Top Ten FriendFeed Friends Challenge

TwiTip’s Top Ten ‘Must Follow’ Niche Twitter Lists were such a hit that I’m proposing a Top Ten FriendFeed Friends Challenge and would love it if YOU would participate. I’ve added a post on How Using FriendFeed Benefits You as further encouragement.

To kick it off the challenge here are my choice of exceptional Top Ten favorite FriendFeed users:

  1. Louis Gray – Who else to kick off the list but our friendly neighborhood FriendFeed expert himself. Check out the latest post in his blog by guest writer Jesse Stay: Pull Your Blog Into FriendFeed and Increase Exposure.
  2. Robert Scoble – I really started using FriendFeed because I wanted to join Robert Scoble’s discussion and talk to him directly. Read Scoble on Tech on the FastCompany blog. Visit his FriendFeed discussions any time or the ScobleRoom on Thursdays.
  3. Mike Fruchter – Check out his series of FriendFeed Users to Follow on his Michael Fruchter Blog. You can start your FriendFeed profile by checking out his first thirty recommendations. (Direct links at the end of this post.)
  4. Tamar Weinberg – From StumbleUpon to Twitter to Friendfeed to all her blogs, who doesn’t love Tamar? Catch up with her wherever you hang out. You won’t regret it. Be sure to check out her Avatar at StumbleUpon for your grin of the day!
  5. ProBlogger – Did you know there is a Problogger Room at FriendFeed? If you’re serious about blogging this is one room you’ll want to frequent.
  6. LifeHacker – Popular LifeHacker blog offers Tips and Downloads for Getting Things Done – [NOTE: Tamar and others have pointed out that they are NOT active at FF. I selected them on the quality of their blog but they only have a feed at FF.]
  7. Zee – a prolific blogger on cutting edge technology.
  8. Tim Hoeck – everyone can use a good programmer friend. Check out Tim’s blog and you might even finally figure out How to Use Yahoo Pipes – or maybe not (unless you’re a true geek).
  9. Hutch – You’ll find some truly interesting tech posts and a dose of humor in his Hutch Tech Blog.
  10. Gregory Lent – Read his insights on PostLinearity Beyond Linear Thinking

Why use FriendFeed? The number one reason for me is that you can have a discussion with people who are usually inaccessible because they’re so well known and so busy. You can sometimes chat with them live and other times weigh in on a conversation whenever you’re available and see the answers later.

It is also a fast, easy way to see all the posts someone has made in each of their blogs. If they have several (or many!) you can view them sequentially by just clicking on the orange feed buttons that look like this:

FeedBurner (Not everyone knows about feeds yet and we like to help everyone get up to speed.)

Special thanks to Derek Semmler for being the first major blogger to answer our challenge. Don’t miss the major Social Networking experts on Derek Semmler’s Top Ten Favorite FriendFeed Friends List (some of which I should have remembered to include on my own!).

NEW: Thanks to Joe Dawson for jumping right into second with his favorite FriendFeed Friends in the comments. Check out Eric Berlin’s Online Media Cultist Blog whose Follow These Ten People on FriendFeed and Your Social Media Powers Will Be the Stronger For It came in a close third.

There is an additional benefit to the challenge that we hadn’t considered. Each of the bloggers who’ve entered so far have added comments on their favorite FriendFeed users AND their take on why and how they use FriendFeed.

One of the best is Software Developer April Russo’s Cranial Soup‘s entry My Top Ten FriendFeed Friends. If you’re new to FriendFeed read her post

We’re off to a good start, but we can do MUCH better. We would love to hear from YOU too!




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  3. It seems that friendfeed ia a new stuff for me. i will spend time on that! thanks for nice informative post!

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  6. I don’t know much about friendfeed as i have no account in that social networking site.

  7. I don’t know much about friendfeed as i have no account in that social networking site.

  8. I don’t know much about friendfeed as i have no account in that social networking site.

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