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Today I’m launching a new series where I profile the collaborators who have been supporting my efforts for the past almost 6 years. Next month (August 2014), GrowMap will be 6 years old. I’ve known most of my collaborators that long or longer. Each Friday I will profile another person you should know.

Gabriella Sannino is first because she is currently very interested in speaking at WebIT Global Conference in Istanbul October 1-2, 2014. Voting is open now and you can only vote once.

International SEO Gabriella Sannino

Co-founder of the marketing agency Level343, Gabriella needs no introduction in SEO circles. Her agency is the perfect choice if you operate in multiple languages. Gabriella is fluent in five languages and operates internationally.

Around long enough to know what ‘print collateral’ is, Gabriella approaches projects in an unconventional manner, excelling at strategy as well as implementation.

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Where to Connect with Gabriella

You want to know and follow Gabriella wherever you’re active, so here are some links to make that easy:

One of Gabriella’s most useful videos is this Google Hangout Learn How To Be More Visible On Search Engines:

Video Highlights:
  • Super introduction to SEO for beginners
  • Answers FAQs
  • Covers International SEO FAQs
  • How non-U.S. sites can get listed in U.S. search engine versions
  • Story behind the name of her agency Level343

Did you remember to go vote for Gabriella by clicking this button? Vote for Gabriella by clicking this image.

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  1. i love the articles on your website…everything is detailed and easy.
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  2. This is My first visit on your site and i got impress after watching article of yours
    i have read this article completely and really you have clear in the above article that we cooperate
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  3. You guys are awesome… thank you so much for your support Gail! Alex & Preston I appreciate your vote of confidence! I have to admit it would be a perfect fit, and it’s not everyday that I’m in that part of the world. Hoping to squeeze Turkey while I’m in Italy, we’ll see!
    Gabriella would love you to read ..15 Great Tips For BloggingMy Profile

  4. I voted as well, hope she is in the top 5.. Looks like she is very good at what she does and can educate a lot of people at this conference.

  5. I voted. She sounds like a great fit for that meeting.

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