Twitter and FriendFeed Quick Start

Get up to speed right away at Twitter and FriendFeed with these posts. To make it simpler I’ve linked only to the best Getting Started posts I found.

Getting Started at Twitter:

Who to Follow at Twitter:

  • Exceptional Bloggers who are Twitter Influencers for #FollowFriday
  • Influential Twitter Users who interact with their followers and have ~10,000+ Followers
  • Want to find all the power bloggers using Twitter or Twitterers in other niches? Use Twellow
  • Forty-eight Niche Twitter Lists (More on the TwiTip site linked from it.)

How to UnFollow at Twitter:

Getting Started at FriendFeed:

Who to Subscribe to at FriendFeed:

More on FriendFeed:


FriendFeed Users We Recommend:

These are the people who post frequently about how to use FriendFeed. There are many others worthy of your subscription in the FriendFeed Challenge Lists (ours and others’).

Share your Favorite FriendFeed Friends and discover which users others recommend in our Top Ten FriendFeed Friends Challenge.

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  1. Very informative article about twitter.Old but gold!:)
    Dan would love you to read ..2012.03.29 Снимки от черномориетоMy Profile

  2. This is still from 2009 and it’s still very informative and useful. Great links and resources. Thanks.
    Val Adams would love you to read ..WelcomeMy Profile

  3. Dallas Roofing Companies says:

    Twitter might be the newest new thing for millions of Internet users but Friendfeed also remains the hottest social networking application.

  4. Great series of links for anyone looking for Twitter info, thanks for sharing. This is going to be bookmarked for sure!

  5. Thanks for this post, it is exactly what I needed…

  6. do you think friendfeed will become as popular as twitter/facebook?

    • Hi Lisa,

      No, FriendFeed is fading because Facebook bought them and then Google Buzz copied what they did best. Many left there as soon as Facebook took over so it isn’t what it used to be and I am not there daily as I once was.

      There are some die-hard fans still there and I feed what I’m doing elsewhere there and pop in off and on. FriendFeed still has some great uses like sharing comments I leave elsewhere in case they don’t get approved or aren’t live yet and having group discussions.

      It is sad but true that so many favorite sites and solutions get bought up by the big sites that don’t want to compete with them and just let them die over time. The only solution to that is for developers to NOT sell out so that people like me will champion them and they CAN compete.

      Only the sites that are backed (and probably controlled in the background) by the wealthy elite like Twitter, Facebook and so many others I could name get really large really fast.

      Independent sites must be happy with slow, steady growth and loyal users who intentionally seek them out. It is much more difficult for them because as you grow you need more money – unlike the sites backed by the wealthy who support them for years before they have to make enough money to support themselves.
      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet Marketing- Where to StartMy Profile

  7. Hey, thanks for the info. Ive been using twitter for a while now and absolutely love it! It becomes quite addictive after a while. I havent used FriendFeed before though so Im going to take your advice and learn more about it :)
    Thanks for all the useful info!!!

  8. Great source of information. Thanks lad. I also have some information about twitter. If you want to check a new and improved way of earning money with twitter, you should check It’s basically a money machine. To your succes, Dan
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  9. Good to read and twitter is just awesome,great way to promote business and to get traffic as well. thanks!

  10. Very good looking site with a lot of information.I love it.Will revisit it soon.

  11. Forex is a massive niche and a lot of marketers are using things like Twitter a lot more to promotoe new products, which it seems are being released all the time.

  12. forexwatch says:

    Very useful information. Thanks.

    • Hello Forex,

      Either Forex trading is a huge niche or something I write and Tweet about appeals to that niche. I’ve seen more and more Twitter followers who have sites related to Forex. If you happen to know why I’d be curious to hear.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..How to Create a Successful Blog Based Business Part 1

  13. @Chad Thank you. I hope you’ll be back. We do update this list regularly. Whenever someone posts a new list or we come across one anywhere we make a point of adding it to this post.

    InternetStrategist’s last blog post..REVIEW: Mastering Google Analytics – Easy to Understand FREE eCourse

  14. @Mikes I just read a post that indicates that each Tweet is only seen for an average of five minutes. Even when you have thousands of Twitter followers any one Tweet is only going to be seen by a small fraction of them and only a few will take action.

    Focus on making quality Tweets that contain keywords that are important to you because serious Twitter users use search to find what they want. If it weren’t for Twitter search it might send little to no traffic.

    There are many posts that explain how NOT to use Twitter – and one important point is that you can’t just Tweet your own links. That will not work. You have to develop relationships.

    Earning money online is NOT a fast or simple process. Don’t believe everything you read. DO focus on creating quality content and traffic in a specific niche that you have personal knowledge in.

    Add affiliate programs specific to your niche. See the affiliate post I’ve linked to this comment for more tips.

    Internet Strategist’s last blog post..Making Money with Your Blog – Part 1 – Understanding Affiliate Programs

  15. You know i am using twitter for maybe a week now and i’m getting very few traffic from it. but oh well at least there’s few. i’m still at a point of making use of twitter in a more powerful way. for friendfeed, i’ll see if i can use it but thanks for the info.

    Mikes’s last blog post..Earn more Money than what you’re Earning Right now!

  16. @Barbara When I shared links to your excellent blog Derek asked me how I always managed to find such awesome bloggers. I do hope my readers head your way and I’ll be sharing your posts at FriendFeed and on Twitter too. You can expect to be linked into blog posts here as an additional resource.

    @Matthew FriendFeed already IS really cool. I have ideas that could make FriendFeed the only Social Networking site other than Twitter that anyone would really need. I’ve got to get to work showing them what I mean.

    Internet Strategist’s last blog post..Twitter and FriendFeed Quick Start

  17. Agreed, friendfeed sounds like it could be really cool, i can’t wait to check it out.

  18. Such fabulous posts. I skimmed through them but will be back when time permits to read them thoroughly. I’ve heard a lot about FriendFeed, but never researched it. It appears you have all I need to know right here, so I’ll bookmark this page and also subscribe to your blog. Thank you so much for the great resources that you undoubtedly spent a lot of time compiling.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Stick – Stickier – Stuck, How To Overcome Writer’s Block

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