment SpamMy Profile

  34. Wow, thanks so much. What a pleasant surprise to wake up to :-). Thanks a million Gail.

    Oh I think I know where the Crystal City IBM training center used to be. And yes, it’s always better with a local. :-) If you make it over this way, don’t hesitate to hit me up.

    And what a cool bit of history about the Renaissance and the K Street Corridor. You’ve just another little adventure to my weekend list.

    RE: The Internet Marketing Starter Package, Great idea! I’m down. I think it’s a steal for everything they get. I’ll contact you on here and we can figure everything out. Your Starter Package is definitely something that would be a huge benefit for many of the smaller companies here.

    Thanks again, you rock!

    • Hi Rohan,

      You’re very welcome. Actually you did me a HUGE favor by commenting. I had intended to include you in this post and it totally slipped my mind. It is ALWAYS best to include a working example when explaining any concept.

      Crystal City is a glass enclosed mall if I remember right with an underground tunnel to a hotel? I only went there a time or two. The primary training center was at 1701 K. St. Might still be – I haven’t stayed in touch with anything IBM.

      I could tell you some wild stories about things that happened the times I was in D.C. (Wild to me – the east coast was vastly different than the west coast where I lived then.) They’re highly interesting but might not make people want to go there – if you know what I mean. I can send you some if you’re curious. One thing I do like about D.C. is the outdoor cafes.

      I’d love to work with you and anyone else who can help businesses understand the importance of getting online. Every business MUST have their local listings or they’re just passing on all kinds of free advertising.

      I published a case study on one very small family business that showed they got 75% as many visitors to their site traffic from local sites as they did from all of Google – and they’re running some AdWords ads.

      I put another post about Local Search Directory listings in CommentLuv in this comment – the same link is in this blog post.
      growmap would love you to read ..Local Search Directory ListingsMy Profile

      • Wow, first off, this is the highest day for traffic on my blog ever. I’m surprised Hostgator hasn’t given me a polite phone call yet, :-)

        Yup, that’s crystal city. I actually work not too far from there. Sure I would love to hear your stories about your experiences here. I’ve only been in DC for about 7 years now, so I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff that lifelong DC’ers have experienced.

        I checked out the case study and I’m really surprised. Didn’t expect those tiny local directories to be so powerful in sending such high converting traffic. That was an amazing case study, I’ve already sent it off to an electrician that I used to do pay-per-call marketing for. (Funny enough I used UBL as well, they’re awesome)

        We definitely have to chat when you get some time. Feel free to email me (I contacted you through the contact form here as well).

        Thanks again for the shout out and for introducing me to some of your wonderful readers like John. It really means a lot.
        rohan would love you to read ..62 Jamaican food at Caribbean Delight IIMy Profile

  35. Is worth to read what you mentioned, there really is a lesson worth thinking.
    Nguyen would love you to read ..Greatly Increase Your Mac’s Speed Method VideoMy Profile

  36. Josh Patterson says:

    Any targeted component of a business is a niche. Using location as a niche is probably one of the easiest spaces to gain foothold as far as visibility and relevancy.
    Josh Patterson would love you to read ..Selling Yourself- The Art of EntrepreneurshipMy Profile

    • Hi Josh,

      I totally agree, but it has been a challenge getting bloggers to see the light on this subject. It is far easier to be one of the top Specific City Metro home improvement blogs than one of the top home improvement blogs anywhere (although by collaborating with other bloggers doing specific city metro home imrovement blogs you can ALL move to the first page for your desired anchor text).

      Some say, “I have enough trouble getting traffic from everywhere – why would I want to limit my traffic.” Their trying to be all things to everyone is WHY they have trouble getting traffic. If they focus on a geo-niche they will still draw traffic from other places and can generate buzz in one place that will multiply their traffic there.

      Even more important – they will have an audience small businesses NEED to reach and that will bring them a much-needed income and allow them to do much more.

      On top of that, if you feature content about those businesses on your blog, the BUSINESSES will help promote your site and send you visitors. If their primary web presence is on your blog, every time they publish their URL (which redirects to their profile on your site) or hand out business cards more traffic comes to your geo-targeted blog.

      The more businesses promoting the site, the more traffic and business ALL of them receive.
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet MarketingMy Profile

  37. Adding your geographic location to you search terms narrows down the competition and allows you to target a specific market or a location. This greatly works if you offer products or services that is only available to a list of places around your area. Very useful tip, thumbs up :)

  38. You are very right. Location is the most important thing for niche bloggers.

  39. “Create the most interesting blog and Twitter account
    for any specific location to attract followers and subscribers!”

    Wow, I think you perfectly describe what I’ve been doing in Washington DC. It started out as a hobby (well it’s still a fun hobby for me) but I have been getting a bit of interest from local companies and it has really been a life changer for me in many ways.

    Where It ends up who knows, but like you pointed out, I’ll be prepared to ride whatever wave comes along. Awesome article!
    rohan would love you to read ..64 Andrews Air Force Base Open House and Air ShowMy Profile

    • Welcome back, Rohan,

      Thank you so much for commenting. A great example of a local blog was just what this post needed – and I’m sure you won’t mind a link and a few more followers.

      IBM had a training center in downtown D.C. and another in Crystal City so I’ve been there many times years ago. None of my memories would be good for D.C., but maybe if I had known a local some would have been more positive. :-) I know Adam @rollerblader (on Twitter) loves it there.

      If you want a strange story, the hotel they put us up in was once an extended care facility and was going to be part of a hospital but was turned into a hotel. I’m pretty sure it was called the Metropolitan Hotel when I stayed there but according to this Doctor’s Hospital story there were TWO hotels of that name and that one was renovated and turned into the Renaissance Washington DC Dupont Circle Hotel. (What a name!)

      Some of your local businesses might want to check out my new Internet Marketing Starter Package. We could work together and put their profiles on YOUR blog and provide incoming links from mine and others I can access and I can get their Local Search Directory listings pointing at their profiles on your blog (or their own sites if they have them).
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet Marketing Starter PackageMy Profile

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